Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera: Two marriages, passionate love and painful infidelity

Frida all her life she endured unimaginable pain, which most likely made her paintings speak in an unusually suggestive way, whatever the era. “My whole world is permeated by the golden green landscape of your eyes. I am empty, you fill me. The universe exists for me in a room, here it comes out of you and comes back to you.”

Even after fifteen years of relationship, this painter writes to him Diegovi love letters where the passion multiplies instead of fading away. The two artists loved, admired and supported each other, but they couldn’t be together all the time. The intensity of their connection did not depend on space or time – yet Frida’s paintings reveal that not only pain but also loneliness accompanied her all her life.

Beautiful lame mistress

They fall in love when Frida is twenty-one and Diego is twenty. They marry at the request of Frida’s father, he lacks money, he needs his daughter to take care of his rich lover. But they met much earlier, symbolically just when Diego was working on his very first fresco: “I am standing on a ladder painting when a woman’s voice comes from behind me behind the pillars. I turn around, but no one can be seen. A woman’s voice shouts: Diego, Nahui come to you. Nahui was the name of a very talented Native American painter. That’s when I couldn’t find who was shouting at me. Later I remember working on the mural, my first wife, Lupe, is with me in the room , and a noisy group of students break down the door. There is also a girl among them, she may be about twelve years old. He stands next to me and looks me straight in the eye and asks me if he can help me. watch painting. I agree. The girl stares at me for several hours.

I soon learn that this girl is called Frida Kahlo and that she was the one who was shouting at me behind the pillars without showing herself. But then I really had no idea that one day she would become my fateful wife and love,” Diego writes in his memoirs.

Life without air or sun

“Diego, come down, I need to discuss something important with you,” Frida shouts at the chubby painter, painting the fresco again, but ten years later. “I turn around and see a slender girl with a very delicate yet bewitching face. Long thick black hair falls over her shoulders, strong dark eyebrow arches arching above her eyes, meeting exactly in the middle of the root of her nose. She has a noble but slightly distorted posture caused by the accident and the number of operations she has had since I first saw her.” So Diego recorded the fateful diary in his diary.

Even so, as much as Diego loves Frida, he cannot be faithful to her. After all, he has always been famous for the infinite gluttony of his senses, both in relation to food and in relation to women.. Even a great love will not change it. However, Frida is used to the wounds of fate. After beating poliomyelitis, a traffic accident brought her to her knees, which made her suffer the daily bread. Frida underwent around 30 operations, but doctors failed to fully recover her fragile body. The lack of fresh air, sun and movement causes depression, which Frida dissolves not only in tears, but in alcohol, cigarettes and colors …

Marriage, divorce, marriage, death

Rivera cheats on Frida and her own sister, which ultimately inspires the painter to have an affair with Russian communist revolutionary Leo Trotsky. Separation ensues, then divorce, Rivera cannot carry such infidelity in her heart. With someone else, yes, but with Trotsky?

Frida has been worried for a long time, sleeping with men and women, drinking more and more, endangering those around her with weapons and then going to prison, from where she moves to her sister whose health is deteriorating considerably. There, Rivera comes to ask for a hand. And Frida? Agree…

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He will spend the last years with Diego. The pain intensifies, it is necessary to inject large doses of morphine. Nevertheless, Frida will experience another great zest for life. He will be transferred to the opening of his large collective exhibition on the bed. He dies soon. A frightening surprise awaits his family, friends and supporters at the cremation. An explosion in the oven causes Frida’s corpse to rise into an open coffin. Around his head, a thick crown of hair burns like a terrifying halo. So no other, a great Mexican artist says goodbye to a world of pain, passion and suffering…

Less than a year after the death of dear Frida, Diego Rivera remarried. Why? He can’t be alone, someone has to take care of him! But three years later, he follows the love of his life, and as he says, to heaven, where all sinners go…

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