Results of the national survey: A third of children do not attend any circle

They have an interesting tradition in Sezimovo Ústí – at the beginning of the school year, all children’s leisure activities in the city are presented at a joint event.
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How do parents manage children’s free time? They run clubs, sports clubs or art schools. But a third of the children are going nowhere. A total of 1.4 million, or two-thirds of Czech children, participate in at least one activity per week. On average, parents pay 2,500 CZK for one semester. They mainly animate the supply circles of schools and sports clubs. Every tenth child in the Czech Republic also attends a basic art school. The survey was conducted for Provident Instant Research with a sample of 800 parents.

The most popular are school clubs
According to the survey, 60% of children attend at least one group, most often those organized by the school (39.5%). “The advantage of school-run circles is that the teacher picks up the kids from the school group and hands them over again. This eliminates the need for parents to be taken to the rings, which is a big help Another big positive point is the lower price of school clubs compared to commercial operators, so the interest in clubs is constantly growing and in many schools exceeds their possibilities.Not all children will have access to all the circles that interest them”, explains Alena Fialová, director of the primary and kindergarten in Líšnice.

In addition to school, children often attend clubs in a sports club (37.5%). These are exceptionally popular with children in the Pardubice region. If a child attends a group in this area, it is almost half likely to be organized by a sports club.

Regarding the number of groups attended, exactly half of the children in the Czech Republic attend 1 or 2 groups. The most active children are in the Karlovy Vary region, where no less than 19.2% attend more than 2 clubs per week. On the contrary, in the region of Moravia-Silesia, it is only 2.1%.

Czech earrings are unique in the world
Every tenth child in the Czech Republic attends a primary art school. However, survey results vary considerably from region to region. For example, in the Zlín region, 39.4% of children attend art school, while in the Moravia-Silesia region, it is only 5%. On the contrary, 40% of children participate in sports activities.

Admission procedures at ZUŠ for the 2022-23 school year begin now. If parents want their child to attend singing, play a musical instrument, or get into art or drama, now is the time to act. The unique system of 525 schools not only educates future professionals but also the public. The history of many basic art schools often goes back to the 19th century.

The pandemic has taken its toll
The Provident survey found that in 69% of families, the number of circles has not changed from the pre-pandemic period. Children most often participate in one (28%) or two (23%) leisure activities.

But the impact of the pandemic has been different. Only a third of the children managed to leave all classes without any problems. For example, teaching in basic art schools was often done remotely, but most school and sports clubs did not take place at all. “We automatically carried over all parents’ money for school circles, which couldn’t take place during the pandemic, to the following semester, so neither parents nor children missed out. appreciated this opportunity and no one asked for a refund”, comments Alena Fialová from the Lichen School. Far from everywhere, however, parents had such an opportunity in the region, where it reached 39% of respondents”, explains Kateřina Jarošová, Provident spokesperson and Invisible project manager.

The price of the rings is crucial, but it has nothing to do with the quality
Covid has also made it possible for parents to find out not only how teaching takes place in schools, but also the content of a number of leisure activities. So the question is how the demand from parents and children for the rings will develop over the next semester.

The survey results showed how much parents spend on average on a child’s hobbies in one semester. The most frequent respondents (30%) answered that they invest 1,001-2,500 CZK in half-year groups for one child, and a quarter of parents invest 2,501-5,000 CZK.

“A kids’ club or other quality extra-curricular activity can affect a child’s future far more than any other school. We know from respondents that parents’ financial possibilities have a significant influence on the choice of clubs. However , higher ring fees do not necessarily mean better free time.The enthusiasm and professionalism of some ZUŠ leaders, coaches and educators not only provide children with lifelong experiences, but can often influence the professional guidance of children”, adds Kateřina Jarošová.

At the same time, in 2019, then Deputy Minister of Health Alena Šteflová presented at the SMART conference in Milevsko that there was a flow of interest from activities organized for children to unorganized leisure activities.

Author: Source: Jakub Růžička, AMI Communication

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