Mr. Kopfrkingl’s dream comes true 12. 4. 2022 | Petr Harassim

12. 4. 2022 / Petr Harasim

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In Russia they brag, brag and tremble over plans to liquidate all of Ukraine, level the land and turn the population into Homo Eurasius according to the Nazi playbook. They plan gulags, forced labor and new execution teams to weed out the unmanageable elements of Ukrainian origin. They are confident enough to publish Putin’s pamphlet in the national disinformation press. He is blowing hateful content around the world, awaiting praise from the global far-right crossed with the ultra-left. When the comrade realized the opening of the hidden targets, he immediately deleted the brochure. In the era of the imperialist Internet, however, it was too late to chase a pamphlet.

Axis Pamphlet Ukraine, genocide accompanied by massacres throughout Ukraine and Russia’s attempt at the UN Security Council to blame the victim is a very eloquent Russian confession.

But why is Russia ashamed of genocides, massacres and murders? After all, they planned everything, trained the soldiers, recruited Muslim fanatics, gave orders from higher places and launched rockets at civilians. So why. Why, when the Russian population, enthusiastic about the actions of Vladimir the Sovereign, growls with happiness and preaches dancing in the stadium on the blood of the broken victims? Why are they sending mobile incinerators to Mariupol?

Medvedev dances the dance of Saint Vladimir

Rebuffed, former Vice President Medvedev lies that Russia is hiding nothing of its history. Humor and disappointment, shame and mom.

In Poland, however, they proceed differently. They forgot everything super. They forgot the triple division of Poland in favor of the benevolent mother of Russia. They even forgot who liberated them in September 1939. Who came to their Slavic fraternal help and the remnants of the Polish resistance arrived. And only for a minimal reward from only the larger half of Poland. The ingrates no longer remember who met in the embrace of the Russian star’s swastika and the German hook in occupied Brest? The generals shouted to each other to the sound of totalitarian “anthems.” They boasted about who and how had murdered more Poles during the depolonization of Poland. Do they no longer remember in Poland what power of peace nourished, clothed and guided them ideologically for nearly 45 years? In Poland they remember it, in Hungary they have forgotten it.

But Vladimir manages everything and expels the Nazis from Poland. In.

There have never been anti-Polish sentiments in Russia, let alone acts. And even if they were, comrade Pištík will bring everything to good measure. The assassination of the Poles by Stalin did not take place and almost a million Poles were not decimated. Katyn is a confessed Western disinformation by US agent Gorbachev. And Chatyň sounds better after all. Russia proudly saved the Warsaw Uprising with immediate action, killed the Nazis and rebuilt Warsaw from the rubble.

By recklessly ending cooperation with Russian peace, Poland will wither, wither and even wither. It will be bad until the sages of Poland throw the switches to Eurasia and the Great Russian Ice Age.

Medvedev turns into comrade Pištík

Medvedev is delirious. Ukrainians are murdered in Buče, it is a huge monstrous campaign of the Šoroš family. We know that no proof is necessary. And the corpses move! They want to dehumanize Russia and blacken the world. It’s not so black to blacken Russia even more. I am waiting for Medvedev to reveal to the world that they were killed, tortured and buried by Russians who were kidnapped from Russia by Ukrainian Nazi troops and massacred in Bucha and many other Ukrainian countries under the supervision of Russian occupiers.

And that adds an addition. Ukrainians are indoctrinated by a false history. I looked in the dictionary full of uncertainties, and all that was missing from the watchword of indoctrination was the addition: “as has been the case in Russia since time immemorial”. I know of one state that has a false story in favor and enshrined in law. Violation is punished by a strict gulag. And this is not Ukraine, dear Medvedev – Pistik.

Medvedev clarified the truth about the Russian nation saying that Bucha and Mariupol are the work of destruction of Ukrainians themselves. The West is producing fake stories about the Buče and Mariupol massacres. The West sent mobile crematoria to Ukraine, not Russia.

The pride of common achievements (i.e. the three famines that Russia perpetrated in Ukraine?) was exchanged by Ukrainians in 1991 for non-existent sovereignty and for a Ukrainian nation never-nation, which Vladimir must erase from the surface of the earth. For Russia to operate on its fictional mythos, Ukraine must disappear from maps and history, or the Russian Empire will never stand a chance.

According to Medvedev, the most important goal is to change the bloodthirsty and totally fictitious myths of Ukrainians. Total clearance. And the main objective, unsurprisingly, is to bring Russia back to Ukraine and build a finally open slavery Eurasia from Lisbon to Vladivostok under the rule of the Kremlin. Stalin and Dougin dreamed of it, and Putin dreamed of it.

Change is not possible

Lavrov blathers that Russia managed to thwart the West’s evil and insidious plans for an anti-Russian scheme through a special assassination operation in Ukraine. The purpose of the war, which is not one, was to guarantee the rights and obligations of the inhabitants of the territories stolen from Russia. And the West lost because Russia thwarted Western plans in Ukraine.

Mr. Lavrov’s cries were amplified by a Russian journalist with a proud Z in her head. The West is coming to an end because, under the rule of the cruel neototality, it is plagued by the mortal sin of greed with government against common sense. Common sense means admiration for Russia. Neototality means banning the Kremlin’s slobbery disinformation mushrooms and ostracizing anyone who doubts the correctness of Russia’s march to hell. I have no idea what is meant by gluttony. Apparently, we are deprived of democracy, freedom and justice here.

The triad’s tirades were complemented by the puffy Putin, who lied to the bigoted Luzhniki Stadium crowd about the genocide that thousands of innocent Russians have long suffered in Ukraine. With considerable help from the Bible, the dictator of peace shed light on heroism that would fall for Russian good, how to properly kill children in Ukraine, how to shoot a nursing home and how to lead people into tank. How to fly Ukraine as much as possible. How to send mobile crematoria to Mariupol managed by a thousand Kopfrkings to reap the fruits of the labor of Russian butchers.

And again Whistler Medvedev

Russia has many reliable partners around the world, so sanctions mean nothing. That is, in addition to the fact that they declare war and fulfill the condition of justified nuclear intervention. The mythical Pištík Medvedev, again, perhaps to be a dream come true, convinces himself not only that the sanctions in the past have greatly elevated Russia, and that all branches of everything are now running everything at home in Russia with grace and greatness. Friends and comrades flock to include Russia in all that evil GayEurope and mutated HomoWest have illegally denied them. And we will all pay the world ruble. The route is determined by the chef according to the morning stool.

Fortunately, the popular Vladimir picks up everyone. This will increase social benefits for all so that everyone in Russia is poor. In addition, it will reduce poverty and poverty in the Russian country by the end of the year. He didn’t say in what year, and it’s unclear whether there will be something called the Russian Federation at the end of this year.

red potato

Shandor Andor hesitated for a moment after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, unsure what the point was when his own lies betrayed him, but he pulled himself together and launched a counter-offensive. He was not alone in insecurity and despair, there are clouds. He again promotes the wisdom of the Kremlin on parliamentary documents, better and better. Total delusions, refuted nonsense and conspiracy to seize, mix everything into one and burn like a Russian self-propelled bar. Serve in any quantity with garlic and onion.

Was this pro-Kremlin chatter really a military intelligence commander? He is much more like the commander of the house administrators in Pezinok.

After all, Russia will not attack Ukraine, as this Putin lawyer wrote in January 2022. And it’s all the West’s fault. He, Sandor, is the only expert, no one else understands him. The others are sewn at home on a chair in front of the computer, while he sews himself. It’s time for Šandor and Ándor to look at Kremlin support somewhere other than the pages of anti-Czech parliamentary newspapers. He was the only one left when the Czech government finally shut down disinformation from Sputnik and other Kremlin (Andor is so popular with Andandor).


The Rambo will not return from Ukraine. Poor stallion, the rest of the film will be in Ukrainian! Russia’s ridiculous propaganda asks what did Ramb’s great-grandfathers and grandfathers do, who want to fight Russian Nazism in Ukraine today. What they would do was bravely fight Nazism at the time. Today, their descendants are fighting Putin’s Nazism.

i have a little boy

Vladimir, also called the Russian Orthodox Church, Saint Vladimir, has a small basket called Scheherazade. He earned it honestly, so he doesn’t account to her. If no one reports to this tsarist, then seize or sink. If the Russian people like Putin’s kleptocracy, they won’t mind. In the end, Putin is just a dusty thief, like Hitler was a dusty rogue. However, I don’t know if Comrade Hitler also owned billions of yachts, sailed the seas and preached necessary poverty and the flicker of poverty at home.

And how does the Pištík dance end?

Not famous. The country’s ambassadors pack their bags and sadly return home. Why sad ? Because he knows very well what it really is and what awaits him at home. Another success of the Pištík dance is the expulsion of Russia from the UN Human Rights Council. To guarantee a 100% ban or suspension, Russia sent a hidden, public and threatening letter to its members. Anyone who votes to kick Russia’s peace bar for human rights and freedoms, or who abstains or does not participate, will go to the country’s list of candidates for death by pit. Vladimir has a memory of elephants and hippopotamus skin. Thousands of fanatical Kopfrkings will harvest the remains of humanity after the nuclear mission.


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