Propaganda about the Buč massacre: “The Russians distributed food there, Zelensky was drugged”, it is written in Russia

Russia is heavily promoting the news that the deaths of Bukh residents were caused by “Bander gangs” who entered after the Russian troops left. Proof of this is the proclamation of a curfew by kyiv.

“It turns out that the inhabitants of Buča were also supposed to be locked up in their homes so that no one interfered in the performance”, writes the Cargrad propaganda section. Some pro-regime sources compare the “bandeurs” to “Goebels’ army when it occupied the city after the departure of the Russian army”.

In Russian articles, people read that Moscow will always present evidence of Russia’s innocence, “a provocation from the Ukrainian side to harm the peace talks.”

Cargrad even published a short interview with a resident of Buča in another article. It is said that the Russian soldiers asked the inhabitants if they were “not hungry”, while the Ukrainian troops “bombarded the woman”. In contrast, the Russians were scouring the city for civilians to help them.

“They saw the children, they asked if we were starving, if there was medicine, etc.” posted a “comment” from an unnamed local woman, who was also to report that the Russians had brought two humanitarian packages to Buč.

Buča disaster: bodies roll in the streets (2.4.2022) Buča disaster: bodies roll in the streets (2.4.2022) |

But what about the unbanned Russian article, that’s Buč’s version of events. Some Russian media speak of American or Ukrainian action, others of a “mere spectacle” or even of the involvement of the British secret service MI6.

“It was just a show in Buč, Zelensky was on drugs”

The pro-Russian site published a “comment on the resuscitated slain Ukrainian woman” from Buči. Her real photo has already been shared on Telegram with the fact that she died in Buč because she was Ukrainian. A day later, however, a girl with a similar hairstyle posted her photo with the tag that she didn’t actually die in Ukraine and people got it all wrong.

On the contrary, she is said to be alive and well, according to her, the photos from Ukraine were “staged” so that the world “understands the situation in Ukraine”. In fact, it was supposed to be an action in support of Ukraine, so the photo of the corpse was labeled “Another victim of the Russian army”, “Poor girl who was shamelessly killed by the Russians”.

Zelensky showed gruesome video and told UN: Not just Bucha, you'll see other Russian atrocities

“Cargrad has already unveiled a production in Buč, where it is directly apparent from footage broadcast by Ukrainian journalists that ‘corpses’ stand up and move their hands.” said the waiter. That there is something wrong with this interpretation?

The reports contradict each other, which is typical of misinformation: another woman from Buča was supposed to say that the dead were there, “but there weren’t that many”. They were said to be “thugs” who did not obey the soldiers’ orders, for example, they robbed houses while drunk. It is said that some of the dead were not even locals. In the same pages, the reader learns that Buč was bombed by the USA as well as Srebrenica…

The whole world already knows their faces and their names: they are supposedly Buč butchers.  They tortured, raped and killed

Meanwhile, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky was said to be “under the influence of certain substances” during a sad speech about the events in Bukh, according to Russian reports, because he “spoke in a monotonous voice, even he was describing the tragic events”. “ said the same media.

The look around and weak expression were said to be strange. However, this is not surprising given that Russian soldiers left the bodies of killed soldiers (as evidenced by satellite photos) lying in the streets and in the cellars of Buča.

Tatiana found her husband shot dead in the basement with his face mutilated

The grandmother, who found her husband’s body in the basement, testified. Unlike Russian media, this was not an “anonymous” testimony by Tatiana Volodymyrivn for The Guardian.

“Five days passed, then 10, then 13. I was looking for my husband. Then I went to the basement. I already wrote to the Red Cross saying I was still looking for him. They wrote down my information. Tanya said I should come and see the cellar, because there were two bodies there and one of them could be my husband. » said the woman.

The war in Ukraine: overwhelming evidence of Russian sadism (3.4.2022) The war in Ukraine: overwhelming evidence of Russian sadism (3.4.2022) | CTK/AP/Vadim Ghirda

“When I got there, I recognized him by his shoes and his pants. His face was crippled, he was cold. They turned it around a bit, my neighbor has a picture of his face. They shot him in the head, disgusted him, tortured him,” she said.

Mariupol “in addition to the black sheep” supports the Russian army, Kadyrov helps his grandmothers

Propaganda does not even escape the destroyed city of Mariupol. According to Russian reports, the mood of Russian fighters during the Nazi cleansing is “excellent”. “Eight-year dreams of joining Mariupol are now coming true,” Vladlen Tatarsky, a participant in the war, had to say in an interview with Russian Truth. According to him, most locals support the DLR army and Russia, they were waiting for this moment.

“Yes, there are locals who have joined Azov, but as the family says they have their black sheep, these are isolated cases. But of course the population sees Russia as a liberator.” he added. According to this information, the Russians take people to hospitals, which also bring them hot meals, while the Azov regiment fires on the Ukrainians.

According to the propaganda, Ramzan Kadyrov saves elderly people abandoned by the Ukrainian army.

“Kadyrov pointed out that the Chechen fighters are ready to give the last can of goulash to poor grandmothers, just to help and support the victims of war. He stressed how sincere it is that soldiers, for whom honor and nobility are paramount, serve in the ranks of military personnel and volunteers of the Chechen Republic,” Cargrad said.

On the contrary, the Russians read about Poland that they wanted to “annex Western Ukraine” with the offer of peace aid, Russian websites claim, and German “Nazism” with the support of Ukraine came to life. “The propaganda in Germany is doing its job, so you can’t help but remember how talented Goebbels was.” Pravda writes that German media are said to promote hatred towards Russians. It was a condemnation of mass action for war.

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