M. Boleslav floorball players defended their title, FBC Ostrava women celebrate their first

Prague – Floorball players from Mladá Boleslav defended the title in the super league. The baseline winner beat Tatran Střešovice 2:1 in extra time in the super final at the O2 Arena in Prague in front of 10,865 spectators. At 62:05, Daniel Šebek decided on Central Bohemia’s third triumph in history. In their first appearance in the superfinal since 2016, the Praguers did not reach the 17th triumph. Floorball players of FBC Ostrava won the superfinal in the O2 arena in Prague over Chodov 4: 2 and won the first title.

“We have to be happy with today’s result and we can also be happy with the game. Our plan was clear, there were enough chances, the defense was solid. Too bad the powerlings are unchanged which could give us peace of mind of mind. We could have made a goal cushion there. We had three goals in extra time, the third fell there, so I’m very happy and I’m very proud of the player, “said the Mladá Boleslav coach Petr Novotný, whose team entered the Champions Cup, for which he had not played for the past two seasons due to coronavirus.

Tatran was able to open the scoring in the 6th minute with the exclusion of Jiří Curney, during which David Šimek hit the high bar. On the contrary, the Central Bohemians rejoiced at 1:26 p.m. Jakub Bína found Matěj Pěnička uncovered behind the goal at the right post, who received a ball for Lukáš Kříž. Within a minute and a half, the winner of the base game could increase, but Střešovice was helped by a stick after Patrik Suchánek’s shot.

Střešovice defended in two weaknesses, first at the end of the first part with the sentence of Filip Eliáš and in the middle of the second period with the exclusion of Martin Šindelář. Immediately after the penalty expired, Tomašík defeated Kříže from the right guard after Suchánek’s pass, but the goal didn’t pay off after Tatran’s coaching challenge. Adam Hemerka started the event with an unauthorized double touch of the standard situation, which was confirmed by judges Libor Gavlas and Lukáš Mikel.

“I noticed during the game that he played more than twice. Fortunately, I remembered that there was no interruption in the meantime. In the end, we managed to convince the referees , who originally didn’t want to admit it. I was pretty sure, although I didn’t see the records. So “it was fine. But it occurred to me that it was unnecessarily long. It was probably more uncomfortable for gamers. Luckily, it went well for us, so it didn’t affect the players. But the pace of the game wasn’t great before,” the coach said. Tatran Milan Fridrich for a long study of the situation.

In the 36th minute, after a series of chances from both sides, Mladá Boleslav’s side were closer to the goal again, but Pěniček’s attempt went for the right post. In the end, the Střešovice colony celebrated 23 seconds before the break, when Šimek fired a ball after Hemerk’s penalty after Marek Beneš shot for Lukáš Bauer.

“Overall it was a great season for us. Unfortunately we didn’t make the last step but hopefully we will learn a little lesson by next season and be better. I would like apologize to all the fans who were here because the floorball was terrible. “They approached more actively, there would be more goals and more attractive floorball would be played. The atmosphere was awesome. If they manage to organize something like that, it’s great,” striker Šimek said.

In the third period, Tatran defended the penalty from Marek Beneš, who then missed the goal on his good chance. On the side of the more active Praguers, Šimek could have taken the lead in the last minute of the starting time, but Bauer intervened successfully. Milan Tomašík, on the other hand, tried to avoid extra time.

At the start of the setup, the loner Petr Koláčný missed, but in the end he did not have to regret it. After Tomašík’s pass, he decided with a shot from the middle by Šebek. “It’s beautiful. Nice feeling after the goal. I’ll probably remember it forever,” Sebek said.

“I’m definitely proud of the team, the guys have done a great job. If it clinched gold that would be a nice point. But this team has more experience in there, there will be more experience in there.” I was looking forward to it, including the O2 arena. Maybe it’s a shame that boys don’t experience this more often, because it’s a great experience. .

FBC Ostrava floorball players beat Chodov in the superfinal and celebrate their first title

Floorball players of FBC Ostrava won the superfinal in the O2 arena in Prague over Chodov 4: 2 and won the first title. Captain Michaela Mlejnková signed coach Jakub Robeko’s side with two goals. For the fourth time in a row, the team from Prague did not take the final step in the fight for the title. In the years 2018, 2019 and last year they lost in the super final against Vítkovice.

“A huge chance. We always say it, but we can’t describe it at the moment. We really appreciate it. It’s a huge reward for the whole club. I think even after these historic losses of guys there a few years back it’s a huge reward for the management too. for what they’ve built in Ostrava and what we have for the context and the conditions. Now finally a sporting reward. I’m currently probably happier for people around me than for myself,” said FBC coach Ostrava Robenek.

Ostravanka had the first big chance in front of 7923 spectators and Pavlína Bačová hit the bar early. In the 8th minute, he was delighted with the leadership of Chodov. Kristýna Lechnerová found Eliška Trojánková free, who covered Veronika Tomšová with a backhand under her body. Severomoravanky was close to the goal again in the 17th minute, but after Nikola Chalupová’s shot, Jana Christianová was helped over the top bar.

“It hurts terribly. Like every time you lose. But I think we could have done it for our losses because we didn’t play well at all. I think we made a mistake by not giving any chance When I see girls playing in other matches or in training, it’s quite another thing. Probably the atmosphere or that we were in the final…”, explained Christian.

In the second half, Trojánková did not change the next chance at first, and in the 27th minute, having won the ball, captain Christian Ostravanek Mlejnková overcame him with a shot under his left hand. Chodov then defended when Lechner was knocked out, but he had already used another power play in Karolína Suchá’s punishment. Linda Pudišová hits the right corner from the right side.

Chodov tried to respond in vain and from the 53rd minute he lost two goals after the flow of Mlejnka’s shot from Veronika Rybičková. Then Vanessa Rebecca Keprtová hit the bar and in 56:59, after Magdalena Plášková’s pass, she lowered Suchá from the goal area. During the power play, however, Natalie Hurníková hit an empty goal 17 seconds before the end and sealed the triumph.

Chodov made the super final for the sixth time in the past seven years and only made it in 2015 when he achieved his historic title.

“It was bad for us today. We just didn’t show the quality we have in the team. We hardly even indicated our possibilities. Christy (Christanová) supported us in the first half , we were in the game, but Ostrava was better and we felt “We tried to change it, but somehow we didn’t succeed today from start to finish. We didn’t find moments when we had the right lauf and played what we could do,” said Chodov coach Lukáš Procházka, who became the new coach of the Czech women’s national team.

So far, FBC Ostrava has only won two bronze medals in its history. Robenek also thanked the Ostrava fans. “I was surprised how many people here. A big thank you to our people, because they came to the hotel and created a great atmosphere where the girls were probably sweeter than here in the lobby. It helped us also helped to deal with that.” an hour before they arrived in the room and they helped us a lot in the series with Vítkovice. They deserve a huge thank you and a big part of the title goes to them,” added Robenek.

Christian also enjoyed the atmosphere at the O2 Arena. “We play floorball after these matches because it’s always a great backdrop. In the O2 arena in front of eight thousand spectators, it’s a great experience. Even if it didn’t go the way we we’ve done, we’re all happy to be here. It’s a floorball party,” she added.

Floorball Superliga Livesport Super Final:

Mlada Boleslav – Tatran Stresovice 2:1 in prod. (1:0, 0:1, 0:0 – 1:0)

Goals and records: 14. Pěnička (J. Bína), 63. D. Šebek (Tomašík) – 40. D. Šimek (Marek Beneš). Referees: Gavlas, Mikula Out: 2:3. Use: 0:1. Attendance: 10,865.

Final classification of the super league for the 2021/22 season:

1. Mladá Boleslav, 2. Tatran Střešovice, 3. Vítkovice, 4. Sparta Praha, 5. FbŠ Bohemians, 6. Chodov, 7. Black Angels, 8. FBC Liberec, 9. FBC Ostrava, 10. Panthers Otrokovice, 11. FBC Česká Lípa, 12. TJ Sokol Královské Vinohrady, 13. Sokoli Pardubice – playoff, 14. FBŠ Hattrick Brno – downhill.

Floorball Extra League Superfinals:

Chodov – FBC Ostrava 2:4 (1:0, 0:2, 1:2)

Goals and records: 8. Trojánková (Lechnerová), 57. Suchá (Plášková) – 27. Mlejnková, 36. Pudišová (P. Hudáková), 53. Mlejnková (Rybičková), 60. Hurníková. Judges: Petřík, Podlesný. Penalty: 2:0. Usage: 0:1. Attendance: 7923.

Final classification of the additional league for the 2021/22 season:

1. FBC Ostrava, 2. Chodov, 3. Vítkovice, 4. Tatran Střešovice, 5. FbŠ Bohemians, 6. FBS Olomouc, 7. Tigers Start98 Kunratice, 8. Panthers Praha, 9. FBK Jičín, 10. Mladá Boleslav, 11 Židenice – downhill, 12. Bulldogs Brno – playoff.

Canadian Pointers Playoffs:

1. Seemannová (Střešovice) 11 matches / 22 points (10 goals + 12 assists), 2. Mlejnková (FBC Ostrava) 11/20 (12 + 8), 3. P. Hudáková (FBC Ostrava) 11/17 (9 +8), 4. Buczeková (Vítkovice) 7/17 (6+11), 5. Želízková (Střešovice) 11/16 (10+6), 6. Chudá (Chodov) 12/16 (9+7), 7 Maroszova (Vitkovice) 8/15 (9+6), 8. Kopecka (Stresovice) 11/15 (8+7), 9. Zagorska (FBC Ostrava) 11/13 (9+4), 10. Keprtova (Chodov ) 12/13 (4+9).

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