What every Czech parent should know: The expert spoke about what will happen with the integration of Ukrainian children in schools

However, it is not only a question of space, ie how many children the classes can accommodate, but it is also a question of care which will be much needed in addition to education. “That’s the most important thing – ensuring a care for traumatized children and to find the best way to integrate them into teaching as quickly and as correctly as possible, “ Petra Šlencová Bílská, founder of AVIDA schools, explains to Čtidoma.cz.

According to her, it will be important to teach at a different pace, which will not affect the education of other children in the class. “It is necessary to perceive the whole issue holistically and from a long-term perspective. It is also necessary to take into account who will take care of the children and who will pay for the service.”

The money will go to three programs

The government approved an increase in the MEYS budget of 5.2 billion crowns for the inclusion of Ukrainian pupils in schools and adjustment groups. “It is maximum spend to integrate new Ukrainian pupils and students aged 3 to 18 from kindergarten to secondary school, “ said Education Minister Petr Gazdík at the end of March after the Council of Ministers.

These funds will be used by the end of August and, according to the minister, will be divided into three parts. The first is intended for pupils in ordinary classes, the second for adaptation groups. “She can go here up to 2.8 billion crowns Gazdík clarified. The third part is Czech language lessons.

Teachers are not machines

Almost all schools are able to “inflate” and physically secure the necessary places in the classrooms. This will mean using up the last free spaces (e.g. using tribal classrooms as companions and creating new classes from companions) and adding another couple of benches to classes. “It just came to our knowledge at that time. But at the same time, you have to think about what abilities they still have current teachers, emphasizes Šlencová Bílská.

According to her, it is not possible to count on the teachers to endure everything. “It just came to our knowledge at that time. After several demanding years connected with the introduction of inclusion and subsequently, with covid, additional demands are placed on teachers, and burnout is only a matter of time for many. »

Inclusion of children in the team

Of course, it is very difficult for singers to “ensure” that Ukrainian children fit smoothly into the team. “Some are worse, some are better. Each child is an individual personality. This applies to Czech children as to all others. He must feel it especially safeto have confidence in the environment and the teacher, and only then is he able to open up, accept a new challenge and move on”, my expert is clear.

Communication is one of the basic needs of a person and talking to someone else is extremely important and healing. In the 1st grade, a child must learn to read and write as quickly as possible in order to record his thoughts. Children in a foreign environment or country go through a similar process. “But above all, they must learn to communicate in a given language so as not to be isolated from the team. They need to know that someone understands their needs, they can just talk, laugh with someone, feel human. Without knowledge of the language, children in a regular class will not learn any language or anything from the curriculum without help. »

According to Šlencová Bílská, an effective solution is the intensive and systematic teaching of the second language “Support programs for children with no or insufficient knowledge of the language of instruction work very well. Sophisticated concept and support for groups of childrenthat look alike, is easily achievable,” he says. Thanks to this, foreign children will be able to learn the basics of Czech in a relatively short time (about 3 months), quickly join the team and learn and develop together with Czech children.

The capacities of first-grade schools are not threatened

When it comes to enrolling freshmen, parents need not worry. According to the law, all children living in the Czech Republic have the right to education without distinction. Today, however, in the context of the armed conflict in Ukraine, the government has proposed an amendment of the Education Act. It specifies that a foreigner cannot register a child for compulsory education in kindergartens during the period from May 2 to May 16 and in primary schools during the period from April 1 to April 30, 2022, which are registration dates for Czech citizens.

Foreigners must submit their application between June 1 and July 15. “The government is trying to support groups that are working, to follow voluntary initiatives, to seek funds for their operation and opportunities to involve the services as well. Children of Ukrainian mothers. Adaptation groups are clearly the right way to go, and I believe that the integration of children into schools will also continue in this direction. » firm for Čtidoma.cz Petra Šlencová Bílská.

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