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The war in Ukraine has taken on another dimension in recent days after the media published reports of the massacre of Ukrainian civilians. How did Ukrainian Buchi’s shots affect you?

War is terrible, especially when its victims are innocent civilians. If all goes well, as portrayed by mainstream media, the Russian side deserves major condemnation. But it’s more complicated. People who only follow one source of information, that of the general public, have things simple. That’s it, and it’s done. But if you follow more sources of information, including foreign ones, you have more complicated things, because you also see other accounts of war events and you have to choose between what you find most credible.

And if you read the reports that it was Russia that called for the speedy convening of the UN Security Council with a proposal to set up an international commission of inquiry to investigate the events in Bukh, and that it was the British presidency that made it impossible, you no longer understand anything. For all these reasons, I am very careful when I receive guaranteed war reports.

The Ukrainian president compared the events in Buč to the Srebrenica massacre of July 1995, which left around 8,000 dead. Do you think this is an adequate comparison, and therefore the same war crime?

If the Ukrainian president is really good at anything, it’s propaganda. It is a pity that he was not so good in the exercise of his presidential mandate. In 2019, he ran with a program to settle the situation in Donbass and relations with Russia. So he and no one else could really do much to prevent the war. Need to respect the Minsk agreements. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. Instead, he now masters the politics of the world, what they do wrong. Perhaps only the Austrian and Israeli deputies and the Hungarian Prime Minister did not like it. But to answer your question, that’s not an adequate comparison.

Despite these events, for the first time since the outbreak of the war, the European Union has not accepted new anti-Russian sanctions. What do you think this shows?

This testifies to one thing. While today a small number of European politicians, and our government unfortunately plays a leading role here, are completely carried away by the emotions aroused and jump in favor of a solution in the form of sanctions, which ultimately harms us and our people much more than Russia, another part of the politicians still thinks a little rationally. If it wasn’t for crying, it would be funny. Politicians from a stolen country that could not exist at all without foreign aid are dictating what someone should send them for free and what products we should not buy from Russia, and many European and European politicians are acting in result.

The Czech government is one of those who have a very tough stance towards Russia at the EU level. Is it fair that Petr Fiala’s government has taken such a clear position?

The Ukrainian war will end one day. In what situation will he find the Czech Republic? We will have excellent relations with Ukraine, a country which was completely destroyed by its own oligarchs before the war, a country which failed to establish a normally functioning regime in its thirty years of independent existence , and a country that has been abandoned by a third of its population.

On the other hand, we will have completely broken relations with Russia, from which we simply need raw materials, not to mention its market, which will ultimately have a devastating effect not only on our energy prices, but also on practically everything the rest.

The question of how prudent the actions of the purple government are can be answered by everyone. In February, the Czech Republic reached its all-time high and we are fourth in the world in terms of inflation at 11.1%. For our people, this means that if they had ten thousand in the bank last year, today they have 8,990 crowns left without spending a crown! And we still don’t know March inflation.

However, the anti-Russian sanctions also have an impact on many Czech companies, which have lost suppliers or customers overnight. Are you not afraid that a child will fall over with the bathtub in this case?

I’m afraid. That’s exactly what I’m talking about. I know companies that are closing and having to lay off workers. One of the reasons why they do not have the raw materials necessary for production and many others the impossibility of exporting by terminating the contracts. And this again affects our people.

Last but not least, there are a number of companies in the Czech Republic that have Russian owners or investors. The employees of these companies today do not know what will happen next. How should the government treat these companies?

It must leave companies, as well as their owners or co-owners, alone. What it does not do!

How do you respond to the considerations of some politicians that we should change Czech laws in order to be able to confiscate Russian property in the Czech Republic? Do you think this is appropriate?

If we want to return to totalitarianism, where we steal and expropriate, where private property is not respected and where people are excluded from society for their origin, their nationality or their beliefs, this is the best way. Unfortunately, Fial’s government has already taken this direction.

Images of tanks sent by our country to fight Ukraine have been leaked to the public, helping to deal with the Russian occupation. Is this the right move?

The government is dragging us into war in a totally irresponsible way. We send old junk to Ukraine, the functionality of which is approximately at the same level as the “father”, who once did not even come to Prague to defend Radio Free Europe, but the diplomatic and commercial consequences of this step will one day come back and be very painful.

Among other things, I am very curious (in the future) about new orders from our government regarding the purchase of military equipment, which we also need in our territory. Every judicial person can guess where it will come from.

The hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians who have settled in the Czech Republic as war refugees place an increasing burden on our education, social and health systems. Where do you think the ceiling of what we are still able to bear as a small country?

I’m afraid we’ve already smashed that ceiling and soon find our heads are beating. The information from schools and doctors is already alarming!

There is more and more talk of positive discrimination against Ukrainians, which causes growing discontent among many people. Do you think these social problems are not getting worse? And what should we do about it?

I’m just going to repeat myself. Helping war refugees is our moral duty. At the same time, however, we must carefully check who comes to us. I also consider it dangerous for an atmosphere to be created here, at least it gives me the impression that the vast majority of Ukrainians will stay here forever and that is a glorious advantage for us, because it will save our market work. I don’t think so and, moreover, I wonder who will restore order to Ukraine’s war-torn order if we steal most of the refugees as labor for us themselves.

Unlike the Pirates, for example, the tricolor congratulated Viktor Orbán on his victory in the Hungarian legislative elections. You even spoke of hope for Europe. What do you see her in?

Yes, Tricolor sent its official congratulations to Viktor Orbán. It reads, and I quote: Prime Minister, we would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you on your impressive election victory. You may not even realize how happy you have made many people in the Czech Republic, and especially us, the members of Tricolor, a Czech political party that adheres to the same social, political and ideological values ​​as your FIDESZ. This is not only your victory, it is also the victory of common sense and, moreover, the confirmation that there is an alternative to the impasse into which the European Union has entered. Prime Minister, thank you! Not only for this joy, but also for hope.

About the victory of Viktor Orbán and, conversely, the entry of the cabinet of Petr Fiala in the Czech Republic, we speak of the end of cooperation at the level of the V4. Do you also see it that way?

Only someone who’s not well in their head can drop that from their mouth. It therefore does not surprise me that the President of the Chamber of Deputies and TOP 09 Markéta Pekarová Adamová says so. Habs and I see it exactly upside down, the V4 must not only be maintained, but on the contrary, this cooperation must be developed, which on the other hand does not mean that we must always agree on everything.

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author: Karel Vyborny

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