Octagon in Gong: bifurcations and skirmishes! Vémola has Marpo o KO, Baba Jaga against. spectator

PHOTO: Oktagon Time drew two thousand people to Gong in Ostrava, can you find yourself?

On the contrary, the challenger believes that he can play a role. “I wouldn’t be here otherwise,” he nodded. “But you have to wait until tomorrow, I won’t reveal my tactics,” the Prince said immediately.

“Last time I looked at it and was scared. Weigh in now. It wasn’t here right now. I still look up, but the scare has faded. Another Kozma will go there- in it,” the welterweight belt lawyer promised, saying it would be a sculpture. “For him this may be the last chance for the title, I have all of my family and friends here. I will not lose the title in Ostrava,” added Kozma.


But the press was kicked out by others, especially the heckling between Losene Keita and Ivan Buchinger, which was fun. “He’s good on his feet, but he’ll only defend himself brutally on the ground,” Buchinger said. “But first we have to get to the ground. Every game starts at the top,” Keita replied. “He’ll run before I knock him down,” Buchinger continued. “You can try,” the Belgian.

Official estimate before the Octagon 32 tournament. Petr Kníže (left) and David Kozma.

Oktagon 32 in Ostrava: Kozma and Knížet passed the weight, Mikulášek danced

There was also an emotional conversation between Ostrava’s Václav Sivák and Denmark’s Jonas Mägärd, who, like Keita and Buchinger, are future rivals. Plus, they would have staged a backstage battle in MMA, not just in boxing.

But the main thing came – as expected – with Saturday’s Ostrava rivals Václav Mikulášek and Tomáš Meliš. Their clash is very personal and the two have spoken a lot about each other in the past.

Mikulášek, or Baba Jaga, who will have a boxing sword with Michal Kotalík in May, revealed how he lost twenty kilos in five days. “I read a lot about how I dropped it. Of course drugs are always to blame,” smiled Mikulášek, at whom someone from the galleries immediately shouted the word “piko”.

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“Clearly. Come on, zero, come tell me here. Come tell me here, dad. Don’t talk and come. Do it!” asked the viewer for a few seconds. “Nothing? That’s it. Everyone says what I do and how I fall apart. I have a sick kidney, a birth defect, but I never complain about it. I jump and drop to eighty-four, which is death to me. I swear to god. Doctors don’t tell me I can handle it, but I want to! “, Did he declare.


Oktagon 32 in Ostrava: 11 games, 11 new stories. This is how Novotný comments on them

For five days, he reportedly ate just one protein bar a day, and twice a day he trained and raced. All this to respect the weight limit. In the morning, he was surprised to weigh only one hundred grams, which he immediately sweated.

“But you can’t imagine what it’s like to have no water or food for two days, I couldn’t sleep, I threw up, but I made weight like a pro. In the second try, but after about five minutes. But it was the worst week of my life and I don’t want to live it anymore, ”described Mikulášek.

When Meliš mentioned that he did not expect Mikulášek to climb into the required 84.4 kilograms, a verbal skirmish ensued, to which they both reverted. However, they shook hands with the audience, which got a great response from the audience.

One of the highlights of Dolní Vítkovice is the multifunctional Gong Hall - a center of culture, science and education.

Octagon returns to Ostrava! Dear warriors, New Carolina welcomes Gong


A verbal conflict could also be expected for the couple Carlos Vémol – Otakar Petřina, alias the singer Marp. They will face off in a boxing duel in May at the O2 Arena. It all started with a quiet question of whether you can fight twice in 14 days, as the ‘Terminator’ will show up in Frankfurt against a previously unknown opponent in June. He does not want to miss the German Prime Minister. “Two weeks may be early, but what doesn’t destroy you will make you stronger. Then I also want to have a great game in Štvanice,” Vémola stressed.

At that moment, he seizes the opportunity to tap into Marpo’s juice. “It’s more a question for Ondra, can he fight fourteen days after knockout?” He turned to Novotny and Neruda. “You won’t fight, I will fight,” Vémola replied immediately and vigorously.

He then said with a smile that he would like his first knockout of his career to be enlisted. And he inadvertently recorded it for Marp. “Carlos, you already wrote one. From Attila,” he came across on Wrestling of the Century, and a veritable verbal gunfight ensued.

Václav Mikulášek (right) with Oktagon promoter Ondřej Novotný.

Mikulášek at the Octagon in Ostrava: I wanted to give it up, now I’m reconciled with everything

“I love the press that Marpo said two words about the press, and I got into his head in no time. It must be destroying him, as he’s not used to daily training, now l ‘team demands it…” Vémola shot back. “Man, you tried that clover shit on Clover and so, I fuck ‘I train and you go through pi…’ Marpo said.

“If you noticed, we’ve been talking about the game for many years and Marpo has never behaved like this. When I arrived, Octagon put me in another dressing room. They say they don’t want me be with him. I tell them, ‘Guys, I’m not a jerk, I’m not going to do anything to him. I’m going to beat him at the O2 Arena.’ It was his first request,” said Carlos Vémola.

“Dude, hide this bullshit somewhere else. They asked me that you want to go to another locker room. I said I messed up… Now we’re sitting next to each other, we’ll stay here and we’ll be in the ring together. We’ll see each other a million times. You think I’m scared to sit in the locker room next to you. Are you crazy man?” asked Marpo.

Oktagon 29 tournament in Brno with the main match David Kozma - Bojan Veličkovič.

Cosmos before the battle with the Prince: We will not break. It will be hard, bloody and long

Vémola responded immediately. “I’m not talking about the fear of one of the changing rooms. ‘I say I put you in your head,’ repeated Vémola.

“It doesn’t look like this. You’ve been calm for two years, now you’re pissed and you haven’t started to break down. Wait for the little thing you picked up, you’re gonna have to lose what you feel Vémola is gone into the future.

And what will Marp think the race will be like? “Simply. He’ll do his float and push forward. We’re more than ready for that.” I didn’t expect when I saw the videos with Horváth bouncing and dancing there, that he would be Muhammad Ali “, he quipped.

David Kozma also managed the fourth defense of the

I felt a high kick, admitted Kozma after the triumph. Who is becoming the next opponent?

“I definitely won’t be Muhammad Ali, I’ll be a really bad Mike Tyson going forward. But I’m not going to show good athletic performance, like Rhythm. I’m going to win. I’m going to destroy him, knock him out, whatever the match. And he forgets that he couldn’t knock out a forty-five-year-old singer,” Vémola said.

“Marpo won like that, and now he thinks he’s knocking out a fighter who’s gotten a knockout once in 30 years. That’s why it’s called the Match of the Century, because such a coincidence only happens. ‘once every hundred years’, concluded Carlos Vémola.

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