Okamura (SPD): We do not want the health care of Czech citizens to deteriorate

Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to express my point of view on behalf of the SPD. The SPD supports the Conflict of Interest Act and we also support the abolition of the EET. Taxes must be paid, that’s why we applied here, and finally we succeeded – a flat tax for the self-employed. We have the ambition to increase the entry threshold for the self-employed in the flat tax to two million crowns, that was our initial proposal.


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It’s up to a million now. So we want to make the business cheaper for the self-employed, support the self-employed, democratize it, and the state administration will be relieved. So, for the two laws that should be on the agenda today, our opinion is clear. I repeat: taxes must be paid and we have, as an alternative, promoted, applied and supported a flat tax for sole proprietors. Many freelancers are already using it and it’s good and we want to expand it even more.

I would therefore also like to react to this subject, here we already have such an “expert”, the chairman of the STAN parliamentary group, Josef Cogan. Yesterday, Mr. Deputy Speaker, through the Speaker I heard such a nickname, I heard from many MPs – a random word generator. (Laughter and applause on the left.) Based on your performance yesterday. And I would like to ask you to keep yours I would say I would say dirty saliva, but again, it doesn’t sound bad against the SPD: keep it! Because we have your indications that there will be something about the SPD here about the law on conflict of interest – keep the lies! Our position is clear from the start, and let’s lie in some false opinions about the SPD! We don’t need a spokesperson for free, and we wouldn’t employ you either. You certainly wouldn’t be interested, because your speaking skills wouldn’t match. This means that you drive all the way to the left, to the right.

In other words, our position is clear: we don’t want to keep anything here and we want the laws to be adopted as soon as possible. On the contrary, we would like it to finally be time to come to the laws of the SPD which you are blocking here as a government coalition. That’s right. The government coalition ODS, TOP 09, KDU-ČSL, STAN and Pirates here blocked and refused to include in our program our law on increasing the contribution to the care of disabled citizens. Yes, this is your policy. You don’t want to support your disabled fellow citizens. We wanted to include it again and again, you voted against it here. That is why we would like it to be discussed here quickly in order to arrive at the laws of the SPD which you persist in rejecting.

In addition, the five-party government coalition refused to include the SPD so that it was discussed – at a decent minimum pension. Because retirees are in great difficulty today, and we propose, like many Western countries, that a decent minimum pension be enacted at minimum wage. Or maybe it’s the poverty line. It’s usually where, but the amount is more or less the same around 16,000 crowns per month. Under legal conditions, of course. This means either years worked or disability. That is, the misfits will get nothing, of course. And this amount on merit. In other words, we want to help retirees, we want these middle- and low-income retirees to help them. And you block it here! You block it here. So somebody is obstructing or “blocking” something here, so it’s a five-party coalition. Good laws for people.

In addition, here in the SPD, among other things, we have proposed 21 laws, but for example the “my house, my castle” law, which would increase security and the right to self-defense, the self-defense institute so- saying necessary -defense of citizens attacked at home. You also refused to put it on the agenda here. And we are on the side of honest citizens, we want them to feel safe.

I say it here so that we can say it in a balanced way, what and how. And we are not at all affected by your coalition of five with the YES movement. We were also an opposition party during the last election period. So please don’t mix up one-word opposition here. There are two opposition parties here.

And the referendum law. This is what you have already said, it is you who specifically said, vice-president Josef Cogan of the STAN movement, that you do not want a referendum law. (The President: By the way.) Yes, I said it before, so I will repeat it each time, you are right. Even if, to my knowledge, we are the last of the two countries in Europe not to have a referendum law. We promote democracy here, you want an elite government.

That is to say, we would like to see these laws and, last but not least, remind you here last week that we rejected our law, or the week before last, our law to stop abusing benefits inappropriately. And again, it would be a good law that would save the state between half a billion and a billion crowns, to which we could simply transfer the money, for example, to solve the price increase. That is, if you’re talking here about someone who wants to obstruct something and something, then for a) we’re not obstructing here, not even a conflict of interest and EET – on the contrary, we want it passes. The second thing is that the one who is attacking the citizens here in terms of good laws is the coalition of the five parties in your government. If only you could suggest an alternative to these laws, pensions. Increase in care allowance for the disabled. But you offer nothing and reject others’ suggestions.

Last but not least, we will obstruct a law, the one you will introduce in the near future. That’s right, yes we will. And that you want to take 14 billion crowns from health insurance companies and thereby reduce health care, affordable health care for citizens of the Czech Republic. It’s completely outrageous, I must say! Even in the current situation. And this law, which the five-party coalition of Prime Minister Peter wants to reduce and worsen the availability of health care for Czech citizens and take 14 billion crowns from insurance companies, has already been presented to the Chamber of Deputies and you have it in the budget, so we will definitely hamper it!

I tell you this in advance, because we do not want the health care of Czech citizens to deteriorate because of your government, the government of Petr Fiala, which also includes the STAN movement.

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And last but not least, the arrests are really not fair on the part of the coalition of five ruling parties. Because we were the opposition party and the last election period, we therefore felt the same feelings in terms of arrests in this particular file as the current government coalition. We also didn’t like the fact that there were few prime ministers here. It’s clear. We also criticized it and wanted to ask the Prime Minister. But at the same time, because we were the opposition party during the last legislature, it is true that the fact that you canceled the interpellations of yesterday afternoon was simply not fair. And that’s not good, because admit that we don’t have the possibility of asking the Prime Minister for more than a month. And you didn’t like it either, when you were in opposition, so don’t measure double now. Next time, for example, you will again be in this opposition and you will complain, I must say in this case, with good reason. It’s true.

But we, as the SPD, I really wanted to ask you strongly: do not interrupt these arrests. We have nothing to do with the YES movement in the sense that they were in government the last term, we don’t. And I really urge you to make these interpellations in accordance with the Constitution and the Rules of Procedure, because it is the only place where one can question the ministers and also the only place where one can question the Prime Minister live. And we couldn’t ask the Prime Minister for a month, because he wasn’t there the last time, he wasn’t there the last time, that is to say yesterday. This means that we do not have the opportunity to question the Prime Minister live or the Prime Minister directly in front of the public on burning issues, if it increases, if it is the current wave of refugees and many other problems. And I only know one thing that the Prime Minister is afraid to answer live, because he was there, he was there on Wednesday, he was there yesterday, he could have been there, but the Prime Minister is just afraid to answer live, directly confront the representatives of the opposition. It’s like that. I’m not afraid of that, I’ll live with the prime minister at all times, but the prime minister obviously has a problem with that. And that’s just wrong, it’s not democratic.

Finally, I would like to say that I recall the words of the Deputy Chairman of the ODS and the Minister of Finance, Zbyněk Stanjura, who said here, three weeks ago, you can ask the Prime Minister about the arrests. After all, he said it and it was in the media, we all heard it. So, if we want to ask questions about these arrests, we cannot ask for a month, because the Prime Minister was not there the last time, and you canceled yesterday with the eighth of your government. So that’s my brief comment on that. And I would really like to ask you, because sometimes in the opposition we will still need you, it’s generally like anyone else, allow us these interpellations, because we have the right to democratically ask your ministers, even the Prime Minister. Thank you. (Applause from the SPD deputies.)

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