“And you together?!” shocked the question from partners Tomáš and Jakub, the owner of the apartment they were applying for. How do they live now?

One cannot help noticing the tree which does not look so healthy on the loggia. Who takes care of the plants in this apartment?

Thomas: (laugh)

Jakub: I’ll take care of it. It seems like unnecessary work for Tomáš.

Tomas: It’s too much! But once he took advantage of it, I accepted the fact that we have bins, fertilizer and watering everywhere when we go on vacation. In the bedroom we have a few flowers that never bloomed, but they are there…

Jakub: They don’t even need to bloom!

Tomas: And that’s exactly why they seem useless to me. (laugh)

You have lived together for eight years. All the time here in this apartment?

Tomas: No, it’s not. We started living together in college. In fact, we met there – in high school.

Jakub: I have a family in Moravia and Tomáš’s parents are from around Domažlice. We’re not one of the wealthiest people, so college was an obvious choice when studying. And there we met. Actually, it was funny, because at first I wondered what kind of weirdo he was. That I will certainly not be friends with him!

Tomas: And also that you’re not friends! (laugh)

Jakub: Pravda…

When did you start together?

Jakub: We don’t agree on that yet. I think the first date should count, but Tomáš has it differently.

Tomáš: It wasn’t a date, we just went out for coffee so…

Jakub: But we are celebrating the birthday that day! It was actually in the spring of freshman year. Neither of us are exactly the type to attend loud events and we couldn’t sleep very well in college. There were paper walls. So we drank a lot of coffee.

Is that why you moved? When?

Jakub: At the end of the school year, we said to ourselves that we couldn’t do the next one. So during the summer we were looking for a rental for next year.

Did you move here then?

Jakub: No, it’s not. At this time, we only found 1+kk.

Tomas: It was a studio!

Jakub: And how do you know that? The kitchen was on a different floor, it was separate!

Tomas: Another floor doesn’t make a separate kitchen! It was a studio and it was very small, but it was better than a college. There was a silence. Although a little cold, as the entrance was from the ground floor, but the window on the other side was already like minus one. The house stood on a hill.

Did you then tell the families that you were dating? Or how did it happen?

Tomáš: It was more complicated… By the way, Kuba’s parents knew that he probably liked boys. Somehow they pretended not to see him, and while it was clear they weren’t thrilled when he drove me home, they did. . Ours took longer.

Jakub: Actually, it takes them so far, but still…

Thomas: (to Jakub) They love you…

Jacob: (to Thomas) Clearly.

Tomas: Ours just built it in such a way that they still kind of believe that maybe one day it will turn out differently.

What do you mean?

Jakub: Well, say it! That he will just find a girl and everything will be done!

Tomás: In a way. But they don’t say it so ugly.

Jakub: I think it’s ugly.

So there is still a communication problem?

Jakub: I don’t think it’s communication. It’s just that Tomáš’s parents are far behind in these matters. And they won’t let anything be properly explained. They are fair. He thinks it’s just puberty in our country. But it’s more than thirty years. They should live with it.

Tomas: It doesn’t mean bad. They just want grandchildren. And dad works as a truck driver. She has most of my friends that I heard of as a kid and gay people there. He doesn’t say much now, but…

Jakub: But he still thinks so.

So you’re not going with the kids?

Jakub: I would like them too. But I’m afraid of bullying.

As your child has been bullied? Or you?

Jakub: Well, baby. I don’t know if they can laugh at his school because he has two dads. I am not comfortable with this idea. So I don’t want children, even if I love them.

Tomas: We have a cat. That’s probably enough.

I see he really has it all. There are plenty of gear and toys for him…

Tomas: Jojo. So what else should you spend on? This is how we have fun.

You’re afraid that people you don’t even know will be mean to a child you don’t even have yet. Where do these fears come from?

Jakub: I don’t think we are paranoid. This happened to us even when we were looking for a bigger apartment. Originally, we were supposed to live somewhere else. But that did not work.

Was there any discrimination?

Jakub: We were on tour and the woman who showed us the apartment asked if we were dating. If she just asked, then maybe still fine, but she also asked strangely. She looked at us, pointed at them, and stuttered something like: “And you two together like ‘it’?” Tomas was then very upset and slammed the door.

Tomas: I’m more of a hothead. It just offended me. What does she care?! You would certainly answer politely and leave.

Jakub: Nenechal…

Tomas: But yeah, you always leave and then you get mad at home.

Jakub: It’s true that I don’t like arguments. That’s why I’m glad we found this apartment. We have been here for four years and if we can, we will be here as long as possible. It’s nice, in a good place and the owner is very nice.

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