China is a staunch ally of Russia. He is silent on atrocities in Ukraine

A week ago, drastic images from the Ukrainian town of Buča emerged. After the retreat of the Russian army, the bodies of shot civilians were found on the spot, some of them, for example, with their hands tied. According to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenský at least 300 civilians lost their lives in the city.

However, Beijing has yet to comment on the Buč massacre. And China doesn’t appear to be planning to cut off support from Russia, Standish said. So far, Chinese politicians are largely silent. Some Chinese embassies redirected Russian embassies’ social media posts, in which they questioned the credibility of Buchi’s images. Chinese media do not at all share the images or highlight Moscow’s statement, which denies the guilt of Russian troops.

But the images are spreading on Chinese social networks. In discussions on this topic, people are on the side of Russia, most share Russia’s views, some even call the Bucha massacre a hoax. The Chinese Weibo network has been filled with contributions from bloggers who they doubt not only that Russian troops are responsible for killing civilians, but also that the footage is believable. Several bloggers blame Ukrainian troops for the massacre.

Standish says the events in Bukh were a test of Russia’s support for Russia. According to Steve Tsang of the University of London SOAS, one of the experts on Sino-Russian relations with whom Standish spoke, Chinese policy is stated by the president If Jinping, and that Putin supports.

China deals with diplomacy

Diplomatic meetings were also held in Beijing on the situation in Afghanistan with representatives from Russia, the United States, the Taliban and South and Central Asia. Giulia Sciorati of the Italian Institute for International Political Studies said the conflict in Afghanistan was dangerous for China because it was geographically very close.

“Afghanistan has direct ties with the former Soviet Union states, in which instability could also prevail due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.” said Sciorati. He believes the meetings China has held are a way to find common purpose with other states at a time when they are divided over the conflict in Ukraine, which China continues to refuse to condemn.

China, Russia and the UN

For example, China opposed Russia’s expulsion from the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC), which was approved by the United Nations General Assembly this week. Chinese Ambassador Chang Jun denounced the proposed resolution as “politicized” and “hasty”. “We don’t agree with double standards and we don’t agree with pressuring other countries in the name of human rights,” without criticizing Russia’s attack on a neighboring country.

The joint financing of other weapons for Ukraine, which defends Russia’s aggression, will be discussed today by the foreign ministers of the countries of the European Union. They will also talk about new sanctions against President Vladimir Putin’s regime, including the embargo on oil and gas imports, but due to the continuing difference of opinion, no agreement is expected.

Nearly two hundred clergy of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church under the Moscow Patriarchate signed a statement calling on the head of the Russian Orthodox Church, Patriarch of Moscow Kirill, for his support for the war against Ukraine before a international ecclesiastical tribunal. This was stated on its website by the Ukrainian newspaper Ukraine with reference to the facebook of one of the prelates of the Ukrainian Church, Andriy Pinchuk.

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Hungary and the EU

Viktor Orbán, Hungarian Prime Minister he again won the election last week. China will thus retain its ally in the European Union. Orbán’s opponent, Péter Márki-Zay, planned to weaken Hungary’s warm relations with China a little. He planned to start canceling some Chinese-funded projects. Hungary’s support is becoming increasingly important to China as its relations with the European Union weaken due to the war in Ukraine.

China held talks with the EU on April 1. Brussels has warned Beijing that if it continues to support Russia in invading Ukraine, there will be consequences. China has said it will seek peace in Ukraine, but in its own way, Standish said.

Czechia and China

Deputy Foreign Minister Martin Dvořák (STAN) told China’s Charge d’Affaires Chang Mao-ming in the Czech Republic on Thursday that Russia’s support in the conflict with Ukraine would have an impact on Russia’s relations. European Union with China.. The State Department said so on Twitter. According to Dvořák’s office, Chang Mao-ming repeatedly assured that Russia was not an ally of China.

According to the ministry, the MP “underlined that Czechia is closely following the Chinese reaction to Russian aggression and that any support from Russia will have an impact on EU-China relations”. “Charge Chang reassured the MP that Russia is not an ally of China.” station added.

Changed during a briefing with reporters in March, Chang Mao-ming said the situation in Ukraine has reached a stage that the Chinese side deeply regrets. According to him, the international community should support the peace negotiations in order to calm the situation and end the conflict. At the same time, he criticized sanctions against Russia, which China said were not an effective tool to solve the problems.

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