The hand is better, but Stuttgart Krejčíková is still missing. He trusts his partners against Great Britain

How are you currently doing health-wise?

Even thanks to regular check-ups with Professor Kolář, the condition of his hand is improving. But I still can’t play, even though I’m really looking forward to finally start. I gradually charge my right hand, but I’m careful. I don’t want to rush anything. Until now, I still work mainly on fitness. I mainly jog. And I’m very careful about regeneration.

You had planned to jump on the circuit next week in Stuttgart. Isn’t it real anymore?

Unfortunately, probably not. I will have to postpone the return to court. I have another tournament in Madrid in mind now. Then come Rome and Paris, where I absolutely want to defend last year’s title.

Are you looking forward to participating in the French Grand Slam?

Clearly. A lot. Whether I win or not, it’s a great tournament that will bring me valuable experience again.

Do you regret having to apologize for the Billie Jean King Cup qualifier, in which the Czech team will host Great Britain on Easter Friday and Easter Saturday in Prague?

Definitively. I wanted to get on board, I’m annoyed that I can’t represent. I was looking forward to the great atmosphere that Czech fans can always create in a team competition.

Do you believe that your national teammates will reach the final phase of the competition?

Clearly. I am convinced that he will defeat the English. The girls who have been nominated are in good shape. I will cross my fingers. I don’t know yet, whether it’s on TV or directly at the Štvanice in Prague.

Photo: Jim Rassol, CTK/AP

Linda Fruhvirt during a match with Paula Badosa from Miami, Spain.Photo: Jim RassolCTK/AP

The young colors will also be defended by the young Linda Fruhvirtová. How about the increase in performance?

I am happy not only for her, but also for her sister Brenda. It’s very good that they are doing so well. I’m happy that girls who are ten years younger than me are pushed up. It’s great that they are also starting to fulfill their tennis dreams.

Were you surprised by the recent unexpected end to Australian Barty’s career when she was dominating the world rankings?

Yes. And I was sad about his decision. I immediately wrote to him that I was sorry and that I wished him all the best in life without tennis. It was always a special match with her, which I got a lot out of. I didn’t beat her, and unfortunately I can’t take it anymore.

How does your gold Olympic doubles partner Kateřina Siniaková know that she now has to look for another doubles partner?

We are in contact together. He understands it, he carries it with courage. He already has a position such that he has no trouble finding a teammate. But she is also hurt right now.

What do you say that tennis is one of the few sports in which Russian players can compete in Ukraine during the war, even if they are not under the national flag?

So someone just decided. When Russia invaded Ukraine, I immediately called the Ukrainian tennis players I know and asked them if they were okay and if they needed anything. I am very satisfied with the way Czechia reacted to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. I am happy that we are helping Ukraine materially and financially and taking care of the refugees.

You will have no problem playing against Russian tennis players?

I know these girls well. I’ve played with them before. They can’t blame where they were born. Unfortunately, after the covid, which may be on the decline, we are struggling again. I want the war to end as soon as possible.

In these days you are forced to spend in the Czech Republic, will you find time for things you don’t normally catch in the season?

I confess that I will hardly stop in twenty-four hours. In addition to sports training, I also try to improve my cooking and I like to accept invitations to events that are perhaps not too tennis related.

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Barbora Krejčíková has fond memories of Roland Garros last year.Photo: Vlastimil VacekTo the right

Lecos. I make fish, I prepare chicken, turkey or beef. I try somewhere, but I make sure to cook healthy. I like to cook and I am happy to eat it. It’s a nice change from meals at tournaments, where we most often have pasta.

You presented the prizes to the best young tennis players in South Moravia. Do you enjoy participating in similar events?

Sure. I also go to autograph signings for the kids. Wherever I can somehow motivate and inspire beginning tennis players. I think it’s important for their development.

Brno fans could recently see you at Hockey Comet, football in Líšeň or basketball and volleyball…

It was unusual for me to be there everywhere as a spectator. I liked all the sports, each one has its charm. I liked to applaud, I liked that. If I have the chance, I will come back.

Are you watching a Czech movie on TV at the moment?

I can barely watch TV, because at nine o’clock at night I usually go to bed and sleep. But I like to watch Czech movies or series on the computer. I recently managed to attend several performances in theaters in Prague. It was mostly comedy and I liked it all.

Have they noticed in Ivančice that you now spend much more time at home than in previous years?

I have no idea. I don’t want to take unnecessary risks, so I still prefer to go to the store with a respirator on my face, for example. So maybe they don’t even know me. (smile). But I know that many people in Ivančice have perceived my results, at least since the victory in Paris last year. People are nice to me here.

Are you mentally preparing to return to the courts?

Yes. The treatment of the elbow takes longer than expected, so it is quite difficult for the head. So I have people around me who help me work on my psyche.

How would you like to come back to the professional world?

Just to be healthy for the rest of the season and win as many games as possible.

A year ago, you scored a lot of points in the world rankings during this period. Are you ready to not defend them and offend the current second place?

Of course it can happen, I have to take that into account. But I will do my best to stay among the best tennis players permanently.

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