The four ladies in the game: a noisy squabble over the US base, quoted BRI’s Nemcova. And that was just the start…


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From the very beginning of the discussion, the ladies argued over whether to set up an American military base in the Czech Republic.

“It just occurred to me. I want an American military base in the Czech Republic. I wanted it already when we weren’t in such a security situation as we are now, in these years 2007 and 2008. I think our connection with the West and with NATO should be strengthened,” Němcová said.

According to her, Russian soldiers in the town of Buča near kyiv committed great atrocities, and according to Němcová, it will turn out that this is happening in Mariupol and possibly elsewhere, and until the Russians respond, the civilized world should not “play around” with the Russian Federation. .

Kovářová said it had to be done with sensitivity. “We have here in the person of the President a person who, as the president of a nuclear power, can cause even more misfortune. But we must also have the feelings of Czech citizens at heart, because the memory of how the Soviet presence in Czechoslovakia unfolded after 1968 is still sensitive,” said a member of STAN.

Malá said she would not express her own opinion on the creation of the base because she did not have enough information. “We in the YES movement do not have an opinion on this yet. We will discuss it. In order to be able to say whether I am for or against, I need to know the facts,” said the former Minister of Justice for YES.

On the other hand, Maříková said a strong “no” to the US military base in the Czech Republic. “I personally and the whole SPD movement are definitely against it. Although this can mean some security, it can also mean risks. We should strengthen our own army rather than placing foreign bases on our territory, which could be the target of a future aggressor. “But I can’t be more specific,” she said. “We have to realize that a non-NATO country may consider the Alliance an aggressor,” she added after a moment.

In this case, the American base on our territory could be the target of the attack. For this reason, she insisted on a referendum on the location of the US military base in the Czech Republic. “Anyone who rejects the referendum is simply afraid of the opinion of their citizens!” thundered Mariková.

And here Němcová sharply objected. “So I can assure you that I am not afraid. I have been in politics for twenty years and these people’s opinions come back to me. I can see people’s fear of what is happening in Ukraine and the horror of not do the same,” Němcová replied.

But Marikova insisted that the referendum take place. Especially when the government blocks certain websites because they are spreading misinformation without a court order.

And Nemcova spoke again. “What I mean is that the disinformation sites were run by the Kremlin. The BRI has pointed this out repeatedly. … Many of these sites, like Sputnik and Aeronet, were directly supported by the Kremlin And we cannot allow a war aggressor here, someone who is committing war crimes in Ukraine, to sway public opinion here,” the senator said angrily.

When Malá got her word, she said other websites should have been shut down. “It bothers me that we shut down websites because someone likes them or dislikes them. But those who spread the biggest misinformation remain. , warned Malá.

Maříková said: “If we start closing websites just because we don’t like something, then that is tantamount to totalitarian rule!” Maříková thundered.

Sweep outside your door, Kovářová appealed to Okamura’s movement. And hell ensued

Kovářová called on the SPD member to sweep Okamura’s movement to his own doorstep. “But here she could present the SPD on her doorstep. We know what it was like with your president’s statements, ‘Maříková Kovářová failed.

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Maříková said: “If you claim that someone is spreading untruths, it has to be proven. And when you see what STAN is doing, I think you have to sweep in front of your own door, because when I see the case of your colleague Polčák, who instructed the municipalities concerned to negotiate the law, you really have to sweep in front of your own door.”

Kovářová defended his colleague Polčák, saying that the two previous governments, the ANO and the CSSD, had not done enough for the villages damaged by the explosion of the arms depots in Vrbětice. “These municipalities couldn’t even find a lawyer for a long time, when Stanislav Polčák offered to help him as a lawyer,” said MP STAN.

At that time, said Little. “I’m shocked you’re standing up for something like this here,” the MEP said, shaking her head.

Kovářová added that Polčák had waived his share of remuneration for the assistance provided and, at the political level, he had given up the post of vice-president of the STAN movement.

And Malá nato: “I am completely fascinated by the discourse on how you have derived political responsibility. When I take your case, from Mr. Michalik, through Jan Farský, to Polčák, you always started reacting only when it caused a hype. This is why these remarks that you make are scandalous to me!”

However, Kovářová insisted that the STAN movement had in no way violated the law, and because of none of these cases prosecutors did not act. In contrast, the leader of the YES movement has been looking for prosecutors for years and is now expected to stand trial.

Zeman’s grace: opposition ladies began to commemorate Václav Havel

Moderator Tománková drew the attention of politicians to one last thing. At the mercy of President Miloš Zeman for the director of the forest administration of Lány, Miloš Balák, who was sentenced to three years of deprivation of liberty for having managed a public contract.

The four ladies agreed that what President Milos Zeman had done now was not fair in terms of possible social impact.

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Senator Nemcova recalled that the President must respect the court’s verdict, and once the President decided to grant the pardon, he should have explained it in detail, but in his opinion, he did not explain why. he had pardoned the condemned man.

And MP Maříková immediately recalled President Václav Havel’s amnesty and said that “thanks” to Havel’s amnesty, even murderers were released. “One of the killers kidnapped, abused and then strangled the baby,” the SPD MP said.

The little one added and turned to Němcová with the question: “Are you sure that this happened, for example, in the case of the son of Věra Čáslavská? So I didn’t find such reviews in the archives,” Malá said.

Host Tománková then returned once again to the war in Ukraine and the refugee crisis facing Czechia. The ladies agreed that war refugees from Ukraine should be helped.

However, Marikova added a “but”. She noted that Czech families should also be helped. “I have nothing against it, we have to help, but I ask where was and is there help for our young families?”

“It’s already pathological, your hatred stirs up,” Kovářová said at the time.

Moderator Tománková ended the debate due to time constraints.

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