Patočková de Semily also treated the famous, it was said that she was a medium. He is remembered by an exhibition in the museum Society News Liberecka Drbna

Květoslava Patočková from the Semily region, who lived from 1912 to 1991, was a sought-after healer Vinklář and Ljuba Skořepová or painters Vladimír Komárek or Adolf Born. But Patočková was also a clairvoyant capable of predicting the future. For example, the fall of communism or the advent of the covid epidemic. Whether she really had such an ability is one of the questions raised by an exhibition at the Semily Museum devoted to this remarkable woman.

“To me, as the person who put it together, it is very remarkable that many witnesses speak independently of what we would call clairvoyant abilities. didn’t.” says the historian of the Semily Museum Tomas Chvatal.

According to him, at the exhibition, for example, they remember a woman who came to the healer dressed in hubertus, and Patočková told her in a dark hallway that she had eczema. Many people from all over the country also wrote to the healer about their problems and asked for remote help.

“What Ms. Patockova always wanted was a photograph. And again, from the accounts of people we spoke to, she flirted. I don’t say that always, but very often,” says the museum historian.

Was Patočková a clairvoyant?

According to some, it is said that she was also able to see the future. For example, in the case of a pilot whose doctors wanted to amputate his leg after a plane crash and his relatives came to him for advice. “And she said, no, no, I see him running. And the people supported by that have been through treatment and the man is really running,” says the museum historian.

According to witnesses, she also predicted the fall of communism or the collapse of the Soviet Union. “Or that we will have a philosopher on the throne that everyone will envy us, or that our country will be so much smaller and rounder.” Shvatal said. Patočková still saw the election of Václav Havel as president, but not the disintegration of Czechoslovakia.

The museum also preserves the memory of a doctor who was treated for bilateral pneumonia. She should have inadvertently said in 1991 that people would live in prosperity for the next 30 years. “And then there will be a disease that doctors cannot deal with and that will be pneumonic plague. So there will be associations for people after covid”, Shvatal said.

It is interesting, he says, that another person told them about the prediction of pneumonic plague, whoever the doctor was. “The exhibit raises a lot of questions. Is there a spiritual world? Was there a god she was referring to that she perceived as the giver of her gift?” he added.

Patočková’s abilities were also appreciated by some doctors, one of whom reportedly went to her house with a stack of medical records for the diagnosis and another was supposed to state about her: “I doubt Mrs Patocka’s treatment, but the grandmother is the best diagnostician I have ever known.” She was said to be able to tell not only what the disease was, but also what caused it.

She treated people for free, then she would lose her gift

Patočková was born on January 17, 1912 in Paseky nad Jizerou. She moved to Semily in 1946 and lived opposite the museum on Husova Street. She did not ask for money for the treatment, she said according to witnesses that if she did, she would lose the gift.

“This gift was not honey. It was that at five o’clock Mrs. Patočková got up, started to deal with the mail, and at seven o’clock people started knocking. And that was until in the evening, “ hastily describes his normal day. On top of all that, she also had a civilian job. “She was run as a domestic worker. Apparently she was stringing beads in a public company and still working as a nurse at the Red Cross.” says the museum historian.

According to him, the Patoček house was such a community center. “Where there were a few old people who were there to live, whether they were related or not, a hallway full of ten or more people, and it was boiling,” depicts.

Patočková’s fame is also evidenced by the number of people who have registered with the museum to invite them to share their personal experience with this healer. So far there have been around 70. “We knew people would call, but only in such quantities, it surprised us, so they called us, wrote every day,” says the director of the museum Miroslav Snaiberkwho hopes to collect more testimonies thanks to the exhibition.

The exhibition includes not only the personal souvenirs of the people of Patočková, but also a number of their recipes. For example, the miraculous chocolate of sugar, honey, eggs, butter and cocoa. There are also his advices and recommendations, for example, that people should not unnecessarily overload the brain with empty words, radio and television.

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