Babiš knocked: Where will Fiala put the billions? Who? It’s bad

Andrej Babiš, former Prime Minister and President of the YES opposition movement, was the guest of Breakfast with Nova. “The government of Petr Fiala has secretly approved 4.6 billion for Ukrainian refugees. Why don’t they say where the money goes? And why don’t they give it to our people who pay it?” Babiš said on his Facebook profile, where he shared his performance.

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We talked about the presidential election. Babiš has seen the results of the latest investigations, while he has the greatest support – with retired army general Petr Pavel. “I have said many times that I will comment on this in September. Of course our constituents would like me to run. I have been in politics for ten years and I think we have had very good results, we have written it in books, and of course the candidacy, I have to talk about it with my family, who don’t like it. But of course, I will decide in September and you will certainly know in time”, Babiš said.

Babiš also shared his views on inflation, which is currently around thirteen percent. He described the governor of the Czech National Bank, Jiří Rusnok, as one of the biggest pests in our economy. “It’s harmful for people. The more the CNB raises interest rates, the more inflation rises. So it just doesn’t work for him. Inflation is global, Rusnok won’t affect oil prices or gas. This is a meaningless policy of the Czech National Bank. I criticized it twice, it’s interesting that the government doesn’t care, it’s a big negative impact – and mortgages are down a third in the first quarter. The European Central Bank has zero. The CNB has five percent. And for those who don’t have a fixed mortgage, that’s a huge problem. That’s a very bad policy, I have been criticizing it for a long time”, Babiš mentioned that in his opinion, Rusnok is not doing well with inflation.

“The strategy of strengthening the price of commodities in our country does not make sense, because traders know that when they buy something, they are fixing the crown – and those who do not fix and speculate, make a profit, the keep and don’t give it’s him the people. Mr. Rusnok harms his policy. Of course, Mr. Dědek is in the CNB, which pointed it out, criticized it, but he is there in the minority, so everything is wrong. And then the government, which actually plans to withdraw over 70 billion for inflation, does not return it to the people, and the only one who is not willing to cap fuel, as in Croatia, Hungary or Poland, by lowering the VAT And even worse for energy, where we reduced inflation in November and December, where we reduced taxes, electricity, gas and heating – from 21% to zero, and therefore inflation was 5.3% in December,” Babiš said.

According to him, Prime Minister Fiala is trying to say that the fact that the government of Babiš gave money to people would have caused inflation. “And I ask: when Fial’s government hasn’t given people anything at all and has more than a hundred percent higher inflation, that makes sense. People aren’t stupid. People have had money, we cut taxes, increased savings. So nobody started eating more cutlets or rolls. This is nonsense and they keep repeating untruths,” Babiš said. .

He concluded by saying that the government had secretly approved 4.6 billion for Ukrainian refugees. “Why don’t they say where the money is going? The war in Ukraine, we give them billions, yes… well, but they give to our people who pay. It’s their money. It’s your money. You buy more expensive products,” Babiš said.

“We all help. The government helps with state money. We help as the only movement, as the only political party to which we gave ten million. I basically organized the transport of the Czechs from Volhynia , we saved a thousand people by arranging transportation, I paid for it, of course We sent humanitarian aid, I was personally at the border, here we support the House of Good, accommodation, steps of good, now we have organized a boat trip for single Czech and Ukrainian women with children. Yes, we help everyone to the best of our ability”, concluded Babiš.

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