Rape as a Russian weapon: Russians rape adult women and girls

On the afternoon of April 3, Jelena (a pseudonym) was queuing at a store in her hometown of Zaporozhye, when Russian soldiers arrived and began talking to those present. “I didn’t hear what they were saying, but I realized that one of the locals was pointing at me and saying, ‘He’s a bandit! It’s because of these people that the war has broke out. She’s the soldier’s wife,” described to the AFP agency.

The National Museum in Prague will host a full-day companion program to the Czech Press Photo exhibition on Saturday. “The war in Ukraine hit us hard. We immediately decided to help Ukraine, at least symbolically. At the same time, we asked photographers who worked directly in Ukraine or photographed the refugee crisis to share with us their photos and their stories on the Czech Press Photo Day.” said Dan Materna, head of the Czech Press Photo contest.

Some will share their experiences documenting the war in Ukraine, others will tell how they photographed the Olympics or how society has affected the covid-19 pandemic.

The British government said on Friday it had issued 41,000 visas to Ukrainians as part of its effort to help Russian war refugees in Ukraine.

On September 8, Ukrainian Air Force rocket units destroyed three enemy targets. The AFU command announced it on Facebook.

“On December 8, airborne missile units shot down three aerial targets: a missile, a drone and a helicopter.” it is indicated in the statement.

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She quickly left the store, but two soldiers followed her. “I didn’t have time to pick up the phone and call for help. They put me on the bed without a word. They held me down with a gun and stripped me. They didn’t say much. Sometimes they would say to me, or to each other, “Now it’s your turn. They left at four o’clock in the morning because their service in the camp was starting.”

She wouldn’t tell her husband or the doctor about her difficulties. “I’m a midwife. I treated myself.” But only physically; his mental state is lousy. “I do not want to live,” she confided.

Now Jelena hopes to see her four children again. On the very first day of the invasion, February 24, she sent them to relative safety in central Ukraine. Her husband went to the front, she was still trying to organize the move to Zaporozhye. But she could not find a car and the situation changed quickly, the city was soon taken over by the Russians.

Abominations in Irpini: Russians raped and tortured two children under 10!  Then they killed them

Rape as a weapon

“We received several phone calls from women and girls asking for help on the hotline, but in most cases it was impossible to help them physically because of the fighting.” Kateryna Cherepachova, president of the Ukrainian branch of the La Strada charity, told the Guardian newspaper. The charity is dedicated to victims of human trafficking, domestic violence and sexual assault. “Rape is an under-reported crime even in peacetime, it’s a stigma. I’m afraid we’re only learning the tip of the iceberg,” added the president.

La Strada fears there are hundreds, if not thousands, of such cases. Exceptionally, these are also authors from the ranks of Ukrainians. It’s not just the tastes of individual soldiers, rape serves as a weapon to undermine enemies. The trauma in each raped person and in society as a whole can last for many years after the work is completed.

The haircut as protection

Ukrainians do their best not to like Russians. After the events in Ivankiv, the locwomen, for example, shortened, to attract less occupants, Deputy Mayor Maryna Bešastnová informed.

Crime scene: Ukraine.  An investigation into Russian atrocities has begun, and foreign judges and journalists have also joined

Rape of underage girls and boys

Ukrainian mediator Lyudmyla Denisova accuses Russian soldiers of committing atrocities against Ukrainians, including minors. As an example, according to the newspaper RBK-Ukraine quoted the rape of a fourteen-year-old girl by five soldiers in the town of Buča and the rape of an eleven-year-old boy in the same town in front of his mother, whom the Russians tied to a table for all to see. A 20-year-old girl from the town of Irpin was also a victim of Russian soldiers.

“I call on the United Nations Commission to Investigate Human Rights Violations During the Russian Invasion of Ukraine and the Expert Mission Established by Member States of the Organization to Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) to take into account these war crimes of the Russian Federation in Ukraine”, Denisova said.

She promised that the Russian occupiers, who were causing suffering to innocent people, would not go into hiding for revenge in the future. Russia rejects all charges against Russian troops and, despite mounting evidence and testimony, denies that Russian troops would kill hundreds of civilians in the town of Bucha and other places they temporarily controlled.

The association criticizes the pills for raped Ukrainian women:

Pills “after” and quarrels about them

In less than a day, people sent more than 700,000 crowns for abortion pills for Ukrainian women to a transparent account. Vít Samek, a former rescuer from Prague, reported it on Facebook at the request of areas recently abandoned by the Russian military. The first drugs ordered in the Czech Republic are expected to arrive in the country on Sunday, he said, one of the medical companies also promised help. According to the Ministry of Health, the official demand for such drugs from the Ukrainian side has not yet been raised.

Postinor drugs serve as an emergency contraceptive, which can be used a few days after unprotected sex. IN This type has been available in the Czech Republic since 2000, since 2015 it is not necessary to have them prescribed by a doctor. Products of this type contain a dose of hormones that cause such changes in the uterine lining that the fertilized egg is expelled. They can be risky for women with circulatory system disease, venous thrombosis, high blood pressure, or severe liver damage.

The Anti-Abortion Movement For Life spoke out on social media against the initiative organizing the transport of drugs to Ukraine. “The real remedy for any woman who has experienced rape is not a pill, but quality psychological help. And above all, rape prevention,” declared. The message recommended that Czechs prefer to contribute pepper sprays or electric stun guns, but later deleted it.

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