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This year we have Apple’s first conference, where we’ve seen the introduction of many new devices, both from the iPhones and iPads and Macs product line. For several days, we have been eagerly awaiting the start of the second conference of this year, the WWDC Developer Conference, which is traditionally held every June. At this year’s WWDC22, Apple will, as in previous years, present major new versions of its operating systems, namely iOS and iPadOS 16, macOS 13, watchOS 9 and tvOS 16. That we will see other news , such as hardware, is still in the stars.

my only wish

Every apple maker probably has a wish that they hope will sooner or later see their performance. For some users it may be a specific function, for others a specific product. As I mentioned above, the introduction of new operating systems on WWDC22 is simply unavoidable. And personally, I would like one thing – for Apple to actually present these systems, but also for their public release date to be set for the end of 2023, not 2022. As for the developer versions, they should easily release them on as usual , the public version should be kept longer.

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Wondering why Apple should, in my opinion, delay the release of public versions of new operating systems by a year? Because he just can’t catch up, no more, no less. Unfortunately, Apple has done a so-called boost by starting to regularly release major new versions of its operating systems every year. Every year people have huge expectations, and in the end they’re mostly disappointed, because there’s not a lot of news and it’s more gradual facelifts, which could be merged into one version of the system at the over the past three years or so. . What we lie to, most of us who embrace technology, is that it’s quite clear that it’s not possible to come up with a whole new system with dozens or hundreds of new features in a single year. Unfortunately, many people think so. To achieve this, Apple would have to employ robots, not ordinary human beings. The fact that it is the most valuable company in the world, by far, means nothing.

Not only are there lots of bugs everywhere, but new features are coming after six months

Why I don’t think Apple can catch up? There are two reasons to sum this up. The first reason is the errors, the second reason is the late release of the introduced functions. As for errors, quite frankly, for example, macOS just isn’t what it used to be. I’m sorry that for several years now I’ve had to deal with a few bugs that many users have repeatedly complained and reported – you can report your bug here. Namely, for example, pages not loading in Safari, broken or stuck AirDrop, unresponsive Escape key, excessive use of hardware resources caused by native apps, cursor stuck on external monitor , an unusable FaceTime and much more. Since I use macOS most of the day, I logically observe these errors the most. Of course, they can also be found in iOS or homeOS, which they’ve been struggling with in a really amazing way lately, so sometimes I just want to give it up.

Is it still interesting to look at the new features that Apple will introduce, but will not make them available to the public until several months after the release of the systems? Go back to SharePlay, for example, God forbid Universal Control. As for SharePlay, we had to wait a few months to add to the systems and then Universal Control came after about six months, but still with the fact that this feature even has a BETA tag, so it’s still not a hundred percent . It is undoubtedly on the unfinished and untested functions that it is appropriate to see how much Apple does not manage. For each release of a new majority version of its systems, it would ideally take another six months, ideally a year, to complete and test everything without any problems. It should be mentioned that this is certainly no exception this year, as we often had to wait several months for various new functions in the past.

It wouldn’t be right if Apple just forgoes its annual release of new operating systems, continuing with the same number next year, and then releasing ornate systems that will be fully tested and error-free, and have all the features that at WWDC will present? That we wouldn’t have to wait for multiple additional releases to fix bugs that users encounter daily, and that we would have all newly introduced features immediately available, without needing more than six months of waiting and a permanent BETA ? Personally, I would certainly welcome it, and I think that the initial “hate” of the disappointed apple trees would turn into enthusiasm after a few years, because everyone would be eagerly awaiting the introduction of new major versions of the operating systems of Apple, and we would primarily use debugged systems in whatever functions they should have available to them. Unfortunately, it is clear that we will not see anything like it.

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