Pilsen: In the Špitálský forest, children can play on the new playground

09.04.2022 9:32 | Press release

A children’s playground has been restored in Špitálský les. A favorite place for young and old has gained several new gameplay elements to replace old survivors. The transformation of the playground at the request of the municipal district of Pilsen 4 was planned and implemented by the administration of the public domain of the city of Pilsen. The city district will pay a total of almost 900,000 crowns for this.

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First a sandbox for children, then the play elements have been there since 2003, when a park was created in the locality on request. “By installing new play elements, we respond to the wishes not only of children, but also of parents, schools and kindergartens who often visit Špitálský les. I believe that we have succeeded in choosing play elements that will satisfy the most demanding branches, and at the same time, thanks to their shape, they will become a new architectural element of the whole forest park. I would like to thank the administration of the public domain of the city of Pilsen for its perfect cooperation”, said Lenka Kočová, deputy mayor of the municipal district of Pilsen 4.

“After Pilsen, we have almost thirty playgrounds, which are gradually being renovated. We want children to feel good there, to be safe for them and to help them build a relationship with nature and exercising in the fresh air. It’s hard to compete with electronic toys, but we still try to renovate a playground every year or at least add new elements to it,” Michal said. Vozobule, deputy mayor in charge of transport and the environment.

“The rest of the original playground has been dismantled, leaving only a rope pyramid and a large carousel,” said Hana Hrdličková, head of the urban greenery department of the city of Pilsen public administration. The entire project of the new playground was prepared by Jana Pechová from the Department of Environment of the City of Pilsen during her work at the Public Property Administration of the City of Pilsen. “For the new play elements, we previously required the project to be wooden. Young children will find a rocking snail and a bee, a wooden carousel, a double hanging swing, a pirate house and, of course, a new sandbox with a games table. For the elderly, there will be a new agility rope path over 20 meters long, which children can climb in different ways without touching the ground,” said added Hana Hrdlickova. All elements are subject to regular maintenance. However, the planned replacement of the ropes in the pyramid has been delayed due to material supply issues. Its repair should be completed by mid-May.

Renovation of the course began in the fall of last year and continued this spring. At the request of the public, three benches and a trash can will be added by the end of May. The project was carried out by the company Hřiště hrou, sro, from Trutnov. Everything with benches will cost a total of 883,669 crowns including VAT.

Špitálský les is located in the cadastre of the Doubravka district of Pilsen in the eastern part of Pilsen, north of Rokycanská street, west of the cemetery area at an altitude of 370-380 m above sea level It is surrounded by urban development. It is a so-called special purpose forest with a recreational function. The stand is dominated by beech and Scots pine with other trees interspersed (eg white birch, maple, spruce, etc.). The hospitable forest is thus a natural refuge for a large number of small birds and other small animals. About 25 years ago, this locality was selected for the creation of a “Park on demand” on the basis of a poll in Radničné listy. The planning and implementation of the park took place with the participation of citizens living nearby as part of a joint project of the Public Realm Administration of the City of Pilsen and the Center for Community Work of West Bohemia .

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