Petra Nesvačilová: My vice is the love of chocolate

It is rumored in television circles that some viewers see the humorous potential of Jiřina Bohdalová in you. Who did you inherit your sense of humor from?

Well, that’s a really fun comparison that I wouldn’t even dream of. Of course, I am very happy with the idea and I thank the public for it. Humor is very important to me and I can’t imagine working without it. I think I inherited it from my parents, especially my father. My mother and my partner are also funny.

What makes you laugh during filming?

While filming the show Incognito, Kuba Prachař is guaranteed with his Zdeněk Mahler-esque parody performances, which make the breaks between shots more enjoyable for us. Incognito is situational humor and I like it. My friends tell me that I always do these forums on New Years Eve and it’s amazing that I got on TV with it. (Laughs)

In Incognito, you regularly find yourself in a group of four personalities whose task is to guess the profession of the guest. I noticed that you can hit very often. Do you remember what profession could not be revealed for a long time?

An employee of one of the chain stores, who worked as a fruit and vegetable coordinator, became unforgettable to me. Until filming, I had no idea that similar work existed.

It is said that there are more than fifty thousand professions in the world. What job did you like so much that you would like to try it?

I have to admit that the jobs I have fulfill me so much that I don’t need to dream of others.

On the Incognito show with two of his colleagues – Marta Jandová and Ondřej Gregor Brzobohatý.

Photo: FTV Prima

You have been acting since childhood, you have been directing, you have written screenplays, while you studied documentaries at FAMU and you have several documentaries on your own. Can you imagine another area that you would like?

Precisely because I have longed to do what I have been doing since childhood, and have denied all my faith and desire in this direction, I do not have to think about what I would do today .

At the end of last year the book Skutečná was published. As the name suggests, these are real life stories. Are these your experiences?

It is a book of thoughts, short stories and soap operas, which are based on both pure fiction and real life experiences and stories. I often like to connect with each other, so the line between reality and fantasy is blurred. I have some lovely responses to the book and it’s very nice to write, clean and climb in such public solitude.

Thanks to your documentary work, you managed to break into the crowd of the Berdych gang and make the film Helena Law (2016). You hate injustice and follow the rules. Are you afraid of something?

How do you try to deal with it?

I definitely don’t have a recipe, I’ll find it, I’ll see. I try to accept the circumstances. I prefer not to read all kinds of news, because war is a pain. He wants to live here and now. We never know when it will come our way, so it’s important to live in the moment. I tried to help both financially and logistically. I keep doing that, but I’m not into big business.

You often mention the importance of family, good relationships and bonds. You must have had a great childhood. Where did you grow up?

I was born in Tábor, I grew up in a beautiful and good family in České Budějovice and we still have a good relationship. Probably the most important thing for me has always been holidays with my brother, my cousin and my cousin Míša.

I know your father Jiří Nesvačil was a successful league soccer player. He took you to the playground?

And not only that. Our grandfather was the goalkeeper of the Tábor football field, so you could say that I grew up between a swordfish, a hot dog and freshly cut grass.

Petra Nesvacilova

Photo: Milan Maliček, Právo

In the recently released series Settlement, you play as a hairdresser whose husband is a driving force in the cottage community. What is your relationship with the cat?

I’m a cabin owner, if that’s my name. Certainly not a cottage. We all gravitate to our cottage in southern Bohemia, which has been in the family for generations. I always like to go back there.

You and serial husband Radek Holub were such a nerdy couple. Was this your first meeting in front of the camera? How did you sit?

Yes, it was the first time that Radek toured together like that. We have the same sense of humor, and above all we understand each other humanly. You could say it was a platonic love of work.

A panopticon of humanity and the vice of nature – with these words you commented on the series. Are you struggling with one of your vices?

I probably don’t fight, but my vice is definitely a love of chocolate.

You appear in a television commercial with Štěpán Kozub. What is your relationship with television advertising?

I don’t have a TV at all, so I don’t watch commercials.

What are you currently working on?

I’m the type not to reveal anything in advance. But I can certainly invite the public to the Ungelt Theater for the comedy Shell and Dance Hours, we are very happy about that. And then the world disappeared at the Flying Theater for the And With Me performance.

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