Brussels feeds young people for your money. Yours. Details came to light

“Being in the European Union has its advantages. The Union does not only have its rules in terms of climate, where the wind commands the rain. Not only in terms of gender, there are neither two nor three But it also has its rules when it comes to age. When you are a elected politician in the European Union, you are under 40. What about the fact that according to the Portuguese, youth ends at 29? That’s forty years and a stronghold for the EU’s Young Elected Politicians programme,” Bobošíková said, adding that it reminded him a little of the Nezval verses from 1950.

“The national artist, official of the Communist Party and author of poetry of construction at the time wrote, and I quote: Everyone is young. Which took us into a new era with Klement Gottwald in the lead. Young is Zápotocký, young is inedible, young is the party and its guarantors. The end of the poem. Among these young protagonists, only the Communist Party was young at the time. Klement Gottwald was 54, Antonín Zápotocký 66 and Zdeněk Nejedlý 72. I remind you that Vítězslav Nezval ends his verses with these words: Every communist is young. And I add: any elected politician in the European Union is young if he is under 40,” said Bobošíková.

“One young. The only Europe. This is the name of the recent debate of MEPs in Strasbourg. Youth policy continues. The policies that Brussels and Czech politicians create for our money are intergenerational gaps and try to oppose young people to the older generation. Don’t you believe? Watch a clip from the Contact Organization for Youth Dialogue of the European Union. It will be recommended to you by the union’s official website called European Youth Portal” , continued Bobošíková.

“What did the invitation to the elections look like from the body, which also includes the Czech Ministries of Education and Interior? Look. The young people invited our election to the election with a smile. But when it comes to the participation of older people, the smile turned into a bitter smile,” Bobošíková said and posted the clip.

“For now, it seems that young people are not rushing to the polls. On the contrary, people who have different electoral preferences are most often going to the polls,” the clip reads.

“It’s just a question of senior voters. Probably because they are much less manipulable and have their own life experience. But beware! Even young people can safely recognize the lie of the EU. I I know a lot of people who look serious and zealous. But in reality, they talk about the stupidity of Brussels. And they get out of EU subsidy programs. Then they compete for the maximum euros for the dumbest project possible. And they’re right. Sometimes it seems that the dumber the project, the more money there is and the less control there is from Brussels. But back to the EU’s efforts to driving a gap between the generations.As for who to vote for, once again the EU Youth Forward applies, something we old timers have heard time and time again during the socialist era.A doll named Mr Europe bitterly regrets that few young people get involved in politics. put on a smile and a bitter grimace,” says Bobošíková.

“Despite improvement in the past, only a negligible amount is involved in the public space of young people. In elected positions, there is no one to defend their interests. Who else can better say what young people want young than the young themselves?” reads the clip.

“Brussels is working hard to bring young people into active politics. Are you a young politician who is not yet 40 years old and you want to have a great political career? Then you have probably missed a great political chance. Until the beginning From April, applications for next year’s program for young elected politicians were open. The conditions are simple. You must be democratically elected in one of the Member States of the European Union. And speak English or French. Let’s put aside that the union limits youth to 40, an age that sociologists say was until recently the middle age of adulthood. If Brussels conditions candidacy for a democratic election, then the question arises: in which member state of the European Union are young politicians elected in an undemocratic way?” asked Bobošíková.

“Candidates will be selected on the basis of gender balance and politics and nationality. However, it is not clear here what the gender balance assessment will look like. know why? Candidates do not include sex in the entrance questionnaire, but sex. And gender according to the European Union can be female, male or other. But what else when there are dozens of identities? I’m afraid that a young man in his 40s from Suchá Loz or a 39-year-old junior from Žďár nad Sázavou is bound to be confused when filling out the questionnaire. Candidates should also rank their political preferences in the questionnaire. They have the choice between three options. First: bringing Europe closer to its citizens, second, building resilient communities and third, promoting cohesion as a fundamental value. The aim is to bring promising young people from under 40 years connecting, discussing and contributing to the European Union’s goals in the field of climate change and carbon neutrality. So no competitiveness, no increase in the standard of living or no pressure on the quality of education. Just more Community Europe and green massages. And MEPs, that’s what they bet on young people! added Bobošíková.

“I therefore hope that the European Year of Youth will encourage young people to get more involved, to take advantage of the opportunities and that the French and Czech presidencies will also give this opportunity,” said MEP Michaela Šojdrová.

“The expectations of the folkwoman Šojdrová are obviously fulfilled. The representative of the pirates and Ostrava, Gabriela Macečková, for example, entered this year. She is the leader of a company that offers a modern and elegant vaporization of cannabis extracts Pirate Macečková revealed about herself that, I quote: At a young age she began to feel opposition to the system and began to actively formulate a goal, and that goal is to actively influence politics. And it really is. For example, last year she started a parade in support of abortions in Poland. Pirate Macečková also has a clear opinion on energy: we will survive without gas. We have just put our jackets at home and to heat the water on the stove. Of course. Whether it was gasoline, electricity or alcohol, the representative of the pirates did not specify. And she did not certainly does not feel that his generation is represented in the Chamber D. This would be due, among other things, to the coalition of pirates with the mayors, which jumped on the pirate youth. Gabriela Macečková, candidate for the elected youth program, has long been fighting for the legalization of cannabis and informs her readers on Twitter how she feels,” added Bobošíková.

“Michaela Šojdrová, Czech MEP and member of KDU-ČSL, also wants to encourage young people to get more involved. She recently moved to Brussels with the emotion that at 18 she only dreamed of the European Union” , remarked Bobošíková.

“I know from experience that young people take the European Union for granted, and rightly so, but I belong to the older generation, and when I was 18 I lived behind the iron curtain and I never dreamed than of the European Union.” said Sojdrová.

“Well, I don’t know, MEP Soydr was 18 in 1981. At that time there was no European Union, no single market, no euro. And the so-called Community European Economic Union had only ten members, but if young people really care about it, it should ask itself whether the young people of today really dream of the European Union, that is to say the union which prohibits them from cars, makes energy more expensive and restricts freedom of expression. Or if they dream of a world in which they can live freely,” concluded Bobošíková.

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