Healthy Easter gifts for children: tips and inspiration to do it differently and healthier

Good food is part of Easter. But good does not have to be synonymous with sweet and fatty, as we too often think as Czechs. Even healthy foods can be very aromatic, imaginative and tasty. Prepare such a gift for children this year, do not throw them away with purchased sweets and treats, and if so, choose them carefully.

Kids love sweet because it supports their elemental energy. Therefore, it is very difficult to get off the right path, give them what their throat wants, and then deal with decayed teeth, starting with childhood overweight or obesity. Sugar is powerful and a child can become addicted to it very easily and quickly. It must therefore be given to him in the healthiest possible forms and care must be taken to limit his income from processed sources. A model example of how this can be done correctly is the Easter present.

Red boiled egg as a base
The symbol of Easter is eggs, especially dyed red. The eggs and the color red symbolize the new life that spring brings and the story of Jesus’ resurrection. Although eggs have long been neglected due to their high cholesterol levels, we now know that they are an extremely healthy and protein-rich food. In addition, they taste good, they can be eaten alone or placed on bread and butter, they can be enjoyed on garnished plates or spreads.

For all these reasons, a hard-boiled egg should not be missing from the Easter gift. Color them with the kids, tell them Easter stories, traditions and customs, then reuse the eggs together. Show it to the children as a great delicacy, as a kindness in which you like to indulge with them. This will support their penchant for good, quality food.

How to add a sweet taste
You shouldn’t even lose your favorite sweet taste. However, it must not come from industrially processed confectionery. The easiest and best solution is to incorporate dried fruits into the serving. However, watch the sugar content and choose sources that are ideally unsweetened. Raisins, cranberries, bananas, pineapples, strawberries, raspberries – all this can be eaten wonderfully and thus ensures the popular sweet taste obtained from natural sources. Freeze-dried fruits are also excellent, which not only retain their nutritional benefits, but also provide a pleasant and attractive crunch.

Healthy fats as a sweet supplement
Healthy fats should also be present. They add nuts. Don’t be afraid to buy more species and offer the kids something they haven’t tried yet, like macadamias or pecans. Although they are more expensive, it is wiser to invest money in something good for your health than expensive chocolates that will ruin children’s teeth as much as possible. To keep kids from looking dull, mix it with dried fruit or show them how good it will be when they combine these two delicacies.

And the chocolate?
You don’t have to completely tell the little ones about chocolate, you just have to choose carefully what you offer them. The chocolate should contain the highest possible percentage of cocoa and the lowest possible amount of sugar and other additives. You can also try chocolates with vegetable creams or added fruits, which smell pleasantly of the unsweetened taste. From quality chocolate, you can make homemade chocolate candies or chocolate pieces, which children dream of so much on Easter. The advantage is that you will know what you are adding to the candies, and the children will also see that they have a homemade figurine created by you and given with love and care.

Gingerbread cookies as icing on the cake
They are not only baked for Christmas, gingerbread also has its place on the Easter table and in the Easter gift. Buy cookie cutters with Easter designs and get the kids involved in the baking preparations. Try healthier flour like spelled, cane or coconut sugar or honey, dip gingerbread in chocolate with a high percentage of cocoa and see how the little ones like it.

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