How old were they? Actors who played much younger roles

There are many good reasons to use older actors. The most striking of these is not so much experience as labor law. Underage actors can work far fewer hours in Hollywood, which makes filming longer and, yes, more expensive. Producers usually cast older actors than the characters in the script. But for this concept to work, it needs to hit the stars, which viewers will believe at a younger age. What do you think worked in the following cases?

Sissy Spacek as Carrie

The story of a bullied schoolgirl with telekinetic abilities was remade in 2013, original carrie movie but it dates from 1976. And it is in this that the character of the teenager Carrie White was embodied by the American actress Sissy Spacek (72 years old), who was not sixteen at the time of filming, but twenty -seven. She portrayed the scared girl, who takes revenge on her classmates, so believable that she earned an Oscar nomination.


16-year-old Carrie was played convincingly by 11-year-old Sissy Spacek

Stockard Channing as Betty Rizzo

Eighteen years pomade bouquet (1978) underwent a casting in which director Randal Kleiser (75) allegedly excluded all followers who had only a hint of admirers in front of them. Most actors were a few years older, but they were born first Stockard Chaning (78) aka Betty Rizzo. She played a high school girl at the age of thirty-three, when she could teach instead of sitting at a school desk. John Travolt (68) they were twenty-three at the time of filming, Olivii Newton-John (73) twenty-nine.


Eighteen-year-old Betty Rizzo was thirty-three when Pomade was filmed

Patrick Swayze as Johnny

Older actors were also called on stage by the creators of the Sinful Dance cult (1987). patrick swayze († 57), who played a twenty-four-year-old player johnny dancer, was actually eleven years older. And his companion Francis, nicknamed Baby, was only eighteen when she brought a watermelon to a group of dancers. Jennifer Gray she trained with the lifter actor when she was twenty-seven.


Baby, eighteen, and Johnny, dancer, twenty-four. In fact, the actors who played the characters in the holiday romance were much more

Gabrielle Carteris as Andrea

To the notorious beverly hills party 90210 (1990–2000) also included diligent student Andrea Zuckerman, who was to be part of the series, as were her classmates for sixteen years. At the time of the first clapperboard, however, its representative Gabrielle Carteris (61) was gently considering celebrating her thirtieth birthday. You can easily calculate how much she was after the decade the series ended. The actress did not acknowledge her age at the casting. She reportedly told producers she was twenty-one. And of course, they believed her, as well as the public accepted her role as editor of the school newspaper.


She got a role in Beverly Hills, even though she lied about her age in the casting. She first played high school student Andrea when she was twenty-nine

Stacey Dash as Dionne

Trendy Movie Goofy Girl (1996) revolved around two high school friends. Cher Horowitz, played by Alicia Silverstone (45), and Dionne Davenport, played by actress Stacey Dash (55). Both were played by sixteen-year-old girls, but as their current ages show, they are split by a ten-year gap. While the blonde actress was really a teenager (albeit for the last time), her companion had almost thirty candles on her cake.


Although classmates played with Alicia Silverstone (right), Stacey Dash was born ten years earlier.

Shirley Henderson as Winy Ursula

Shirley Henderson (56), who appeared in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (2002) then Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (2005), seems to hold the record at different personal and cinematic ages. The actress, in favor of which her characteristic childish voice probably played during the casting, first played the ghost of Ursula, a fourteen-year-old schoolgirl, when she was thirty-six.


Fourteen? Not at all. Shirley Henderson, 36, plays Ursula in the Harry Potter films

Darren Barnett as Paxton

In the comedy series Then for the First Time (2020-2021), he plays high school idol Darren Barnet (30). Paxton Hall-Yoshidy, who was not only watched by the Indian-American Devi, around whom the show revolves, but also by many spectators, is sixteen years old in the series, but his representatives were twenty-nine years old throughout the first series. And last year’s second row isn’t final either. We’ll be getting a threesome this summer and due to the popularity of the show, it’s possible another sequel may come. This man in his thirties does not seem to recover.


Do you like Paxton from The Time for the First Time, and you’re not a teenager? The real age of the actor will calm you down!

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