The biggest DIY myths –

More volts = more power

With the advent of cordless tools, manufacturers quickly began to compete on the voltage of their batteries. At first glance, therefore, one might think that the higher the value, the better.

However, the reality is somewhat different and – more complicated. When compared to battery volts, motor, chuck, and gears have the same, if not more, impact on a tool’s performance. It can then happen that 18 volt or even 12 volt models have significantly more torque, run time and energy capacity than some inexpensive tools with a 24V label. Always check these specifications when choosing, the website automobile recommends Tire Review.

Batteries have a memory effect

This myth is widespread and relatively old. This dates back to the days of the first generations of cell phones, whose batteries really lost their lifespan over time and had to be fully discharged and recharged to slow down this unfortunate process.

Refillable starter kit included from 1990 CZK.

Photo: Bauhaus

However, modern batteries are completely different. Instances where the tool’s battery has a memory effect are literally rare. However, battery life may be affected by certain rules.

First, do not charge the battery after using the tool for a few minutes. At the same time, if you want to store the battery for a while, do not store it charged less than half capacity. It’s best to fully load it first and then save it.

Pay attention to the temperature at which you store the batteries, temperatures below zero or above 60°C (eg summer in a car) will shorten their lifespan. Direct sunlight is not suitable for batteries. Always place them in the shade.

The batteries currently have a lifespan of 800 to 1000 charge cycles.

Old tools are better

Nostalgia, she’s a powerful witch! But this should not be in contradiction with reality. Many DIYers have an old drill or other similar tool at home after their parents or grandparents. How well designed…

Yeah Al, sounds pretty shitty to me, looks like BT isn’t for me either. However, the fact that the drill has survived to this day is no guarantee of its durability. It could also mean that she just hasn’t worked much.

As for the metal cladding… Try leaving it in the sun for a while in the summer and then climb the ladder to the roof! I see?! And suddenly plastic on modern tools has one more advantage.

Old instruments can have their charm and nostalgic value. However, they are no better than the new ones.


In other words, old tools don’t have to be better than modern tools, but they don’t have to get rid of them. At the very least, it has real nostalgic value as an object passed down from generation to generation.

And nothing prevents him from training him here and there and enjoying working with him. For the rest of the time, it can just be a nice decoration of the workshop.

Women need something special

For some reason, DIYers get the idea that women can’t handle tools, and if they do, they have to adapt them. But this is pure nonsense.

The physiognomy of women – in terms of tool use – is no different from that of men. Granted, they’re usually smaller, but that can be compensated for – as in the case of men who don’t have wrestlers – by choosing a smaller type of tool that can fit better in their hand or be a bit lighter. .

In any case, quality tools and instruments are suitable for both men and women.

The FDV 10353-55R cordless drill is suitable for drilling in wood, metal and plastic, loosening and tightening screws or bolts. It has two speeds, percussion and the possibility of drilling without percussion. The quick-release chuck allows the use of drill bits up to a diameter of 13 mm. Price: 1699 CZK

Photo: Fieldman

For some years now, it has been possible to find on the market sets designed for women that have a pink color. But for quality manufacturers, this is still only a “cosmetic” aspect. The tool itself is otherwise identical to the classic “male”.

When the paint freezes, it’s on fire

The gel is harmful to the paints. But especially with latex paints, there may still be a chance to save, the DIY Family Handyman website promises, and advises: If the paint hasn’t been left cold too long, bring it indoors. and let it warm up slowly in the room. Temperature. Only then open it and mix thoroughly.

If the consistency and shade are good, there’s no reason not to give it a chance. On the contrary, if the consistency is lumpy like cottage cheese, unfortunately, it has already frozen and is really thrown away.

Hardened wood putty is discarded

Just imagine. You get bogged down in making or fixing something, and when you just need to put it together, you reach for the box with the putty and bump into it. It is dry as a stump and hard as a stone.

However, there is still time to fire him. Try to restore its flexibility with rapeseed oil. Just shred the putty a bit and add a little oil and grind the material between your fingers. After a while it should have the consistency you want again.

Many do-it-yourselfers have a single-use caulk package. They will dry out until the next one.


However, count on the fact that the quality of such a “revived” sealant will not be completely comparable to the newly purchased sealant, but it will not matter if it is used in small quantities. If you need to seal a large area, you will have to go to the store.

A simple trick to prevent the sealant from drying out during storage is to immerse the tightly closed containers, for example, in an old, clean paint can filled with water. As a result, no air will get inside, and the putty will not dry out.

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