Emergency: Chamber on government proposal to extend until end of May

Emergency state applies in the Czech Republic due to the wave of migration from Ukraine since Friday, March 4. The government declared it for 30 days. Interior Minister Vit Rakušan (STAN) originally wanted the government to ask MPs for permission to extend the three-month state of emergency until Sunday July 3.. The government cabinet finally approved the request on Tuesday, May 31.

Some constitutional scholars have questioned whether the government’s proposal to extend the state of emergency for more than 30 days is in line with regulations. And the YES opposition also doubted it loudly in the hemicycle on Tuesday.

Prime Minister Petr Fiala, which stresses that the situation of Ukrainian refugees will not improve by the end of May, did not arrive at the House meeting. He contracted covidem-19.

Austrian: Putin he is at war with us

The Austrian Deputy Prime Minister thus personally defended the position of the government. “We have to admit that we are currently experiencing the biggest wave of migration to Europe that we have seen since World War II.” he underlined.

“In total, more than 10 million people have had to leave their homes, more than a quarter of Ukraine’s 37 million inhabitants. Of these, 10 million people have already fled 3.9 million seeking help, who are looking for new accommodation. Most of them are mothers who run away with their children (…) Percentage of our population, we are one of the worst affected countries ever“He said.

The White House again condemned Russian attacks on Ukrainian civilians as war crimes, describing recent events, including Friday’s rocket attack on the train station, as “cruel, criminal and diabolical”.

However, he did not call the attacks genocide.

Alexander Lukashenko is traveling on April 12 to celebrate Space Day with Vladimir Putin, they will discuss Ukraine. They meet in the Russian Far East in the Amur region.

Ukraine can remain among the top ten food exporters this year if seaports are unblocked. Until February 24, 90% of Ukraine’s agricultural exports passed through the seaports of Odessa and Mykolaiv.

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“We all know that we are reaching the limit of our capacities in the Czech Republic and I say openly that we need help from other states at this time,” the Austrian said.

“Putin is not only at war in Ukraine. In a literal sense, he is also at war with us. Ukrainians need help in their fight and as the Ministry of the Interior, as the Czech government, we are doing our best (…) People are still fleeing from bombed houses, from towns they are attacking. It attacks the civilian population and often people who have nothing come to the Czech Republic,” he continued.

He described the state of emergency as a classic crisis management tool, but during the pandemic it received a derogatory label associated with something that restricts the rights of citizens, prohibits them from traveling from one neighborhood to another. other or restricts the operation of many services. “Nothing like that is happening at the moment, the government of the Czech Republic is not planning anything like that,” he assured.

Okamura: And you forgot the Czechs in need

“The current state of emergency is really different from that of covid times”, The Austrian defended the proposal to extend it, so that he then cut it in the room Tomio Okamura (SPD). The opposition movement says the government does not need a state of emergency. It specifies that it authorizes, among other things, purchases without a call for tenders.

“Fial’s government has completely forgotten about our citizens and ignores the fact that many Czech citizens are in a state of emergency.” Okamura revolted, according to which “the government of Fial still does not propose fundamental measures in the modalities of reception of refugees, and our republic will not be able to cope with this situation economically and socially”. According to him, the government cannot solve the problems of the citizens and coughs after them.

Jurecka: We have not forgotten Czech citizens

“We have not forgotten Czech citizens. We are taking steps to reflect on the situation and help them. Yes, we are not taking populist and good-looking measures, we are not taking generalized measures, we are taking targeted measures to help those who really need it, because we are in a situation where we have no inherited budget surplus and we have to turn every crown three times,“Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Marian Jurečka (KDU-ČSL) emphasized.

Jurečka assured that the government does not abuse the state of emergency and does not, for example, launch tenders in other areas with which it would like to simplify its life. It did not then undermine the state of emergency of Czech citizens, he stressed.

Prime Minister Fiala has covid, he will be in isolation for a week.  The plague also cuts the deputies YES

“I am glad that in the past the questions asked by Tomio Okamura here have not been asked by British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, because I don’t know how Europe would turn during WWII if he led debates in Britain and said: Dear Brits, isn’t that too much? Are we not bringing here uselessly those who come to us from the other side of the canal? Shouldn’t we give a quota and ask how many of these people we will take? How many will we include in our army? And won’t that be enough if we just defend our island and don’t send our soldiers behind this channel towards these Europeans, French, Czechoslovaks and others? After all, it is beyond our comfort limit. We just have to take care of ourselves, the British… No, God and the other statesmen did not lead such a debate,” added Jurečka, adding that “today we we are in a situation where we need to know name clear things by lying, by manipulating facts”.

From refugees to judges

Okamura claimed that the leaders of the five-party coalition were lying to change. “There is not a single person of Japanese blood who is an admirer and supporter of Russia… We have nothing to do with it, neither with Russia nor with Putin. » he claimed.

However, a feud also turned to the Sudeten Germans over refugees and the state of emergencywhen Okamura rebelled that the people’s deputies were pursuing “a treacherous policy because they had long been involved in the congresses of the Sudeten German Landsmanship”.

Marek Vyborny (KDU-ČSL) accused him of having spread lies and outrage. Okamura landsmanšaft withdraws when he lacks arguments, he pointed it out and called him “Absurdity”. “You are a liar,” he added to Okamura.

The YES MPs announced that they would support the extension of the state of emergency for 30 days, no more. The movement wants a short and long-term cabinet strategy to deal with the refugee crisis in the areas of security, education, housing, employment, social affairs or health.

“I had long expected that several variants of plans would be developed – for education, housing, health, labor market, social affairs and, of course, finance. The budget implications will certainly be significant, but we have yet to hear specific numbers. It almost feels like no strategy is done,” Schiller said in plenary.

According to her, the ruling coalition politicized the term “state of emergency” during the last election period and made it a “vulgar word”. “We cannot give the government a blank check for almost two months, this request is inherently absurd, and I dare say it is rude,” she added.

Benda: A reasonable compromise

Deputy Patrik Nacher (YES) riot too. “We have discussed the state of emergency here in 2020, 2021 several times. A it seems to me that the proposal that the government has now made, these 58 days, as almost absurd, as an absurd theater“He said.

“We think the urgency is good, so if we wanted to suggest 90, you say 30, so 58 seems like a reasonable compromise» reflects the criticism of Marek Benda (ODS).

“Even during the biggest covid crisis, we did not allow ourselves to propose a state of emergency for more than 30 days. That is why we consider these 30 days to be fair,” said Karel Havlíček, Deputy Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies. (YES).

Former Minister of Justice Helena Valkova (YES) she blamed the ruling coalition for being on the verge of unconstitutionality even if the deadline of 30 days to extend the state of emergency is not fixed anywhere, the coalition of five opens Pandora’s box by proposing a longer extension.

Lack of reception capacity

However, the leaders of the government coalition do not agree. And they reminded them of the active help to refugees, but also to people who want to house them.

Moreover, according to the submission report, the firm only used the part of the authorization that gives it urgency. This does not prevent their expansion. “The crucial issue is the lack of suitable accommodation capacity”, state government material.

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