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Although the mobile phone market is vast in terms of operating systems, there is not much to choose from. We have Android and iOS Apple here. If the latter is only found on iPhones, Android is used by the rest of the manufacturers, who still complete it with various extensions. The situation is therefore relatively clear.

You’ll either have an iPhone with iOS or Samsung, Xiaomi, Sony, Motorola and more with Android. It’s either clean the way Google created it and offers it in its Pixels, or just with some customization. For example, Samsung has its One UI, which is relatively easy to use, and even expands the system with other features it otherwise doesn’t have. It is a simple determination of the intensity of the lamp, etc.

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Many iPhone users who had nothing to do with Android or switched to iOS at the start of Android often swear by it. So this system is paying apple makers for something bad, leaky, complicated. But that’s not entirely true. The entire Samsung Galaxy S22 phone portfolio has now passed through my hands and I have to say, it really is a successful competition for iPhones.

Is it a question of price?

But the fate of any iPhone competition is quite difficult. Unfortunately, Samsung has priced its high-end line relatively high, and in basic configurations it more or less copies Apple’s prices. In the higher, however, it clearly leads, as it no longer charges such outrageous extras for higher storage. Anyway, it’s only the Ultra model, which has the potential in its S Pen stylus, that brings something different (although we already had it in the Galaxy Note range). However, the smaller models are just ordinary smartphones, albeit powerful and high-quality phones, which do not deviate from the series.

We can talk about how different manufacturers are experimenting with optical zoom cameras and telephoto lenses. It’s a little bigger than the iPhone, but it’s not a killer. They generally lag behind in terms of performance. As for the system, I can’t say too twisted words against Android 12 with One UI 4.1. On the contrary, Apple could learn here, especially in the field of multitasking. This system is really usable for iPhone owners. He just needs to get used to a few things. But the problem is that none of the mainstream smartphones will provide anything that I would actually want to quit iPhones and iOS for.

small invention

If we look at the direct competitor and biggest iPhone 13 Pro Max in the form of the Galaxy S22 Ultra model, then there’s the S Pen which is nice and entertaining, but you can still do without it. Looking at the Galaxy S22, which with its 6.1″ screen can directly oppose the iPhones 13 and 13 Pro, there is hardly anything to win you over – if you own an iPhone.

The problem is the lack of invention. The whole trio of Galaxy S22 phones are great, but so are all four iPhone 13s. So there are players trying to impress with affordable price and maximum equipment, but if we look at Samsung devices, this is not the case for the largest mobile phone retailer in the world.

No need to buy the most expensive models. Samsung is also trying it out with the lightweight Galaxy S21 FE, or the lower A or M series, which in many ways carry over the functions of the higher series, but elsewhere, of course, are in decline. Their prices are around 12,000 CZK (Galaxy S21 FE costs 19,000 CZK). They’re good phones that are appropriately shortened to be in the price range they’re in. But Apple still sells the iPhone 11 here, and that’s the problem.

A fundamental question

Just ask a simple question: “Why should I switch to Android when I can still buy an iPhone for only CZK 14,490? » Of course, there’s still the SE model, but that’s really a very limiting device. So if you can answer the question, good for you. Even though the iPhone 11 doesn’t offer OLED, it has an older, slower chip, and worse cameras, the current peak of which still slips away, it’s an iPhone with iOS, which I would still prefer over current peak in the field of Android devices – if I decided on the price. And I would easily limit myself in view of all its shortcomings.

The saddest thing is that the Galaxy S22 series in particular is really great, and if I’m a longtime Android user, I don’t hesitate. But aside from the aforementioned S Pen in the Ultra, there’s nothing else to discuss. This is relatively clear in the field of smartphones. But because I’m already familiar with Android and know what to expect, foldable devices can be a major driver. The new generations of Galaxy Z Fold and Galaxy Z Flip are expected to arrive this summer. And it is to this duo of phones that iPhone owners most often fled. They really bring something different and Samsung really plays into the card mainly because Apple hasn’t come up with a similar solution yet.

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