Embarrassments are fun when they go away, says actor Pavel Nový

What did you think of Kalin?
Kalina was originally supposed to replace Boženka in running the school, and she would leave completely. I suggested the two start something together and then maybe they got married. Lucie Juřičková is an incredible player. I don’t know if they know her in the cinema, but she’s a first-rate kominda, of which there are not many actresses. They are nice to me on the street, and they also took me away while I was still walking for a cane (Pavel Nový suffered from West Nile fever, after which he became paralyzed for a while – editor’s note), which I am grateful. Maybe I’m a little sorry that I don’t meet some of the actors at all, because our storylines are missing. For example, with my friend Jarka Obermaier, I shot really minimally. But that’s how it happens in similar series. I used to go through this with a number of colleagues in the front row of surgery.

To change something. Madeleine Albright used to go ahead

Who did you actually play in The Surgery?
Dana Syslová’s partner, Cyril Brázda. I remember when I brought the script home. My wife has never been an actress, she has never been very excited. At the beginning of our relationship, I was a little sorry, but not for long. At least we talk about things at home other than theater. By the way, I’ve only been seen in the theater three times in the incredible fifty-four years we’ve been together. At least I don’t have to worry about her. But back to surgery. I took the script home, and for the first time in my acting days, she looked at me and asked in amazement, “Do you play in the doctor’s office in the rose garden?” I got up a lot at home so… (laughs)

Do you shoot anything other than Street?Yes, the six-part Spring Glow miniseries, based on real events around the turn of the century. At that time, the case of children who were not sent by their parents to school or for medical examinations was even handled by the mediator Šabatová, who would play herself. We shot in Šumava near Boubín and Prachatice. Beautiful city. I play a neighbor who becomes a bit of a whistleblower… But I won’t say more. Maybe it’s just that my film wife is Lenka Skopalová.

StreetPavel Nový in the Ulice seriesSource: Courtesy TV Nova

This year, thirty-five years will have passed since the premiere of Fists in the Dark…
Has it been so long since I practiced boxing in Vítkovice? Incredibly! But do you know that I still live from these formations?! I can still knock and fall asleep all at once. I know a few tricks to surprise. After the first month of daily boxing training, when I was shooting the Big Saddle series at the Kružberk Dam during the day, I really had it all on my mind. But I didn’t relax. How many times in the morning I ran twelve kilometers to the dam, where I shot my shots and returned to Vítkovice to train, after which we went trotting around the barracks. I was really in great shape at that time. I have to thank Jaroslav Soukup, who chose me. Well, really, I imposed myself on him. The film then cost twelve million, it is a period with everything. There is only once a housing estate in the distance, otherwise everything was perfectly guarded. I even have at home one of the vintage boxing gloves from the First Republic, in which we fought in the film with Marek Vašut.

Aren’t you sorry that the comedy I Mention You is mentioned about you, even though you’ve done a lot of other movies?
Definitely not, it’s a brilliant thing! What film can say that it still entertains people after these forty years, not only in the Czech Republic, but all over the world?! The coexistence with María Poledňáková, Julek Satinský, Vašek Postránecký and these three ingeniously chosen wonderful grandmothers is unforgettable. Every time we meet, we have something to say. All three are still alive, only the men are left… Vašek and I last met in the Krejz series, when he wasn’t very good anymore. After Julek died, I cried for a long time, the sun was incredibly positive. But for happier things. To this day, I remember exactly when Poledňáková came to us after watching the first daily works of the film and cried. The three of us were sitting at a table, and she said to us, “We ruined my movie! And she went to bed devastated. Later we made fun of her, including her.

What did she see so terrible in these pictures?Have you ever seen the daily work? How often do you see terrible things in it, so the actors prefer to avoid it. I only tried to watch them once and swore never again. Only real filmmakers know that, but Marie Poledňáková hasn’t made so many films so far. She worked more on TV, where they at least cut everything for you right away. And finally, the film was played in cinemas after its premiere before Christmas and six times a day. He was definitely exhausted. Her beauty tour was interrupted only by May Day celebrations, when only Soviet films and communist masterpieces could appear on Václavák.

This summer, Heidi Janků will be a widow for five years.

Heidi Janků no longer resists the relationship after the death of her husband. He must jump over the spark, he said

What film has been important to you in your career?
Definitely poachers. First of all, it was a film directed by Hynek Bočan, a key director in my life. Second, also for meeting wonderful people. My parents played Pepa Somr and Jana Hlaváčová, who were to have me at thirteen. (laughs) Daniela Kolářová and I were a strange couple and our meeting took place in bed, as Hynek Bočan arranged it. He needed us to be shy. Even though I was mad at him at first I shook Daniela’s hand and he was only in his underwear but when I saw the result I realized I would never play this well shyness. We also started shooting the love scene with Bohdan Sláma in Baba z ledu, but luckily we’ve known Zuzana Kronerová for years.

Did you shoot another interesting love scene?
Certainly, for example, with Maria Rottrová in the clip for the song We should have met earlier. To this day, I also remember our acquaintance, which I was looking forward to, because I always loved Marie as a singer and a woman. The first thing I said to him was, “Hi, I’m Paul New and I’ve loved you since I was a kid.” I was almost fifty at the time. Embarrassing! Poor Mary didn’t know what to do with it. But then we laughed. She used to come to our house in Ypsilonka, because she had befriended Lábus, so after years we gave her away as a story for the better. Trunks are always fun, when they go away.

You mentioned Baba z Ice, for which you won the Czech Lion. Were you surprised by the price?
When you watch the award ceremony while I was sweet, my expression says I mean everything. It was one of my best experiences, when I was still struggling to climb the steps of the podium, which still causes me a little trouble to this day. Looking at the record years later, I even thought to myself that I could have had more control as an actor. I looked at him and wondered what nonsense it was that I was emotional myself. Holt, it’s gonna happen. (Laughs)

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