How do the children of Russian oligarchs live?

Daughter of the Kremlin spokesperson, granddaughter of the first Russian president Boris Yeltsin or son of an oil magnate. Some descendants of the richest Russians do business, others study or improve the family empire.

While most Russian oligarchs have very good relations with President Vladimir Putin, many of their children, paradoxically, condemn the war in Ukraine and are not afraid to say so loudly. Who are they, what do they do and how do they react to the invasion? We looked at the life of Russia’s “golden youth” and their social networks filled with luxury cars, designer clothes or million dollar properties.

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Sofia Abramovich

Sofia is the daughter of Jewish-Russian-Israeli oligarch Roman Abramovich, who is best known as the owner of London football club FC Chelsea and principal owner of private investment firm Millhouse LLC. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, it grew rich with oil and aluminum.

During his tenure Chelsea won the English Premier League five times and in 2012 and 2021 he won the Champions League. In 2021, Forbes magazine estimated his fortune at $14.5 billion, ranking him 142nd among the richest men in the world. At the same time, he became the 2nd richest Israeli, the 11th richest Russian and the uncompromisingly richest Portuguese. He has citizenship in each of these states.

Source: Getty Images / Mikhail Svetlov

Sofia is 27 and one of Abramovich’s seven children. Together with his parents, his brother Arkady and his sister Anna, they moved from Russia to London in 2003, when his father bought the London club. He is currently living on a hop in a luxury home in London and a country house in West Sussex, valued at over £21million, according to The Times.

From an early age, she attended prestigious private schools, which cost her an average of 47,000 euros per year. Until recently, she attended the prestigious Royal Holloway University, University of London, where she studied management and marketing. Her biggest hobbies are horseback riding, which she has been doing since childhood.

He regularly competes in prestigious equestrian competitions around the world, in December 2013 he even won first place in show jumping at the Olympia London International Horse Show, which is one of Britain’s biggest equestrian competitions. Her current horse, on which she rides, costs around 600,000 euros, writes Mirror.

According to her social media, she is enjoying a luxurious life to the fullest. On his Instagram you will find photos of lucrative vacation destinations in Ibiza, the Maldives or skiing in the Alps, trips on luxury yachts and private jets. She drove to school in a bulletproof Range Rover with security behind her, sometimes even in a helicopter.

After the outbreak of the Russian invasion, Sofia made it clear which side she was on in the conflict. On her Instagram profile, which now has nearly 80,000 people, she shared a photo with a crossed-out portrait of Vladimir Putin and a quote that it’s not Russia but Putin who wants war with Ukraine. “The biggest and most successful Kremlin propaganda lie is that most Russians support Putin,” it’s written in the post.

Source: Instagram / @sofiaabramovich97

Elizabeth Peskova

Elizabeth, whom Lisa also addresses, is the daughter of Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov. He is one of the people closest to Russian President Vladimir Putin. He is also one of the most prominent representatives of the Kremlin, which strongly defends Moscow’s decision to invade Ukraine and strongly criticizes the United States and its Western allies.

Source: TASR/AP

In 2016, Peskov had to explain why he had officially earned four times as much a year earlier than Russian President Putin. A Kremlin spokesman said at the time that his 2015 income of 36.7 million rubles (at the time about 500,000 euros) included not only his official salary, but also the inheritance element that had left her father after his death, the BBC reported.

In the same year, Peskov’s wife and well-known Russian figure skater Tatiana Navkova declared an even higher income in her tax return, namely 89 million rubles (about 1.2 million euros at the time). era). But Western analysts say the family has great unrecognized wealth, just like Putin.

Many lucrative properties belong to the family, even in the United States, luxury cars and Peskov also often appeared in public with a luxury Swiss Richard Mille watch worth around 560,000 euros. Although Peskov tries to keep the family’s wealth as secret as possible, his 24-year-old Lisa is the exact opposite.

On her Instagram, where she currently has more than 250,000 followers, the young Jelizaveta regularly maps her luxurious life full of expensive clothes from luxury fashion houses, vacations in exotics or VIP parties.

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