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“The current situation in Ukraine is being exploited by forces that want deeper integration, that are not interested in strong, independent, independent, sovereign states, not even a free and sovereign citizen,” the vice president said. tricolor Josef Sláma, who interviewed ParlamentniListy.cz said he was happy that Viktor Orbán, who according to Sláma is also fighting for us and our country, defended the post of Prime Minister in Hungary.

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What do you think of Viktor Orbán’s victory in the Hungarian legislative elections? Many politicians, including the President of Parliament Markéta Pekarová Adamová, wanted something else…

Viktor Orbán’s victory is certainly very positive news for people who think and see the world like me. I do not hide my sympathies for the Hungarian Prime Minister, of course I have a different vision on certain things, I am more liberal in the economic field, but rationality, conservatism, patriotism, but also the certain discretion of Orbán are very close to me. It’s natural for someone to have a different opinion, different wishes, different attitudes, and I respect that. But Mrs Pekar’s actions in one of the highest constitutional offices, when she started attacking the prime minister of a friendly country in a crass, brutal, stupid and unworthy way, is something unacceptable and cannot be simply waved. Pekarová has made it clear to everyone that she has nothing to look for in this position, it’s a huge shame for the ruling coalition.

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What will Orbán’s victory mean for the European Union? After all, the Hungarian prime minister is one of Brussels’ most vocal critics.

It is only good for the EU that Orbán won. And to be more precise, he won massively and unquestionably. Whether that bothers the Brussels comrades is another matter. Brussels bureaucrats will always care about anyone who does not share their view of EU developments. And I’m personally happy that someone like that is here without many realizing it. Orbán is also fighting for us, for our country.

Some politicians fear that the outcome of the Hungarian elections will lead to the disintegration of the V4 or at least a weakening of mutual cooperation between the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and Hungary. Do you feel the same way?


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The disintegration or paralysis of V4 would be a failure. Cooperation at this level is particularly necessary today for all the countries concerned. I am not at all enthusiastic about the foreign policy of the Czech Republic. Fial’s cabinet is the most pro-Brussels since we joined the EU, the level of submission is terrifying, and so Orbán doesn’t feel much for them. It’s for different attitudes, but it’s also for many mirror settings. And whatever one thinks, Orbán is a statesman and a personality. I might say that about Purple as a parody, not a serious idea. We’ll see how it will work in this V4 composition. Personally, I prefer rationality to frog wars. If the politicians in our government have this opinion, time will tell.

It seems that mainly due to the war in Ukraine, the European Union has become much closer and European leaders have stopped dealing with each other. However, some politicians point out that this is just a cover-up to further deepen European integration. How do you see it? Is the EU now on the right track?

The EU has been off track for many years and the situation is deteriorating rather than improving. Of course, the current situation in Ukraine is being exploited by forces that want deeper integration, that are not interested in strong, independent, sovereign states, or even a free, sovereign citizen. Not only do they want to unite as much as possible, but they want citizens who, in turn, listen to and believe in one truth, and that is its truth. It’s about the state and the freedom of the people, don’t think we’re winning this game. Orbán is a small victory in this unequal struggle with the European establishment. Yet this fight is worth it, these are values ​​that I consider indisputable, like a sovereign state and a free citizen.

The European Parliament has adopted a resolution recommending that Europe be cut off from Russian minerals as soon as possible. They argue that we will prevent Putin from financing the war in Ukraine. How do you see it?

The European Parliament is rather such a resolution for a resolution, slapping in the water without a broad concept. After all, the biggest enemy of the normal energy policy of the individual EU countries is the European Union itself with its ideologically dogmatic green policy. For several years we have not been able to cut ourselves off from energy dependence on Russia, which says that something else is either a notorious liar or mentally ill. The fact that there is not always a great dependence on one country is not good, I do not argue, no matter whether it is trade in Germany or energy in Russia. I will always be in favor of diversification in all areas, because we see that it is always to the benefit of the cause.

Economic sanctions against Russia have also started to affect Czech companies. Isn’t it time for the Czech government to help them?

We can help in the form of rehabilitation or conceptually in the form of long-term economic policy of the state. The first is ephemeral, not very responsible vis-à-vis the state budget, the second not the government, because it does not have a global concept. We must say that the whole situation is not completely standard and these companies did not cause it with their bad work. I don’t know the numbers. How much damage, what percentage is threatened with decline, etc. If I sat down with the management of each company, I would certainly have a better idea of ​​the state of the damage and would seek a solution. For example, the remission of taxes and duties, therefore not in the form of state budget expenditure, but by reducing budget revenue, in the form of alleviation of obligations to the state by injured companies. Unfortunately, I still do not see radical changes in the very structure of the state budget, without these changes it is impossible to help without consequences for the state budget deficit.

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author: Karel Vyborny

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