TOP 8 music videos of the week: Tata Bojs reveals rotten relationship on TV, Thom Artway optimistic and Marcell with Ben Cristova on losing all trust

TOP 8 music videos of the week: Tata Bojs reveals rotten relationship on TV, Thom Artway optimistic and Marcell with Ben Cristova on losing all trust

In Thom Artway’s novelty, uncertainty alternates between optimism and hope

Thom Artway continues his Czech work. The path of song To be with me it was not easy at all, and in a euphoric mood, it led to “covid despair”. “The song reflects my feelings of when everything was closed due to the pandemic. The days when I didn’t know if I would be able to meet people at a concert in the foreseeable future or spend them in some kind of uncertainty at home And that I will not be able to engage in activities that fulfill me one hundred percent,” lamented the singer. “But with the second verse, the hope enters the song and sends the song to an optimistic level”, adds.

Thom Artway and David Stypka in Olomouc amazed by their tubes and their human approach

The video was created under the direction of Ondřej Kudyn. “The music video expresses two extremes. Boredom, uncertainty and at the same time huge euphoria. But it will be more optimistic for me, because I try to take everything in stride. And that’s certainly because I’m dancing in the music video, “ said the musician.

Matěj Burda on this when the moon comes out

In his work, Matěj Burda combines the roots of British guitarists and melancholic indie bands with a modern sound and current musical trends aimed at Z and alpha generations. When the moon comes out is opposite the first single TV harder and dirtier pop track with guitar riff and house rhythm. “The novelty is definitely a club party song, so we even directed the music video shoot towards the club and tried to easily evoke and capture the party vibe. The single has a thematic sequel to the next single When Dawn is coming, which will follow shortly, “ revealed the singer.

The party video was created at the Joystick arcade club during an afternoon. “With the help of production and concierge agency, we assisted over 20 girls, including model Barbora Máchová, who cast one of the main roles. We really saw the shoot as a party. We left an account open at the bar for drinks and arcade games, and we shot this wild video with the girls. I think it was a great experience for everyone and we had a lot of fun, as evidenced by the real shots we put in the clip”, Burda said.

Tokio Hotel reveals its own essence

The fame of Tokio Hotel is growing again. The group tries to release new singles as soon as possible. This is currently new HIMin the video of which Bill Kaulitz is dressed in his traditional leather clothing and patent leather high-heeled shoes.

“HIM is a revelation of his very nature. We sat down with our friends from ROCKMAFIA in the studio and started talking about sex, love and relationships and the constant question, ‘Why is Bill still single? ?!” We had a lot of fun. We haven’t seen each other in years. We’ve written amazing songs like Love Who Loves You Back together in the past and it was great to get together. We started where we had stopped, as if time had stopped. I told them about my problem, I wanted what I couldn’t have, and how I lose interest when the relationship becomes serious. I think it’s my way to keep my heart from breaking again; it’s self defense. I started to realize that I had issues with real commitment and intimacy. I subconsciously chose people who could never be a partner for life.” said to the novelty singer.

Rammstein also announced the new video. They recorded it for a song Zick Zackwhich is another harbinger of their anticipated album Weather. Both the text and the video clip of the new track today deal with an individual’s frequent compulsive tendency to change, often very drastically with the aid of a scalpel. Till Lindemann and other band members also experience such a visual transformation. In the end, they are literally unrecognizable!

Tata Bojs has a music video with the Dejvice Theater star

Taken from the opening track of the album A zero has a stellar cast. In addition to the group, you will meet actors Jana Kolesárová and Jaroslav Plesl. The story unfolds on local television, gradually revealing the rot in relationships and other aspects. David Mencl was in charge of the realization. Tata Bojs will perform at the O2 Universum in Prague on May 11.

“The name Nevim comes from the vibe of the very essence of the song. Lately, not only because of what is happening around, we lose all confidence. Then we easily find ourselves in a place where we don’t know literally no where to go next. This is also my personal story. explains Marcell in the title of a song whose musical production was born from his collaboration with Fiedlerski. In addition to Marcello, Ben Cristovao, who is the guest of the song, will also appear in the clip. The video, in which you will discover several locations from Holešovice as well as drummer Matyáš Vorda and producer Ondřej Fiedler, was produced by Honza Strach.

Song I fall Tears and Pam Rabbit is about the darkness we are trying to emerge from. According to the interpreters, everyone can imagine loneliness according to themselves, profiling it in addictions, relationships, mental problems. Enthic handled the production of the song. A captivating video about the game of lights was shot by Michael Nováček in the FZG film studio.

Giudi gives new life to the Remix

The musician Giudi was with his song Jezinky included in our national Eurovision tour. Although she was unsuccessful, her song resonated with fans around the world. That’s why it’s now a remix of the song, from a collaboration with Italian producer Giacomo Greco. She shot a magical yet simple music video with artist JaCobra. The singer, who lives partly in Italy, is currently finishing her first album.

Text: Andrea Stipcakova, Katerina Novakova, photo: Ondrej Kudyn, Leon Schlesselmann, Pavla Hartmanová, JaCobra
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