Members’ final: Vrba will train, Krmenčík did not receive an invitation

On May 17, two days after the end of the FORTUNA: LEAGUE superstructure, the Doosan Arena in Pilsen will experience an extraordinary event. David Limberský will officially bid farewell to Viktorie’s shirt. The West Bohemian icon invited interesting players from the Golden Generation to a special match, with which the legendary defender achieved the greatest success. Pavel Vrba accepted the invitation on the bench, while Michael Krmenčík will be absent from the team’s successful fighters.

The Limbo final, as the upcoming farewell is officially called, promises a great show in front of the crowded stadium. Limberský ended his storied professional career on June 9, 2021. It took almost a year before the game could take place due to covid restrictions. “He deserves such a match for everything he has done for the club. We agreed on that immediately after he announced his decision to Adolf Šádek (owner of the club), the club’s owner said on Tuesday. spokesperson Viktoria Václav Hanzlík at a press conference.

David Limbersky sat next to him. When he watched a short video of his beautiful goals, which he scored for Pilsen, at the start of the conference, he was moved. “I had a moment of weakness, but I stopped. It will be the end of a great career, the emotions in the match will come. But I don’t want to admit it too much now and cry for a month, maybe “to be only during the game and at the afterparty. For example, we’re talking about Milan there”, he ran into his longtime partner Milan Petržel, who won’t miss the big day.

Important for those who want a Limber farewell is the date: Tuesday, May 17, 6:00 p.m. Tickets in the price range of 100 to 250 crowns will start selling next week. “We also take it as an opportunity for the fans to come and say goodbye to the season and all of Viktorka’s current squad. Proceeds from the match go to Victorian youth, David is a pupil of the club,” said Hanzlik.

Victoria’s current squad and players from the club’s golden age will jump into the ‘limbo final’, as the farewell was officially called. Limberský is an integral part of the greatest successes of the last decade, winning five titles with the team and appearing in the Champions League three times. The details of the whole event will be gradually released, some interesting names are already known, which will not be missing on the ground.

Players such as Pavel Horváth, Matúš Kozáčik, Milan Petržela, Marek Bakoš, Václav Pilař, Roman Hubník and Vladimír Darida from Berlin have also promised to participate on the pitch. “Dad will be on the switch, it’s Pavel Vrba. I’m happy that he accepted the invitation and is coaching me for the last time,” Limberský revealed.

Fans will see those who have had the most success at the club in action. “I’m really looking forward to it, it will probably be the last chance to see such a team together, we want to enjoy it, our whole generation deserves it. Maybe people will come and say goodbye to me. I appreciate to be able to play such a game and all the players will be on my side,” said the longtime Victoria and national team defender.

Michael Krmenčík did not receive an invitation. Before the season, the Exvplz striker traveled from abroad to visit Slavia. In the fall, he scored a goal against Pilsen and annoyed the fans and other people connected with the West Bohemian club with the style in which he celebrated the goal and his behavior during the game. “He didn’t get an invitation. He deserved it for what he did for the club. But we know what happened. I thought about it, but the situation is such that it doesn’t work more. As he was treating the fans, I bit him hard too. I’m sorry you messed it up like that, but it doesn’t exist now, it doesn’t work,” Limberský explained.

On the other hand, coach Vrba accepted the invitation, winning three of the five titles in Pilsen and knowing the three appearances in the Champions League core group with the club. However, he is currently leading a competitor to Sparta. “He didn’t hesitate for a second, I’m glad he communicated with the club and got the nod. We should get the quarrels out of the way, it’s supposed to be a celebration of football and Viktorka. I’m happy that he accepted the first good,” the defender said.

He promised the fans an interesting match, the representatives of the famous generation intend to torment the current players of the club. “We want to play hard, I will have to train even more and lose two or three kilos to catch up. It will definitely not be retirement football, I would like to suggest to Mr Šádek whoever wins will continue next season” , he smiled.

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