It Will Hurt For A While But In Time All Of This Will Happen To Us, Engine Gunner Pech Knows

“But the whole series has already been decided here. In the third game, we had Sparta on our shoulders, but our own stupidity deprived us of the possibility of mixing up the whole semi-final,” sighed the Motor hero Lukáš Fish.

However, even at the age of thirty-eight, he’s definitely not packing anything yet. Now he has a well-deserved rest with his family, but then he embarks on another summer training with unprecedented taste. “Of course, I’m looking forward to it, but now I really want to take a break from hockey,” he said.

Sparta beat Budejovice and are in the final. He will play for the title after six years

You managed to keep up with Sparta, but it wasn’t enough to qualify for the final. What do you think decided the semi-final series?
The third home game clearly cut it, which we ultimately did not succeed at all. And, of course, our power play, in which we were absolutely sterile, especially in yesterday’s game. Sparta managed those key situations, on the contrary, we weren’t productive there.

Was this the maximum the engine could achieve in this series?
Hard to say. As I said, the third duel in South Bohemia decided for me. There, we had Sparta on our shoulders, we were leading by two goals and we were calmly aiming to reduce the series. Unfortunately, what happened happened, that’s just life. You have to learn to live with it and, on the contrary, learn from this unpleasant experience for years to come. The team could certainly show even more, without debate.

With a score of 2:2, it would probably play out differently.
As you say, we just missed the opportunity. It’s a shame, because if we played here in a stable state, Sparta would be nervous. That’s how they knew 3:0 is a comfortable lead, plus they have an extremely strong squad full of brilliant players this year, so it was also an extremely unfavorable situation for us. But even so, I’m proud of my team for what they’ve shown here this year. Hats off.

Also, if you entered the season with an underdog label. After all, there’s something to celebrate, don’t you think?
Well, we’ll see, now it’s probably going to be a disappointment for a while, but in time we’ll definitely realize what we’ve actually achieved. I admit that we did not anticipate like that, we tried to go from match to match, it was also important for us that we catch up with the start this year. In some places it was like riding a roller coaster, but after the new year we managed to hit the winning wave, rocked through the table through Pardubice, and finally knocked them out in the quarterfinals ( laughter).

Could you even imagine that you could experience one season of life at the age of thirty-eight?
I admit that probably not. Of course, a big thank you to the coaches, who gave me another chance to show what I have in me. But it’s not just me, it’s the whole team, my teammates, who have made me so successful. I was just trying to repay the trust given to me before the season.

And that there were these “grandfathers” in Motor. What was it like working in the cabin with Jirka Novotný, Milan Gulaš or Michal Vondrka?
It was awesome, it’s actually such a nostalgia when you realize you’ll never have to meet that night again. A lot of guys are thinking about their future in Motor, whether it’s Jirka or Michal. Sometimes I think it’s really a shame to have met such guys at the end of my career, because they are fantastic partners in life and in discomfort. But not only them, the whole cabin worked absolutely excellent this year, and even that brought us bronze medals in the final.

Didn’t you try to push Michal Vondrka a bit to stay that year?
So, of course, you can try it, but it all depends on Míša. It’s not easy now, he has a family in Prague, his children go to school there. Of course we would like him to stay with us for at least another year, now he will have time to think and then he will see.

Supporters of motor hockey players Michal Vondrka (right) and Lukáš Pech.Supporters of motor hockey players Michal Vondrka (right) and Lukáš Pech.Source: Deník / Jan Škrle

Experienced BK Mladá defender Boleslav Martin Ševc.

The captain’s last game? I can’t say now, reports Martin Ševc

How do you personally see the series finale? Will you support “your” Sparta?
I will definitely support, I wish not only the boys but all of Sparta and the fans that the dream of the league title finally comes true for them. It won’t be easy, Třinec is a strong and tough opponent, and this year he has a very honest defense, so I expect a huge battle for every inch. Sparta will have to tighten up, maybe hit rock bottom. But I trust boys.

But you’re already looking forward to resting and spending time with your family, aren’t you?
I can’t wait, now I plan to finally take some time off, forget about hockey for a while and take care of my family, which I’m really looking forward to. We will probably go somewhere with the children, I will be with my wife, in short, my father at home (laughs). It’s been an absolutely great season, but you always look forward to taking a break.

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