INTERVIEW: Don’t underestimate blue blood. eSuba is not just about conquering Enterprise

When the eSuby lineup lost to Enterprise in Bratislava, few expected to see a retaliation on two maps a week later. Draw, okay. Only the biggest optimists believed in a 2-0 victory for the “blue blooded” players. In the interview, we asked how the actors themselves saw it. Players, coach and team manager.

But the important thing is that the team around Savannah, Desty and other eSubaks believed in victory over the Enterprise. Even before the split began, they said they were the biggest rivals. And it seems that at least in the first round against a strong opponent, eSuba succeeded in this task. Their performance had several variables.

Desty shone on the first card, which was slowly written off by analysts. But he has shown that he rightfully belongs to the traditional “blue-blooded” team. The pressure on the second map, when eSuba often got into trouble, but the team led by coach benq1 managed to excel.

The question is whether eSuba will maintain the same performance after a strong entry and not stumble with one of the weaker rivals, for example. Otherwise, in addition to the mentioned Enterprise or Dynamo Eclot, we have another hot follower in the top 3.

How do the actors themselves see it? More information in the interview we had with team manager Štěpán Mach and part with coach benq1 and star of the first match Sazka eLEAGUE Destym

Each of these victories is a confidence boost

Early in the Sazka eLEAGUE Spring Split, you scored some perhaps surprising victories over the Enterprise. How important was that for your psyche?

STEPAN MACH: Winning is really important. We see PE as a hot candidate to qualify for the playoffs, so every point scored counts. Also, we haven’t had so many chances to compare ourselves to the Czech teams in the last 3 months, so every victory on the Czech stage counts and I think it can boost the boys and boost their confidence in other games. other matches as well.

What do you think you were able to top the EP?

BENQ1: I think we were better individually in this game and we also reacted better to the situations in the game. This time we did not lack peace and balance when making decisions.

DESTY: It occurred to me that each of us was more determined and knew what we wanted to do. and the main thing, even though they lost to eca (enough rounds), it wasn’t more resolved and we went to the next round right away.

How was the atmosphere in the team just after the victory?

BENQ1: There was great communication throughout the match, every player put in a great performance and held the team together when needed. The atmosphere after the match was great and we sincerely enjoyed the victory.

DESTY: I would say the atmosphere was absolutely great after winning on both maps and we’re happy that mirage and antique were played – just like in Bratislava. Personally, I’m awfully happy with every win, but it tasted even better hehe.

Fate factor. MVP Performance vs. Enterprise

How about Desty’s great performance? Mainly on the first map.

STEPAN MACH: I hope he did it to everyone who put it in their own Fantasy Sazka, as happy as me. On the second card also great performances from him and others. Lots of earned clutch moments, 1v2 etc. Sure but it’s not just about individual performances and I have to congratulate the team as a whole, who just worked against the Enterprise on Sunday.

Fate in the foreground with headphonesPhoto eSuba

Communication and consistency

What else do you see on the reserves?

BENQ1: We must work mainly on the consistency of communication at the highest level. This match showed us that when we communicate to the maximum, the quality of individual performances also increases.

DESTY: In a word, consistency, both team communication and sometimes individual performance. Logically, if everyone kept the best performances they could, then everyone is the best, but rather able to play regularly normally so that everyone is tuned to the same wave and there is especially a good flow.

Now, after winning the top 3 candidates, do your ambitions change? Want to play for the top 2 in the league?

ŠTĚPÁN MACH: The ambitions are always the same, it doesn’t change at all. We are only one step away from achieving our goal. Just don’t slow down and lose valuable points in the next rounds.

What program will you have before Sazka’s next round?

STEPAN MACH: On the one hand, we will ensure Open qualifications, and wait to see what opponent we have in the second round. Of course, our training and preparation for the other starting leagues will continue. But we also have qualifications at IEM Dallas.

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