Jágr and Plekance plan to bring Kladno youth back to previous level

Updates: 10.04.2022 19:58

Kladno – Legends Jaromír Jágr and Tomáš Plekanec plan to raise hockey youth in Kladno. Jágr, from the position of owner of the Central Bohemian club, which was a well-known incubator in the past, from which many players then shone in the NHL, admitted that he perceives the current situation as shameful. And he believes the near future may bring a cure, when Plekanec begins to get involved with the Knights’ youth.

“We want to bring Kladno’s youngsters back to the level they were. That’s the biggest goal for me. And it’s a bit of a shame for me to be where we are with the youngsters right now. He there will definitely be big changes in this regard,” Jágr said in an interview with reporters at today’s hockey talent school in Kladno, a camp for small players, of which they are ambassadors together with Plekance. .

The only fundamental change should be the involvement of Plekanc. “That’s why we have been in contact with Pleky a lot more, especially lately. We are always on the phone because we are dealing with young people. And Pleky wants to play a very important role in his management. And I believe that. will. since next season, “Jágr exposed the intentions of the two legends.

“But that doesn’t mean he won’t be playing next year. I believe so, although it will be difficult. I believe a lot of coaches will stay, some won’t, but there will be many. new ones who will want “It’s completely different from before. It’s such a reboot for us, but we don’t have anything else. If you want to be the best in a while, you have to change it,” added Jagr.

“My career won’t last until I’m fifty, so that’s something I might appreciate in the future. I’m starting to look at what it’s like in youth. Whether it’s in Kladno or in general. is something new. I’ve been with them a few times and I have to say I quite enjoyed it. So maybe I’d like to start with them and maybe even do it all the time. I can’t not say now that I’m still playing. But I’m trying to get in,” Plekanec said.

The two greats consider it very important that the children have very strong players around them during training, which they can even admire. “I remember as a child when I saw the players in Kladno. They would go to train, sometimes someone would come to see us, I still remember that today. I was coached by Mr. Mach. Later there was Pavel Patera, Martin Procházka, a line with Ota Vejvoda. For me, it was a great experience, “recalls Plekanec.

“Maybe the kids will have the same today. And they will remember when they play higher that there was a hockey player with them. So I think it’s very important to them. , in my opinion, an ideal variant,” says Plekanec.

“We will try to do something about it. I would like to be able to say that in five or seven years we will have the best youth in the republic, which should be our goal, because when I left Kladno, it was the case. Unfortunately, we have not been able to do this in recent years,” Jágr admitted.

“On the other hand, I think if we have talented kids here in juniors or juniors, they will definitely have a better chance of getting an ‘ac’ opportunity than we do in other teams. We really want that it’s built on these puppies and we can’t “I’ll be the happiest if we pull it off. It would be the cheapest option,” added Jágr.

The second most productive player in NHL history doesn’t think the problem with hockey’s lack of talent lies solely with today’s lures. “Maybe I see it differently than other people. There’s a lot of things together where there’s a problem,” Jagr said.

“Most people throw it at the kids for losing movement. But I don’t think so. Of course it’s not like before, but I think it’s a lot in the coaches. It’s about ‘coaches who approach it better, to be more action-packed. I believe “A lot of problems can be saved by the quality of the coaches. But at the same time, not everyone wants to be a coach, because it’s not that rewarding financially. There is a buried dog. You have to sacrifice yourself. It’s not easy,” admitted Jagr.

The plans their team expects are also tied to their plans. It is important for the future of the club to stay in the supplementary league. “Every kid needs role models and has the highest goals. Everyone should aim for the extra league, the national team and maybe the NHL, like we did. From that perspective, it will be It’s not just playing. It’s responsible to everybody, to the players who come after him, including those kids,” Jágr said.

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