Class IB: Rožďalovice lost three goals, Milovice overthrew the Semic team

“Such a game is bad for me. You have the upper hand in the whole game, you create your chances and the end of the game will ruin everything for you. In the first minutes we had the pressure, played a few corners and created a few standard situations. Nevertheless, we got a goal after a corner from the home team. We lost, but we knew we could turn things around. In the second half, we pushed the home team even more Grospič only touched the goalkeeper in a good position Liblic caught Kalina from the penalty spot Kalina tried a penalty We compared and had other chances Bulir’s header ended up on the post Unfortunately, after a corner we failed to get the ball behind the goal line. Then Grospic pushed in his head. We had the game under our control, but… At the end of the game we scored two goals on two unique Liblice chances. It wasn’t supposed to happen. We got where we didn’t want to go. We have to go from game to game now,” said disappointed Friday stopper Jiří Kohoutek after the game.

Goals: 22. Schovanec, 87. Nývlt, 90+3. Nouzák – 64. Kalina (from PK), 74. Grospič. Half time: 1-0.

Ostrá – Rožďalovice 3 : 3

“The assessment will probably be a bit unconventional, but I’ll more or less repeat what I said to the boys after the game in the locker room. Football may not make sense, but I think it’s It’s just in the long run. That if you do more for your success than others, it will come back to you in the future, but on the contrary, if you cheat something, it will come back to you too. Usually, that’s not all continued, but it’s a few weeks late. And we are currently reaping what we sowed with botched winter training, Lukáš Dejl, the player-manager of the local team, was angry. “When I say in first half that we had him in control of the game and calculated the odds that we didn’t change and someone looked down zero three in the 35th minute, they’ll think I’m completely nuts. Unfortunately, we couldn’t score even in an empty net, on the contrary, Rožďalovice scored every time he reached our half. Fortunately, we managed to correct from the corner at one or three in the 45th minute. The second half was completely on one goal, we managed to equalize and another bunch of chances not to change. Thanks boys for not giving up on the match even at zero three. If we continue like we are doing now or last week in Městec, I’m not afraid that we won’t start winning again, only Holt can’t expect to make up for four months of inactivity in two weeks”, said said Lukáš Dejl after the game.

PHOTO: Four goals weren’t enough, Bohemia scorched mega-opportunities. But he celebrates his victory

“The game is very bad for me, when we are able to give a point from the lead of three zeros to the opponent and we have three goals scored,” said Rožďalovic, coach Jakub Valeš. “I can’t say that the hosts wouldn’t have quality, on the contrary, they knew each other perfectly and combined them perfectly, but we just put them in the saddle. We scored a goal in the 45th minute from a corner, there where the hesitation of our defense and the underestimation of the situation were again present. We will enter the second half in such a way that half of the players would not like to go there, and then it is difficult to play. If our heads are working against us and we are afraid to play football and hide so as not to spoil it, then we have no business on the pitch. Alibiism and malice bind us together. feet. The second half was one door away and it was only a matter of time before the locals punished us. I really liked the movement and the harmony of the locals, it’s a manchaft of quality”, recognized the coach of the guests.

Goals: 45. Moudrý, 58. L. Dozorec, 75. Manhart – 3. Bubla, 27. and 31. Hora. Half time: 1:3.

Milovice – Semice 5:2

“Derby as it should be. Red card, penalty and clean win. We came into the derby very well, scored and set the pace of the game. In our loss and standard situation, the ball went wide and the referee whistled a meaningless penalty, which Semice converted. But we fought back and scored the second goal in the middle. We entered the second half like a hurricane, calmed the game with two goals and controlled calmly the game. We clearly went for the win and downgraded Semice. The boys deserve high praise,” said Ondřej Fišer, a Militia goalkeeper.

“The start of the game was even, with no chances on either side. And again, after our stupid mistake, we scored in about 20 minutes. Then, when it looked like we were going to enter the game with a penalty of 1: 1, another error occurred and Kudrna, who saw the red card, had to put out the fire. Afterwards it went downhill. We finished the half with a score of 2: 1”, described the first act of team leader Miroslav Čepelka. “In the second half we wanted to do something else, but in the second minute we lost 3:1. It’s over. But we make such mistakes that we give those goals to our opponents. In the end, we put at least 5:2 which was a very nice event played by Vavřík, Kubela and Rychtařík. Otherwise there is not much positive in this game. Maybe only the individual performances of some players. Especially Adam Kubela, he was excellent and the best on the pitch. Then I would like to praise Honza Vavřík. My words have been confirmed. The introduction of the competition is important and we do not have any additional points and worries yet. put it where we don’t want to be,” added Čepelka.

Goals: 21. and 64. Beneš, 41. Vlačiha, 48. Dlouhý, 52. Tangl – 36. Uher, 81. Rychtařík. Red Cross: 38. Kudrna (Semice). Half time: 2-1.

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