This is how the United States made money. He is no longer known. Associate Professor Eichler told what happened to Ukraine

12.04.2022 7:21 | Conversation

Putin has given Americans a huge gift – he has united everyone who is afraid of Russia, says Jan Eichler, associate professor of international relations, for Parlamentní “Today, for example, the bombing of Yugoslavia, including its capital Belgrade in 1999, is already in a lot of dust, and the war in Iraq, where perhaps up to half a million people were killed, slowly starting to forget,” he said. “He helped them at least with other important supplies, or with orders for arms and military equipment, but not only for the countries of the North Atlantic Alliance,” he added.

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The description: Expert of the Institute of International Relations Jan Eichler

There are more and more voices that the period, which some call the Second Cold War, or its continuation, has long since begun. What’s your opinion on that, professor?

So, the second cold war has really been going on for a long time, some say it started earlier, others later, most often talk about the year of the Donbass uprising and the annexation of Crimea 2014, but the fact is that its new shape is so hard and noticeably rougher than what we knew in the 20th century, it’s surprising. It is simply a total crisis.


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And can you specify which crisis you are talking about?

I mean that such an aggressive attack on Ukraine as Vladimir Putin today would not even allow Brezhnev in 1968, because this unjust way of waging war is unfortunately something completely new – unless we remembered directly comparable events of the Second World War. siege of Stalingrad or the conquest of Berlin.

Do you think it was a personal failure of Vladimir Putin personally?

No, no, I think it was clearly a system failure. After all, realize that when a single person stays in power for an incredible 22 years, then it’s no longer just their fault, but it’s the fault of all those people who participated and still participate in such a system (no ) functional and its fixation.
All the power is concentrated in the hands of a single person, moreover completely isolated – and obviously a personality with traits of brutality!

And if I stay on the comparison with 1968 and 1979 and the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, the first fundamental difference is that at the time these questions were discussed within the State, it was a question of decision collective. Here, on the contrary, everything suggests that it is a decision of one person.

Of course, one only sees the Kremlin if one can enter it unnoticed by ambitious hackers, but the question of the possible removal of Vladimir Putin by some internal revolt does not seem pointless – more precisely, than it does is not yet on the agenda?

So we already know today, but unfortunately we know it with a considerable delay, that President Putin should in fact have been overthrown a long time ago.
But everything went on and on, and now a lot of people, including the highest lots, go with it, the harder it can be. But one day Putin has to go, it’s a question of how.

Why are Russians still in love with Putin – at least judging by the results of some, even relatively independent, surveys of his support and popularity?

I dare not answer that, Russia is not my specialty. The long-term geopolitical isolation of the whole country probably plays a role in this as well. Putin has a very high level of support for the people of the Russian Federation (up to 80% of them), according to polling agencies that can be considered independent and largely objective.


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But let’s consider this in part to confirm the fact that society there is already largely isolated, intoxicated and manipulated, and quite possibly most of it has simply quit.

The United States will benefit the most economically and geopolitically from the conflict in Ukraine, do you agree?

Yes, it’s true, the United States will certainly appreciate that the current situation has so well and reliably united and united the entire West for them, Vladimir Putin has undoubtedly given them a great gift. Today, the bombing of Yugoslavia, including its capital Belgrade in 1999, has already fallen into dust, and the war in Iraq, where perhaps as many as half a million people were killed, is falling slowly into oblivion – and the country was terribly damaged and devastated and suddenly forgotten, even the conflict in Afghanistan, the 20-year-old asymmetric war, even though it ended less than a year ago, well others.

Do you think Putin helped Americans economically?

Certainly not, of course, intentionally, but it is. He helped them at least with other big supplies, or orders for arms and military equipment, but not only for the countries of the North Atlantic Alliance. Simply for all the states that today have considerable concerns about Russia.

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author: Tomas Prochazka

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