Right out of prison on parole, he started a virtual goods business

“I posted that I was looking for parts for a veteran Zetor 4011, and the man was one of the people who responded. Since his price was an order of magnitude lower than the others, I decided to try it out with him,” says Marek Bureš from Litoměřice, who, like one of many people, had the misfortune to see his ad a noticed scammer on an Internet advertisement server. “He introduced himself as Marek Kočka and in that contact he seemed very reliable and convincing to me. I certainly didn’t feel like he was an impostor,” adds Bureš. on the basis of a phone call and several text messages he then sent 15,000 crowns as bail to the alleged Mr. Koček.

It was the same with Jiří Hodura from the Ostrava region, which sent 24,000 in depot for a shipping container. In his case, however, the impostor presented himself as Vopička from Prague for a change. “The meeting was absolutely brilliant, he knew exactly what he was saying and he knew a lot about it,” describes Hodura.

In the end, however, both gentlemen turned out to be the same – the fraudster corresponded with them for some time, constantly postponing the delivery of the goods first, then the return of the deposit paid, until communication stops completely. When they researched the phone number from which the scammer contacted them, they came across dozens of negative reviews from people who had suffered the same harm.

The impostor appeared under various names. He was cautious and did not meet anyone in person. He solved everything strictly only by phone. He listed several accounts with different banks for sending down payments. As we later discovered, the accounts were kept under different names. So the question arose whether this was an organized group of people living in this dubious way, or whether our impostor was a soloist who only used other people’s accounts for clues. don’t lead it.

The list of reports is also published in Ukrainian

In the footsteps of Mr Vopicka

One of the accounts, to which they sent two damages in the amount of 8 and 10 thousand, is held by a person of Chinese nationality who lives and does business in Prague. When we contacted him afterwards, we learned that he was renting a house in Prague 9 from our fraudster. He claimed that his tenant’s name was neither Kočka nor Vopička, but Marek Chudý, and that he had a proper tenancy agreement with him. Chudý reportedly explained the two payments that came into his account from strangers as a rent payment, and the Chinese didn’t care anymore.

The owner of another account, which came from 5 people deceived in succession, 52,000, works in the barbershop in Prague, and Marek Chudý went to see him. He would have lent him money and Chudý would have returned it to him in this somewhat strange way. “He justified it to me by saying that he had a business and an accountant sent him from that business,” Jan Č explained. He explained why he didn’t dwell on the fact that Chudý’s money came from different accounts.

The model created by Marek Chudý begins to take on clearer outlines. He pays off his debts by luring people in with money on the internet and then letting them send deposits to his creditors’ accounts. This theory is also confirmed by another account holder, a certain Oleg, a Russian who lives off car garages in Prague. The poor man borrowed two luxury cars from him, a Porsche and a Mercedes. And he processed the remittances by directing other fraudsters to the Russian businessman’s account, who sent advances there.

We visited Marek Chudý at his home in a rented house in Prague 9. Both cars were in front of the house. Everything indicated that he was at home. However, the house was equipped with a camera system, so Mr. Chudý had a good overview of the visitors. He did not answer our ringtone.

As we gradually discovered, Marek Chudý is really his real name, he is 27 years old and he has already been in conflict with the law. According to an informed source, he was and is being investigated by several police forces in different parts of the republic. He even ended up in prison for fraud, from where he was conditionally released last July. He will therefore have to behave in an exemplary manner for two years in order not to return to prison. Instead, he started his business with virtual goods and profits from the stolen money in luxury.

A travel phone?

Marek Chudý communicated with us only in the form of SMS messages. After not making it to the third personal meeting, he finally agreed to make at least one phone call. During this time, he refused to rob anyone. He then came up with a somewhat startling claim that the telephone, which is the main link for all those who had been deceived, as it was the fraudster who organized most of his events, used an indefinite number of people in certain of his alleged jobs. , and he had no idea. “It’s like a business number, so the way I use it, yes, I admit it. But others have used it so I don’t speak, 10, 5, 15, 20 people, yes says Marek Chudý and adds: “I have it physically with me, but I always put it to work and I don’t care about what happens there. Example: I come to work at 8am, I finish at 5am, then I take it, but in the meantime it’s in the office. And I don’t know what’s going on with him.”

He later claimed that although he had nothing to do with it, he tried to return the money to the fraudsters. And at the last, fourth meeting, where he wanted to show us some allegedly absolutely essential proof of his innocence, he didn’t come back, explaining that he was in Liberec and he wouldn’t make it. Then he promised to deliver the document at least by email, but that didn’t happen either.

People who feel deceived by Mr. Chud’s actions are gradually filing criminal complaints in various regions. However, since the Karlovy Vary police were the first to investigate this case, this information converged there. We had the opportunity to look at some of them during the search for Koček alias Vopiček: there are at least 12 of them and the damage caused in these cases alone amounts to a total of 170,000 crowns.

Some got their money back, but in the case of the Chinese building owner and the Russian businessman, they were the ones who didn’t want to get in trouble, so the money that came into their account through the fraudsters is gradually returned. From the beginning of the article, Marek Chudý finally deposited money into Mr. Bureš’s account.

It should be noted that the money of the participants and Mr. Chudý only started to come back when we started processing the case and revealed the true identity of Mr. Cat alias Vopička.

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