People are also saving on food and the government is discussing… The moderator of the CT totally grilled the vice-president of the ODS

Czechia is still facing rising inflation, it has already approached 13% and it looks like it will get worse. People are afraid of impacts. How should the government react? “People should be modest,” new ODS deputy chairman Zdeněk Zajíček explained in ČT24 Interview, adding that the government was still discussing the measures. “The government is discussing, but people are already saving on food, can you imagine that?” Moderator Barbora Kroužková asked in vain to present specific steps. Zajíček then spoke about the fact that the ODS has gained confidence in him in the five-party coalition after Saturday, but he also feels cautious in his management.

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“The government must now constantly assess the situation. No one expected inflation and its effects to be so harsh. At this time, with the possibilities available to the state budget, it is above all necessary to think of those who will be hardest hit.

We’ll all have to be modest at this point, that’s pretty clear. The government will think of most of those who cannot help themselves,” Zajíček said at the start of what the government now plans to do for the people.

The measures the government has taken so far include raising the living and subsistence minimum by 10%, reducing excise duties on diesel and petrol and removing part of the road tax, respectively. road tax only for certain drivers.

Moderator Barbora Kroužková wondered if that was still not enough. “How will they support specific families, what will happen to relatives or tax deductions, etc.?” she asked.

“The government is discussing it, of course, but I’m not sitting in the government meeting, as far as I know ministers are discussing these issues.

The plan has to be prepared, but there’s no point in taking quick action right now,” says Zajíček, who thinks it’s essential that it’s not about blanket steps to be taken. “But to be really targeted,” he added.

“Excuse me, what’s a tax cut?” he chimed. “Yes, it is a measure that also affects entrepreneurs, who have been significantly affected by it, and of course it is also linked to the approach of fuel distributors, we had to react,” he argued.

“Just so that we don’t speak purely ideologically and say that these are not generalized measures, and then something will be done one day,” Kroužková told him, who further asked him to describe the specific measures that the government is considering. .

“The government is debating, but meanwhile inflation is rising, people are scared, they are saving… Someone is saving energy, buying less food. Can you imagine the situation of these people?” Indirectly, Kroužková invited Zajíček to reflect on the everyday life of ordinary Czechs.

“Yes, I can imagine that, so I’m also saying what the government needs to bear in mind when acting is that it’s our first duty to take care of those who are unable to take care of themselves,” he replied. in very general terms.

“Like precisely. Come and tell me the measures,” Kroužková repeatedly asked. of the non-continuation of Russia’s aggression in Ukraine…According to this, other measures will have to be taken, “he said. They are going there, he knows it, but he is not “I think the government is preparing this responsibly,” added Zajíček vaguely.

He also paid attention to the results of the 30th ODS Congress.

Zajíček has joined the ODS leadership, is the new vice-president and essentially replaces Miloš Vystrčil.

“Are you replacing the Havel line? Do you realize that? “asked the host. “I don’t really think about it that way… I come with a different vision, with different ambitions and with a different profile, it can be rewarding,” Zajíček said.

Alexandr Vondra said at the congress: “We have lost confidence, but we are not losing pride or arrogance. Are the old tendencies and personal ties of the 1990s reconciled with those who now surround Petr Fiala? “The ODS has already been punished, it had to go through a period where it had to realize why it is in the political arena if it wants to repeat the mistakes of the past. If I can be a bridge in a way, I will be happy to do it. Because I also worked for Topolánek and Nečas and now for Fiala,” he said.

Has self-confidence within the TOTAL coalition grown after the ODS congress on Saturday? “Yes, it’s a good feeling that the ODS is back and has the opportunity to influence government policy,” said Zajíček, who also reportedly felt the great humility with which he is accepted and the caution to be able to succeed. in the years to come. .

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