Easter horoscope for all signs. What to focus on during this time?

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    April 13, 2022 ● 5:00 a.m.

    Easter is a great astrological event. They have no fixed date, which changes depending on the date of the first full moon after the vernal equinox. This year’s Passover falls on April 17 and Easter Monday on April 18. Use the Easter holiday for something other than eating chocolate bunnies, but consider it a spiritual alternative.

    According to astrologers, it was during this period that two planets – Jupiter and Neptune – met in the sky. This will awaken in us the desire to promote our faith and our ideas. And also an effort to help anyone who needs help. It is during this Easter that our spiritual awakening will begin. In general, however, we should be wary of lies, self-deception, and attempts to escape sticky situations. So what does the Easter season mean for each sign?

  • RAM

    Start a new project

    Easter means a time of new beginnings, and since it’s your birthday season, how better to celebrate it than by starting something new? New projects or hobbies can often make us nervous, but this time is very inspiring, especially for Aries, when they can ignite that famous spark of fire.

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  • Bull

    back to nature

    The Easter season is when trees begin to sprout and flowers bloom after a long cold winter. Taurus being an earth sign, you will relax and calm down the most in contact with Mother Nature. Take the time to enjoy its gifts and celebrate this spring with a walk, a picnic (weather permitting), a photograph or you can hug the trees.

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  • Gemini


    Although Easter this year does not fall on the first day of April, that is, April, you still need to connect to the holidays on vacation. Geminis have the innocence of childhood, so use it now. You may be tired and about to burn out, so relax, forget about work and laugh. Maybe with your loved ones or a movie on Netflix.

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  • Cancer

    worship the moon

    While Easter is largely about the return of the Sun/Son of Christ, the traditions associated with the Moon also play a big part in it. Easter Sunday always falls on the Sunday after the first full moon. And it’s Saturday, April 16. Since your ruling planet is the moon, it is better for you to focus on lunar energy rather than solar energy. What does this mean for you? Activate the introspective energies of the Moon by writing in a journal, charging stones in a bracelet or crystals in the moonlight, or simply gazing at the full moon.

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  • Lion

    Worship the Sun.

    Unlike Cancer, the Sun is your ruling sign, and because Easter is about the resurrection of our Great Fire Star (or certain religious icons), Leos will feel happiest celebrating Easter with Sun-related traditions. Dancing, singing or any other entertainment in the company will put your sunny self in a festive mood. So why not take four days off?

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  • Virgin

    Celebrate femininity

    In all this talk about Jesus and the Sun, it can be easy to forget that, according to legend, Jesus was conceived at this time from the Virgin Mary. Since Virgo is the Virgo sign, Easter should be a time to remind you of your feminine side, especially the themes of birth and nurture. Take care of your offspring, your pets or play with the children, beautify your home or yourself, feed your family or let your mother or the important women in your life know that they are amazing.

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  • Balance

    Magic with the full moon

    Because Easter must always follow the first full moon in spring, and spring is always in the time of Aries, the first full moon will usually be in your sign, i.e. Libra. Let the Moon show you and tell you what needs to be done in your life, what to let swim or what new thing to do. Make a list of things that do not serve you, read it aloud, then burn it (carefully) to activate the fiery energies of rebirth from the Sun. Monitor your kidneys, urinary tract, and genitals during this time. Agate, crystal and moonstone will help you.

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  • Scorpio

    Turning the old into the new

    Like Jesus himself, Scorpio is a master of transformation, and that’s what Easter is all about. It can be some kind of spiritual transformation, similar to Libra, or it can be something quite simple, like spring cleaning your house, painting, or recycling old clothes or furniture. Maybe you need to spice up your current relationship? Use your phoenix abilities to turn the old into new and better, even if it’s just plain old eggs painted in bright colors.

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  • Shooter

    Discover other cultures

    Easter is not just a tradition of Western Civilization, there are many other cultures that celebrate the start of spring, so why not learn a little more about some of them in a true “shooting” spirit ? Plan a trip abroad according to your discoveries and discover new countries and cultures. The whole year is ahead of you, a little planning and fantasying about your next adventure is a great way to celebrate spring and spring break.

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  • Capricorn

    To move

    In the spring, the plants awaken to growth, still underground, but their time will soon come. Like you, Capricorns. The sun is now returning to its glory, so it’s time for you to do the same. Get out a pen, a notepad and write down what you want to achieve by the end of the year, and break it down into small goals. So choose one and go – the season is on your side!

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  • Aquarius

    Celebrate with friends

    Jesus had his disciples, the Sun has the Moon, and the Easter Bunny has… dozens of chocolate-crazed kids… Easter is a time of fellowship, and because you’re a pro at bonding, you’ll feel more happy surrounded by people, for example at lunch, picnics or even Christmas carols on Mondays. ! If you’re feeling really sociable, go out and talk to someone needed in an institution or hospital. There are never enough good deeds.

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  • Fish

    Ask the angels for advice

    Whether you are a Christian or not, Easter is a highly spiritual time of year that many cultures have celebrated and do celebrate over time. Since your intuition is strong, why not borrow the Christian concept of angels for a meditation session and seek their advice on how to proceed and best? You don’t have to be a believer to receive and receive guidance from above. Angels are there for everyone.

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