Who privatized our gas storage? Are you going to apologize to the people? The president of KSČM tells how she found herself on the Brussels “wallpaper of shame”


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Madam MP, you attended the plenary session in Strasbourg this week. What was it exactly?

Most interesting in the media, of course, is probably the European Parliament’s call on member states to immediately stop taking oil, coal, gas and nuclear fuel from the Russian Federation. The “shame” wallpaper has already reached me, where I was bombarded for voting against it. And I stand behind. Unlike those who voted in favor without thinking, I speak to the people concerned and I perceive their needs. And believe me, they had problems paying for energy before the Ukrainian conflict. It would be nice if all the MEPs from the Czech Republic who voted for thought about it from time to time. The European Commission itself recognizes that in the years to come there will be no alternative to Russian gas.

Even in response to the massacre in the town of Buča, calls began for even harsher sanctions against Russia. So what would it mean for us if Russia’s consumption of oil, coal and gas really ended?

All crimes related to the armed conflict in Ukraine must be investigated and their perpetrators must be punished. However, painting the airlocks that we can do without Russian gas or nuclear fuel, especially us in Central Europe, is like thinking that I will go to the North Pole in a T-shirt and slippers.

By the way, what about our petrol and diesel reserves?

If I wanted to be mischievous, I would answer – the KSČM said so. The unlimited privatization, which also affected strategically important natural gas infrastructure, storage facilities and transport systems, was clearly a bad decision and it would be appropriate for the parties led by the ODS and the CSSD to blame the KDU-CSL and various parties for one or more 2. use now citizens apologized!

You yourself spoke in the European Parliament and then said on Facebook that, and I quote: “I am clearly in favor of children fleeing armed conflict. But there is a catch – children who come to us do not have the mandatory vaccinations, which we consider standard in the EU. The health system is at the limit of its capacity, so I called on European leaders not only to talk about solidarity, but to put it into practice.” What type of disease is it and what do you think it is? the extent of the problem?

I came up with the idea that kids need help, but there are a few things to keep in mind. Two million people with rare diseases lived in Ukraine before the armed conflict, thirteen times more people living with HIV than the European Union average and 2.7 million people with disabilities. Many of these people have already arrived or will come to countries like ours in the coming months, and we will have to take care of them.

With four million refugees, that makes 13,000 to 16,000 new cancer patients per month. Given the “optimization” of health care and the number of beds under right-wing governments and underfunded health care, all of this can pose serious problems for our health care system. And it is imperative that we are not left alone.

In the context of the last session of the European Parliament, it also appeared that you voted in favor of the recommendation to build EU monuments and memorials in our towns and villages. Can you tell me how it was?

Without torture, I confess that I did not notice in this large number of votes that this absolute nonsense is embedded among them. As soon as I found out, of course, I adjusted the vote. I am definitely against this nonsense.

Viktor Orbán has again won the elections in Hungary. How many voters do you think you won?

First of all, I would like to say that I am not happy with the failure of the radical left, which is caused by many factors – one of them is, by the way, to allow it to function , which is also a consequence of the policy of Orbán government and the rules that were established in Hungary. On the other hand, I respect the result and one thing – although as a radical leftist politician – I cannot refuse the Hungarian Prime Minister, and that is to promote the Hungarian national interest.

How do you see the future of V4 after Orbán’s victory? Some V4 politicians have recently opposed Viktor Orbán, such as the president of TOP 09, Markéta Pekarová Adamová. Let us remember his declaration at the beginning of the year that “the Czechs have already expelled their Babiš. I firmly hope that the Hungarians will succeed “…

Don’t get mad, but I don’t and don’t want to comment on such stupid statements. It’s not worth it to me.

Hungary is criticized for what is happening in Ukraine, for example because it refuses to supply arms and also refuses to allow arms to pass through Ukraine via its territory. Is Hungary doing well in this respect?

Given that Orbán won a strong mandate, at least his constituents appreciate this run. The Prime Minister should first think and work for the good of his fellow citizens. Maybe ours could figure it out too.

Orbán called on Putin to declare a ceasefire. “He suggested that the Russian, Ukrainian, French presidents and the German chancellor come to Budapest as soon as possible and act there together.” Do you think this meeting will work? Do you think this is a real way to stop the fighting in Ukraine?

Blood does not flow during negotiations. And the KSČM, as the only party since the beginning of the conflict, claims that peace can only be established through negotiations, not through arms deliveries. In this respect, all those who manage to bring all the parties concerned to the same table have my support.

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Finally, we turn. On your Facebook, you also commented on the pardon that President Zeman granted to the head of the forest administration, Lány M. Balák, for whom he aroused much criticism. “Amnesty and pardon is something that should not exist in a state governed by the rule of law. A kind of remnant of times past, when kings sat on the throne by the will of God, like you you said so. Why do you think the president should not have pardoned Balak?

I think that amnesty and pardon in a functioning rule of law – even if ours has flaws – should not exist. I simply would not forgive Mr. Balák, but I cannot forgive a small comparison – Václav Havel granted about 2,000 pardons, Klaus about 400, Miloš Zeman about 20. And the hypocrisy that took place in this country in this context cannot be ignored. People who are already photographed in T-shirts with the portrait of V. Havel, who is responsible for the release of people who then committed murders, should, in my opinion, keep silent about who should give pardons.

So, which of the post-November presidents do you think was most wrong to grant pardons? Can you give specific examples?

It’s very difficult to answer, but I’ll help you with a short summary, which I received from a fan. Vaclav Havel pardoned people, including murderers, who then murdered again. Vaclav Klaus freed many people linked to privatization crimes and Milos Zeman forgives his friends. I repeat – I don’t agree either.

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author: David Hora

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