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Ondřej, our readers will certainly be interested in the origin of this young man, whose face is still inconspicuous and completely new to many. Then talk!

I got married in Brno, then there was a long trip to Prague, where I caught up on the radio on Europe 2. And maybe also because I met Libor Bouček there, so the offer for this show came. Of course, I was excited about it, because it’s exactly the format I had envisioned somewhere in the back of my head – prime time and big TV.

We learned here that this is a show where women have the upper hand and men have to do crazy tasks. So I thought you were lucky to be a moderator, but you tried everything first. How was it?

Some tasks were very pleasant, others more demanding, like drinking champagne in a stand. I wouldn’t believe how difficult it is. Especially when you had to do it several times to make the left shot, the right shot… Then I felt it for another three days, you hands!

And you weren’t drunk?

Well, give it a try sometimes, it just pops into your head! But there were also tasks like putting on the children’s shoes, and that was very nice, it’s a nice job.

How many of these tasks are there?

In each part we have five tasks, where after four tasks we go to the final to the two most successful pairs.

Does every show have the same set of five tasks?

No, each show has its five original tasks. We’re shooting ten episodes, so that’s fifty different challenges for the contestants.

And you crossed the fifty?

About four-fifths of them, some that I luckily could have missed.

What’s it like for men to be cocooned and have almost no rights?

They cannot even talk and communicate with their wives who bet on their performance. It depends how the guy takes it. Some take it as a funny thing and don’t care, and some men start showing their ego and want to talk, but it’s against the rules.

Do you have a girlfriend?

I even have a wife!

Awesome. So how do you think it would be if you two competed here? Can there be marital disagreements?

I think we could, because we’re both competitive and athletic and we like that kind of nonsense, we’re all for the fun. I think it would work, I would stay in this kukan no problem, because I think I have a sense of humor and ego would lag behind in my case, I dare say.

How much do women appreciate it and do you think they are sometimes bad?

Sometimes they are more cautious because they know they have to go home with these men and most of the time in the same car, and they are afraid that their partners will not leave them here. But I have the impression that they sometimes let themselves be licked and deliberately bet on tasks that would not be pleasant for them.

What is it like working with celebrities who sometimes find themselves in such extreme situations?

In general, it’s special for me to work with celebrities, because I’m seeing a lot of them here in person for the very first time. For example, yesterday we had Marek Vašut here, whom I consider a legend of Czech cinema. I have a natural respect for him and it’s hard to yell at him for putting those shoes on properly by rules he’s not really bound to. It still costs me a bit overwhelming to throw that respect away, but otherwise it’s a good job. I am so happy to meet them. It’s a great school for me and a source of inspiration.

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So you’re still nervous about your job?

It gets better and better with each play, and it also depends on who I meet here. For example, today there are a lot of people I know from the radio, and it’s immediately more pleasant when you’re among acquaintances.

It’s basically the game – what’s your relationship to the game?

Be careful, because I know it can be very addictive, and in fact, when I think about it, I’ve never been to a casino in my life and haven’t bet.

Are you deliberately defending it?

It’s not fully targeted, I would say more subconsciously. That doesn’t appeal to me either. I love sports, so sometimes I assume that our Zbrojovka will win in the second division, but otherwise I won’t go into it!

What else do you dream of than hosting such a show? And do you think that could happen?

I have all my dreams come true right now. We have a four month old baby at home, little Viktorka, who is a dream come true, the family is blossoming wonderfully, now my biggest dream is coming true too, so I don’t even know where he can grow up. I prefer to be surprised if it goes further!

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