Jágr before the playoffs: I’m the owner, I can take the role I want

Player owner of Kladno Hockey Club Jaromír Jágr believes that the Knights will manage to manage the draw against the Premier League winners and continue to be among the participants in the extra league next season. He would like to contribute as much as possible to this and used the long break of almost a month and a half from the end of the basic game for good preparation.

But he didn’t want to overspend if he returned to one of the main roles of Central Bohemians. As he pointed out, the team comes first. But it is clear that Kladno fans will count on the legendary striker, who celebrated his fiftieth birthday in February.

“What role will I have in the play? I will play whatever role I have. The advantage is that I am the owner, so I can fill any role,” Jágr said in an interview with reporters today. today.

“But the team is the most important to me. If I know I don’t have it, I don’t have to play at all. The team is important to me, not me. It’s not at all all about me,” he said. added.

In any case, he wants to be ready if someone gets hurt or succeeds. “I was preparing better than the last two months in the extraleague. I knew we were doing pretty well, so I walked away and didn’t get stuck, because I saw that the team was playing well,” he said. returned at the end of the upper part of the high-level competition, in which his set avoided a direct descent.

“I didn’t go on the power play and I was on the third and fourth lines. I played nine minutes per game. I knew that if someone got hurt, I couldn’t help it anymore. . I focused more on helping with training,” Jágr explained.

He has played eight games since the start of the year, in which he hasn’t even spent 10 minutes on the ice. That’s why he didn’t score more than 15 starts in the extra league in the new year. In this regard, his long game break plays into his hands. He could finally train at least a little to his liking.

The whole team then took advantage of the four preseason games the Knights had played in the past three weeks. They fought Kolín twice and Liptovský Mikuláš twice in Slovakia.

“The preparation helped me a bit, even Slovakia. I was going on the ice twice a day, I probably felt better after a two-phase training. But I don’t know what it will be like…” shrugged shoulders of the legendary sexagenarian.

“It’s hard to train here when there are minus three levels,” he said, pointing to the Kladno training hall, whose main arena is being renovated. “So with any move I risk getting hurt,” Jagr said with a laugh.

He thinks the whole team will also be able to adapt the form to a key battle for everything. “The problem is that no one has experienced this. Waiting forty days… It’s a bit of a question for all the players to know how to go about it. Coaches, players, we don’t want to worry too much. training at the beginning so we don’t stop.” enjoy. You had to take a path,” he said of playing the Knights owner.

“We had two preparatory games with Kolín halfway through, which showed that we had lost a bit of hockey talent and physicality. So we had to change our training and adapt them more to the games. I think that was reflected in those games in Slovakia,” says Jagr.

In addition to him and Tomáš Plekance, in the meantime, another great attraction for spectators was added when Jiří Burger joined the team. 44-year-old assistant coach David Čermák ended his career after the 2016/17 season. But Jagr believes another veteran can help the team.

“I feel it for me – if you have the time and the desire to train, then once you have it in you, age doesn’t matter so much. It’s mainly about whether you have time to train. If you’ve watched MMA, Petr Le prince is a good example, “Jágr used a reference to martial arts.

“I believe that if he had had time to train he would have won. I wish he had won. He fought against Cosmos, who are excellent. And at 44, he lasted five turns,” said Jágr.

And he’s convinced that Burger really has “that” in it. “Of course, yes. It’s no coincidence that he’s been playing good hockey for so long. There are a lot of things that affect you and you can’t compete with the younger ones anymore. But once you get them break down and you focus on training, I don’t think age is that issue.”

The course of the final of the first championship play-off between Jihlava and Vsetín, from which Kladno’s opponent will emerge, does not follow. “I didn’t see a single game, I just know it was equal. There was no time. When we were playing, we were just training. We were training twice a day,” Jagr said .

However, according to him, it will become clear how ready the Knights are for the play. “Of course it’s a problem not to play for forty days and we tried it in those preparatory matches. Everything has its advantages and disadvantages. The advantage for us is that we should be rested and relatively healthy. good health. The downside is that we won’t be upset,” he reflected. The most productive European in NHL history:

“It will be a struggle and we know it won’t be easy. But we tried last year when we played seven matches with Jihlava. Jihlava could easily advance. Details will really decide,” Jágr concluded.

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