Babiš rushed out on camera. Papers in hand: the purple government is lying to you! i have it here

11.04.2022 16:18 | From the nets

After a week-long hiatus, former Prime Minister Andrej Babiš (YES) signed up for his regular show Chow People. “There are so many things that have happened,” remarked Babiš, who had recently undergone minor surgery, but as he assured, he is fine.

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“The Prime Minister wrote on Twitter: ‘We have behind us the first 100 days of government. So far, the development has exceeded the expectations of the biggest pessimists,'” Babiš first commented on the remarks of the current chief of staff, Petr Fiala (ODS). “I think the Prime Minister is right. It’s much worse than we all thought. In my opinion, this government is possibly the worst we’ve had here since the revolution. It’s the government that lies the most. A government that lies to you that it has no money. And when they finally acknowledge that we are the sixth least indebted country in the EU, they speak of a trend, what a trend. So Ms. Schiller gave me an idea of ​​the trend here. He says we have a bad trend,” Babiš remarked.

According to him, the government is not telling the truth that we are the worst in the tendency to indebtedness. Compared to other EU countries, we are only in 13th place. “Ms. Schiller had a consolidation of our finances until 2025. Interestingly, the last macro prediction, which reaffirmed that you the citizens, paying higher prices – because inflation is high, the third most high of the EU – is that the government still has more money than it had,” Babiš mentioned.

“It was first announced in January that it would have another 62.2 billion, now it’s still seven billion. So we are approaching 70 billion. The government is not telling the truth. The government has more and more more money because inflation is high. Third worst inflation. Why? Well, because the government is not doing anything. We ended December at 5.3%, we were fourteenth in Europe. Why? Eh good, because we reduced the VAT on energy to zero in November and December. The government is unable to understand that the budget is not only expenditure but also income. And what does the government do with the revenue? She does not talk about it at all. He cancels the EET, that is to say abandons tens of billions. And we return to a system where 4.5 million employees pay taxes each month, nobody And again, some contractors will ask you: do you want an invoice? e or no invoice? The EET project, which brought 33 billion into the state coffers, was abandoned by the government,” Babiš said.


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According to him, the government does not understand that we have negotiated a huge package of money in the EU. 972 billion of European funds which are budgetary revenues. “But above all, we have negotiated money for a modernization fund within the framework of the Green Deal, and it can be up to 1 trillion. Another source of money can be ČEZ. Who earns money about high energy prices today? Well, it’s the companies,” Babiš mentioned.

According to him, he has now proposed twelve measures which he proposes to the government to implement. “We want the government to take these twelve measures on the basis of the additional money that you have already contributed this year – 70 billion – and other resources that I have mentioned. We want an extraordinary contribution of 6,000 crowns for pensioners, in addition to the legal valuation of inflation. This means the same 6,000 crowns for everyone. This is an expense of 17.3 billion. We also want to increase the parental allowance from 300,000 to 400 We had it on the program If the government introduced this from May 2022, it would be 9.33 billion Increase in mobility allowance from 550 crowns to 2,000 crowns per month Yes, single women , for whom we organized a boat trip on the Vltava yesterday, have to take their disabled children to school and then to the doctor. And the prices of gasoline or diesel are significantly higher. It would cost 2.93 billion Return fares p or retirees and students. It’s 1.8 billion. We want an increase in the subsistence minimum of twenty percent, not ten percent. This is an increase of 1.7 billion,” Babiš said.

“After this anti-social government in Macau, we have our Czech National Bank, which is raising interest rates and has totally killed mortgages – so mortgages will only be for the rich – we are already the worst in the EU, our people have to go twelve years to buy an apartment with an area of ​​​​70 square meters – thus tightened the conditions for granting mortgages, so mortgages will be for the rich The first quarter turned out that the interest fell by 30%. But the banks don’t care, because of course they will save money to the CNB, which will give them the five percent,” Babiš also mentioned.


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“I certainly appreciate the contribution for Ukrainians that there is an app for this. It would be nice to find applications for our people. Housing allowance, housing supplement. Labor offices are overburdened by an absurdly complex compensation system. An application for housing benefit must be renewed each year and the cost of housing must be re-documented each quarter, even if it is only increasing. It could be left to people to prove it. But the Minister does not deal with this, because he deals with the price of petrol and diesel at this pump, where I film it,” Babiš also remarked.

“Yesterday I was asked if the YES movement supports the US military base in the Czech Republic. Of course, we have to discuss this in the presidency, in the shadow government. “I don’t support it, because I find it unnecessary. And why? Because the strategy of NATO member states is to build defense systems and a battle group on the eastern border of NATO territory. It is put in work in Poland, we are sending 650 Czech soldiers to Slovakia, who will lead a battle group of up to 2,100 soldiers. There are soldiers from the United States, Slovakia, Slovenia, the Netherlands. So why should we Will we still have bases in our country while we are helping to build these bases in Slovakia? It will also be in Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria. I guess this is a very sensitive subject. It would be better to hold a referendum in this topic. But it doesn’t make sense to create a s parallel system. I have no information that NATO would want that either. It is more of a political initiative,” concluded Babiš.

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