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Smartphones have improved dramatically in recent years. Today we have models with high quality OLED screens with a higher refresh rate, which then perfectly complement the timeless performance thanks to today’s chips, stereo speakers and other advantages. We can now see an unprecedented change in the cameras as well. But now we will stick to the mentioned displays and performance. One would probably expect that with the possibilities of today’s phones, we will also see real games, which does not happen at all in the final.

Phone gaming has always been with us. Just look at old Nokia phones, for example, where you could easily drown playing the legendary snake for hours. Little by little, more and more titles reached us. After all, as we wrote recently, years ago we had games like Splinter Cell at our disposal. Although not in the ideal quality, but at least the possibility was there. That’s why it’s worth asking where the game will actually evolve and what changes it might bring. If we focus directly on Apple, it has massive resources, through which it could turn iPhones into gaming machines. Unfortunately, on the other hand, it’s not just him.

Phone games are stagnating

The biggest problem right now is that we don’t have enough quality games. While today’s phones certainly don’t suffer in terms of performance, developers are paradoxically ignoring them. Of course, we don’t mean there would be nothing to play on iPhones, certainly not. For example, we have Call of Duty: Mobile, PUBG, The Elder Scrolls: Blades, Roblox, and many more worth checking out. On the other hand, why want to play on a (small) mobile phone when you have consoles or computers?

Personally, I really like the fact that iPhones support gamepads and can be used for gaming. Unfortunately, we have no way to use them in games. As part of the Apple Arcade service, which is supported by the Cupertian giant in collaboration with developers and thus offers a number of exclusive titles, controller support is completely normal, in some games a driver is even required. But we don’t have to find success with regular titles. In this regard, I would like to highlight the aforementioned The Elder Scrolls: Blades. In my opinion, this game could have relatively high potential – if it could be played on a gamepad.

PUBG Game on iPhone
PUBG Game on iPhone Source: unsplash.com

One gap after another

Unfortunately, mobile phone games also face a number of hostile issues, which have a destructive effect on the games themselves. At the very heart is the problem of selling paid games. Mobile phone users are simply used to having games available for free, whereas in the gaming world this is not the case at all, on the contrary – AAA titles can cost over a thousand crowns. But we must admit that if we saw the game in the App Store for a similar amount, we would probably think about buying it more than twice. But we will still stay in the app store. It’s no secret that apps and games that sell and download the best are favored here. This is why games like Clash Royale and Homescapes come to the fore.

App Store on iOS: Games you might like
Source: Redakce Jablíčkář.cz

But when we finally stumble upon a real game, we still have the biggest flaw – touch control. It’s not the most enjoyable game, so it’s no wonder that many games can fail. Of course, the aforementioned gamepads can solve this evil. These can be purchased for a few crowns, logged in, and played. Well, at least in the ideal case. Of course, this may not be the case in practice. For this reason, it is better for players to look for another solution. So if they want to play on mobile devices, a handheld like Nintendo Switch (OLED) or Steam Deck is worth it.

Will Apple make a difference? rather not

Purely theoretically, Apple has every means at its disposal to change the view of the current state of gaming on phones. But he (probably) won’t. Even so, it’s not certain that the games will stick at all, or that the giant will benefit enough from this change. When you think about it, Apple Makers have a significant advantage in this area and can really benefit from a slow to full game. All you have to do is connect a gamepad to your iPhone and use AirPlay to mirror content to a TV or Mac, for example. Man, we’re playing on the phone, we’ve got the big picture, and we don’t need to rely on touch controls at all.

In an ideal world, it would work that way. But we’re not there, and we’re back to the original problem – gamers don’t have suitable games available to them, and if they appear, they’re doomed with a bit of exaggeration. Theoretically, a full-fledged gamer would be more interested in a paid game, but one would expect him to have a console, for example. So why would he spend to play on a mobile phone, when he can enjoy the same thing on a big platform, or with better graphics and gameplay? On the other hand, we have normal users here, who probably won’t want to spend a few hundred per game.

The world of mobile gaming offers many opportunities that no one has really immersed themselves in yet. Currently, we can only hope that we will see some interesting changes in the future, which could take the whole segment a few steps forward. But for now, it doesn’t look like a turning point. In any case, there is still one option – to use cloud streaming platforms. In this case, the full-fledged game runs on the servers of the service, while only the image is sent to the device and, of course, the control instructions return. Of course, now you have to use the gamepad. Using Nvidia’s GeForce NOW service, you can easily play the games Payday 2, Hitman, or dive into the “new” Forza Horizon 5 on the iPhone. Honestly, a lot of people don’t use this method.

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