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“For example, I would like someone in my teens to tell me that the vulva doesn’t have to be just pink and that the labia can be asymmetrical or long,” says Zuzana Kašparová, who will present a new educational program popular for teenagers with Terezia Ferjančeková on Czech television was called Na záchodcích.

The female duo, who joined the public through the hit podcast Chasing the Devil, openly discuss topics related to sexuality, intimacy or self-acceptance in the new series. The aim of the ten-part programme, which will premiere on April 7, is not only to illuminate sex education, but also to dispel the myths associated with this area of ​​life.

“It’s a very daring project. I was inspired to do it by having a teenager who, of course, is interested in sexuality. I realized that if I was a teenager, I would like to see something something like that. As a mother, I would be able to say to her son, ‘Here, let it go,’ or the son will find it himself”, director Erika Hníková describes her motivation for which she was originally of the creation of the new series. The new multi-part film has a neon clitoris in its logo, the anatomy is featured on real human bodies, and real blood was used in the chapter on menstruation.

Consent is needed before there is sex

Terézia Ferjančeková and Zuzana Kašparová, as in their podcast, which received the Podcast of the Year award two years ago, will talk about things in an informative way on the show Na záchodcích and will not take napkins even with sensitive topics . “We don’t talk about sex at home, and at school we learn as much as possible about communicable diseases, anatomy and how sperm enter an egg,” says 27-year-old Ferjančeková. “No one tells us that sex is not just about the penis and the vagina, but also about people who have emotions and thoughts that go into sex,” adds one of the presenters, while pointing out that the show deals with current topics, such as consenting to sex or watching pornography.

“It’s important to stress that porn should be approached critically. Not everyone wants to have rough sex, not all penises last 50 minutes, and most women don’t reach orgasm just by penetration,” warns Kasparova, 25, adding that she believes she can help a lot of people build good self-esteem. In addition, the two women will share their own experiences. “They’re often very personal and embarrassing, but I think a lot of viewers can relate to them,” he says.

Half of the students at the school don’t know anything about intimate life

The show hits Czech screens at a time when, according to the latest surveys, sex education in Czech schools has been found to be lagging behind. According to a two-year-old finding by the Union of Czech High Schools, an independent student advocacy association, one in three thousand students surveyed said they had never received information about domestic violence at school, and one out of two respondents said they had never been involved. orientation or online media (such as pornography), and three out of four students said they had never talked about consent in the life of a partner and about sex at school. In addition, almost 50% of respondents said they did not learn from intimate life.

Last year’s Konsent survey, which aims to dispel myths about sex and sexual violence and, among other things, provides external sex education workshops for primary and secondary school students, shows that on 400 teachers contacted, 25% in times of insecurity, 50% of respondents need to address issues of sexual violence and myths and stereotypes about sexuality. The director of the organization, Johanna Nejedlová, said in an article from October last year that the practice of lessons differs from school to school and depends a lot on the personal initiative of each teacher.

Using a condom is inconvenient

Also reacting to these surveys are students Jan Soukup and Karel Šedý who published a petition late last year as part of the MedVictus project on the attractions of the human body, which aims to improve the quality of sex education at the school and awareness of the problem. “As far as sex education is concerned, we both have bad experiences at school. Many topics were not covered at all or only marginally,” agrees the duo.

They also point to specific examples: “Young boys, for example, don’t talk about contraception enough. We all know the ‘awkward’ moment when you put on a cucumber condom at school. A lot of kids then associate it with that experience and don’t want to use condoms,” he says. Soukup, who studies paramedics. “Again, I know of many cases where a girl or a boy broke up with the other because the other party didn’t want to do anything. In sex education, the focus should be on relationships as about the fact that sexuality the relationship will not be on the right track if there is no understanding and trust in the relationship, “says Šedý, a student of production technology at the University of Technology from Brno.

Although the Na záchodcích program mainly targets teenagers, according to Hníková, thanks to its openness, it can also benefit the older generation. “We’re breaking social taboos in this and I think a lot of people get angry, for example, when Terézia and Zuzana talk about how sexuality is fluid and it’s normal for teenagers to try women both and men. That’s not what my generation is,” the 45-year-old said. Hníková continues, “Even though the show is for both sexes, the presenters use their experience and tell the girls that “They should think about themselves in sex and relationships too. They’re not just here for men, they’re equal,” she concludes.

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Sex is everything, people are attracted to our openness, we are not ashamed, self-acceptance is about feeling good about yourself, the most successful part is anal sex. | Video: Emma Smetana

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