In Budějovice, they rewarded curious children or extended waste sorting at the door

The best participants in the competition received year-round and group tickets for the monuments in the ceremonial hall of the town hall. The closing ceremony took place on Wednesday 6 April. The 13th year focused on the technical monuments of the city. The awards were presented by Deputy Mayor Tomáš Bouzek and Director of the Institute of National Monuments in České Budějovice Daniel Šnejd. “As soon as this year is over, the organizers are already preparing the next ones. In this context, various topics appear, such as the city’s fortifications, schools and personalities, important events, arts and crafts and patriots”, a said Tomáš Bouzek.

Electronic registrations for mothers have started

For several years, the city of České Budějovice has been preparing electronic registration of children in kindergartens and primary schools, and, as practice shows, this method is suitable for parents. This year’s kindergarten enrollment announcement is published on the city’s website and on the websites of individual kindergartens. “The application is available on the city’s web portal until April 30. To fill it out, the parents can use the number of the insured person (child) registered on the health insurance card, or create their own 10-digit numerical code, which will ensure the anonymity of the child”, describes the procedure. of Deputy Mayor Tomáš Chovanec. .

More scooters invaded Budějovice, this time in green

The requests are uniform. After filling them in, parents will print them out and from 3.5. at 4.5. given to the kindergarten concerned. Parents can also complete the application electronically and print it directly at the Department of Education of the Municipality of České Budějovice, where a separate contact center is always set up during working hours. The admission procedure remains a decision according to the Code of Administrative Procedure. “The administrative procedures are carried out by individual directors, so in the event of the submission of multiple applications, it is necessary to deliver a complete file in person to each of the requested kindergartens. Even in this case, the application is only fulfilled only once, only the necessary number of copies are obtained,” says MP Tomáš Chovanec, adding that the electronic system will generate a score of the child based on predetermined criteria after registering the application at the relevant school. for the Director’s decision-making The number of advertised vacancies for the 2022/2023 school year is 731.

For foreigners who have been granted temporary protection in the Czech Republic in connection with the armed conflict on the territory of Ukraine, another deadline for enrollment in preschool education will be set from the school year 2022/2023, from June 1 to July 15, 2022. dates in kindergartens will be published in time.

Gertrude at the tower

A three-meter statue of a girl’s head standing on braids adorns the square in front of the Rabenstein Tower in the center of České Budějovice. At the same time, he invites passers-by to the exhibition of the Czech-German artist Štěpán Čapek in the R2020 Gallery. Hair and hairstyles are the sculptor’s favorite theme and feature in much of his work.

Easter market on Piarist Square in České Budějovice and Panská Street.

Easter traditions dominated the center of Budějovice

Štěpán Čapek’s work is certainly not unknown to the Czech public, but it comes to České Budějovice for the first time. This despite the fact that the artist, born and living in Germany, has his roots in the regional town, since his grandparents live here. In addition, he studied at “Agnes” in Český Krumlov, from where he later went to Prague to the Prague Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in the studio of Kurt Gebauer. He comes from a family of artists, his father Jindra Čapek is an internationally renowned Czech book illustrator, who is currently presenting his major retrospective exhibition in the monasteries of Český Krumlov.

Štěpán’s first South Bohemian exhibition in the R2020 gallery at the Rabenštejnská 2020 center will present visitors with a sample of his work, from figurative sculptures to contemporary “hairy” sculptures.

Threshold Sort

The doorstep waste sorting project will expand České Budějovice. It is already working well in Mladé, Nové Hodějovice, Zavadilka, Kalište and Třebotovice. “From April, residents of Suchý Vrbný will have the same opportunity. This is divided into three locations in total, which we will gradually fill with containers for sorted waste,” Deputy Mayor Ivo Moravec said. The implementation of the project has had a positive effect on the amount of sorted waste. “People take sorting it as something quite natural. I see another benefit in the fact that there has been a significant decrease in paper and plastic containers, so collection frequency has decreased, as has the appearance of black discharges, ”says Deputy Mayor Ivo Moravec.

The main advantage of the new system is the minimization of the walking distance to the containers for the sorted waste. Therefore, households will receive two 120-litre containers free of charge – blue for paper and yellow for plastics. Their collection will be free and participation in the collection is voluntary. “The separate waste collection system in České Budějovice is at a high level. In addition to the possibility of sorting traditional products such as paper, plastic or glass, we can also sort bio-waste, textiles, oils food or electrical equipment Citizens have three stables with collection sites seven days a week and during the year also mobile collection sites.

Richard Krajčo and the Kryštof band entertained the DK Metropol audience.

Let’s set it on fire during the day, Krajčo and the Kryštof group challenged the Metropol audience

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