Star of the series Eva Hacurová: “You’re fat, go bury yourself” nobody has written to me yet! | For women

You were nominated for the Czech Lion for your supporting role in the movie Bugs. What hopes did you have? The competition was undoubtedly great…

Quite frankly – I was quite realistic. Of course, the appointment made me very happy, but I didn’t have high expectations. I do not like disappointment, I am happy to have been able to attend this evening and to take advantage of it in all circumstances.

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There are a lot of daring scenes in the movie. But you already have experience with them. In the TV movie When the Cows Fly, among other things, you danced in a negligee. Have you wondered if you would take on such a bold role?

At that time, I thought long and hard about whether to go to “Krav”. I was afraid of possible criticism from my body and from the courts that hurt me. But today, looking back, I’m very happy with the experience and the luck. It really brought me a lot, especially in terms of perceptions of diversity or “deviations” of the female body. But that doesn’t mean I have absolutely no problem with nudity and would go every time, not at all. I hate it when the nudity is intentional.

As a thoughtful teacher, your character becomes a slapstick – so she basically sells what worried her the most. I know that the film has generated a lot of reactions, especially on the theme of physical (im)perfection. Did the public write to you, for example, that you encouraged or tricked them into believing that even women with a few extra pounds can be sexy?

The wave of reactions was huge and beautiful. Not only women and girls wrote to me, but also men, it surprised me. About the bullying they experienced, how they struggled their whole lives with a sense of inferiority. They were written to me by women who, according to the film, signed up for a burlesque class, women who, after ten years, put on a skirt in which they had been ashamed to go out until then. . To this day, the public still writes to me from time to time and I have received great reactions from abroad. In fact, nothing that I feared at first happened. There was no one to write to me: “You’re fat, go bury yourself.”

Did you visit a club before filming, did you talk to a burlesque?

Actually – I didn’t know what slapstick was in closed rehearsals. Then I just watched the videos, mostly from abroad. The trend is not very widespread in our country. But I met the burlesques live after filming.

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In the Street series, you play the companion of one of the rock heroes, Bédi, who has decided to have a child. When you were shooting parts that touched on this subject, did you already know that you were pregnant?

Yes, I already knew that. It was really weird sometimes to understand why you didn’t want a baby with me, I would never have a baby and so on when the baby was really inside me. It was also an interesting experience for me with how some women have a huge desire for children. As if it were the only content of their life.

You probably won’t reveal if Alice will have a baby – but what will it be after the birth? Are you still going to “jump” in the street?

I have no idea how I will manage everything, what kind of child I will have, what will happen in six months … I wish I could see so far and be able to plan everything. (smiling) As for the street, I can’t divulge anything, but I think the public will be surprised.

In an interview, you said Alice was your happiest self. What do I mean by that – are you more serious about privacy?

Of course, the serial character has emotions and character like a real person. But you won’t come across some sites as good as yours. To put it simply, the characters are quite often divided into good and bad, the secret, the stupid and the clever, it’s a bit flatter than in real life. And Alice is considered the “girl who can’t stand it”. I don’t think I’m serious, but I’m not such a shooter. Maybe if you lived with Alice, you wouldn’t like it either.

In addition to television and film production, you also do theater. Where does it take you the most?

I never really thought that I would film or that I would be a film actress. Art schools have told us since the beginning of our studies that they will lead us to the great art that is theatre. But I chose this profession mainly because of its diversity. And that’s exactly what the alternation of these environments and projects brings, meeting new people. At the same time, it is extremely important for me to have “my own” where I can go home. And for me it is the Theater of Dlouhá.

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