To four oaks, three willows, under a green roof – Chapter 12.

Šenov’s famous pilgrimage was approaching and he was looking forward to playing the promised solo as well as his favorite little girl from the colony.
He softly sang the familiar tune, “Little Colony Girl, your smile is magic, your black eyes are faithful,” and he didn’t even notice the boatman Waserman watching him intently and recklessly.

When Juzek was home a long time ago and the moon shone in the sky like an old mill wheel, Waserman¨na called Rákosnička: “Fairy Rákosnička, brekeke, fairy, so where are you hanging out?”
“I danced, my lord Waserman, Juzek played so well,” Rákosnička dreamed.

To four oaks, three willows, under a green roof – Chapter 11.

“Well, I’m scared of the carp here, and instead of getting bigger, they panic. Tomorrow, when Juzek comes back to riot, you dance so skillfully for him that he approaches the reeds there, and I’ll wait there, but then I’ll manage. And woe to you, if you don’t obey, I’ll chase you away and you’ll become a boar.”

“I will listen,” Rákosnička said sadly, and she didn’t want to dance at all.
The next day was pretty fun in the house of the Flower fairies and the elf Tydlifonka. Roe deer Mušánek ran happily around the house, fairy Květinka carried freshly baked blueberry cakes to the table, boatman Vrbička poured his powder liquor, and Tydlík and Ramlík tuned their trumpets. Tydlík had a trumpet in blue and Ramlík had a white bell, Vrbička still had violins after his great-grandfather, so they all waited together for the last guest, the fairy Rákosnička.

“Brekekee, glory, glory, he’s already here,” Vrbička greened with luck, and Ramlík respectfully removed his cap as well.
“Welcome, Rákosnička,” Květinka said behind everyone and they started.

The elves trumpeted, Vrbička played the violin and the two fairies danced, well, that was beauty. Rákosnička didn’t show anything, didn’t say a word about what to do tomorrow night, and she was also afraid that, like a savage, no one would want to be friends with her anymore. Savages are ugly, vicious and brrrr, she didn’t want to be like that.

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To four oaks, three willows, under a green roof – chapter 10.

In the evening, Ramlík and Vrbička offered to accompany Rákosnička, but she just smiled sadly, waved her green skirt for the last time and left. So Vrbička thanked him and also went home. Květinka went to water her flower beds and Tydlík and Ramlík rushed to the shift. They sang along the way until they almost stepped on the mouse Šedomyš, who threatened them with a punch. As always, Tydlík again jumped into the cables to Juzek and Ramlík to Ferd.

Then, when the men ate their own food at the snack bar, Tydlík heard Ferda say to Juzek:
“You are also a stupid Ferda.
“There’s something wrong with that, so you know what, I’ll go with you too.”

Tydlík hastily ran after Ramlík and they agreed that they would also go and take Vrbička with them, so everyone could listen to what they both could do.
The next day, after kneeling, they met at the Kačok in Vrbiček and went to the pond in Volenský. The journey was long, so when they arrived they settled in the reeds and set off for the sorrel buns that Květinka had brought with them.

Juzka and Ferda had already heard from afar: “Grandmother was in the sea, hey, grove, she was starving, hey, grove,” the two shouted, but as soon as they stood at the edge of the Volenský pond and started playing, everything seemed to calm down.
Frogs in the pond, storks on the shore, birds in the branches. And they played so softly, eyes narrowed, that they didn’t even notice the fairy Rákosnička, dancing slowly, slowly, slowly to the edge of the pond as the moon approached the sky.

The flower fairy has taken a liking to fish.

To four oaks, three willows, under a green roof – chapter 9.

“Rákosnička, br…” Vrbička tried to yell at him when Ramlík and Tydlík blocked his mouth. You, Juzek, you see him now, yes, he hasn’t had a drink. “

“Ferda, you’re here,” Juzek said, looking mesmerized by Rákosnička.
She slowly approached the reeds where Waserman the boatman was hiding. Juzek walked slowly, slowly behind her. When he was a short distance from shore, Waserman grabbed his pants and began to pull them into the pond. Ferda recovered immediately. From his perspective, it looked like Juzek had slipped on the shore and fallen into the pond. But Vrbička expected nothing more, he jumped on Waserman’s back and started arguing with him. Ramlík and Tydlík helped Ferd pull Juzek out of the pond, pushing him into the soles from below.

And so it worked. Ferda licked Juzek’s face and he started spitting water. They both went to Shamara to drink the fright, but they didn’t say anything about the fairy. So that everyone can drive them crazy, come on!

Waserman threatened Vrbiček, Tydlík and Ramlík and the fairy Rákosnička? She was happy that it went so well and she hid with tears, she was so ashamed in front of Vrbička and the others. However, Waserman wasn’t mad at her, for the three who stopped him from catching her soul.
“Wait, you three, I’m going to get revenge on you,” he shouted at them.

In the next part you will learn how Vrbička and Tydlík fought against hornets for a golden fern. So don’t forget, tomorrow you can read another story about Tydlík with the children again on our website!

Mrs. Žofie Zejdová from Šenov sent us a fairy tale for her books “To four oaks, three willows, under a green roof” to our special Write Fairy Tales. “The main thing is that the children like it! I send a photo with Tydlifon, who had no choice but to greet you in person. Tydlík is also very worried and said to me: “Well, so that the ghost and everyone who reads this thing can understand what Ferd z Juzkym has done, because we will no longer understand the same as our shunov gizdi.” So I reassured him that everyone would surely understand the two or three sentences of our Šenov dialect,” said Žofie Zejdová.

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