Not the politics of gestures, but the politics of values, preached Pekarová in Odessa. Fiala, the first since Havel…

The ODS is holding an electoral congress on Friday and Saturday. After many years as the strongest ruling party. But also the year when the Russian army invaded Ukraine. Therefore, Ukrainian Ambassador Yevhen Perebyjnis had the opportunity to speak at the congress. But not only him.

The president of the TOP 09, Markéta Pekarová Adamová, now president of the Chamber of Deputies and leader of one of the coalition government parties, also said a few words about the civic democrats.

“Mr. President, dear Petra, dear colleagues, civic democrats,” began Pekarová Adamová. And she came back in 2018, when she spoke at the ODS congress as vice-president of TOP 09. “I represented our then president. We probably all know why,” she said, alluding to the fact that at that time TOP 09 was chaired by Jiří Pospíšil, a longtime ODS politician who, however, ultimately did not agreed with the party on other policy directions and moved to TOP 09.

At that time, Pekarová Adamová called for cooperation on the right. Today’s Senator Miroslava Němcová (ODS) would have thanked her for this call. Pekarová remembered the cake she and KDU-ČSL President Marian Jurečka gave Petr Fiala for his birthday this summer. It was written on the cake that it is a cake for the first. At that time, many people did not believe that it would succeed.

But it worked, ODS chairman Petr Fiala is the prime minister and the SPOLU coalition, i.e. the coalition of ODS, People’s Party and TOP 09, is a government group stronger. Here, Adam Adamová thanked all ODS members for their cooperation on the long road to forming this government. “It turned out that change is not only demanded by citizens, but also possible,” said the TOP 09 chairwoman.

And she added in a breath: “This is only the first step on the long road to anchor the Czech Republic in the world as a prosperous modern country that respects human rights and generally bases its policies on important values. Where is the Czech Republic, a proud country in which not only a handful of elected officials, but the vast majority of society are doing well. And where is the strong middle class, on which those who need it can then rely, ”said Pekarová Adamová.

Given the poor state of the Czech Republic, ANO chief Andrej Babiš and the covd pandemic, it certainly hasn’t been and won’t be easy. But on top of that, there was a war near our borders. But the government, led by Petr Fiala, is doing what it can successfully, according to Pekarová Adamová. “Also because we don’t have a policy of marketing gestures, but a policy of values. And because it is not always accepted and received with understanding, I would like to thank you for it. It’s certainly not obvious,” stressed Pekarová Adamová.

  • TOP 09
  • President of the Parliament of the Czech Republic

It is said to look to the future with some optimism, albeit humbly, that the government will continue this policy and continue to oppose the Russian aggressor, dictator Vladimir Putin, continue to help Ukrainian refugees, but also all Czech citizens. who they are in a predicament today. At the same time, she expressed hope that the five-party coalition government would lead the country responsibly. Finally, Pekarová Adamová expressed the hope that in 2 years at the 31st Congress of the ODS she could say that they all succeed in overcoming difficult obstacles.

Marian Pekečka, President of KDU-ČSL, spoke after Pekarová Adamová. And he immediately admitted having had doubts about the ODS two years ago.

“I had to change my mind about the Civic Democrats and many of you. Two years ago I was cautious about the ODS and thought about cooperation, if we could complete it and whether this cooperation would meet expectations, whether it would bring changes and meet the expectations of KDU-ČSL and other partners. And I’m glad that we came to the end. I was very pleasantly surprised by the cooperation with you … It turned out that it can work not only humanly, but also politically, for the benefit of the Czech Republic and for the benefit of the European Union and NATO,” Jurečka noted.

  • Vice Prime Minister

“I am happy to be here with you today, that we are here together. And that TOTAL is here and together we can improve the Czech Republic. And with you I believe in a better future,” acknowledged Jurečka According to Jurečka, ODS Chairman Petr Fiala has the Prime Minister of the Czech Republic, who is once again pursuing a policy of which he can be proud.

“We have a good team and a good prime minister to be proud of. He is a prime minister who on the face of it doesn’t have big shoulders, but he can earn respect for his actions,” said Jurecka. And the applause came.

“We are in a situation where, after the period of the 1990s and the respect that was here thanks to the policies of Václav Havel, as a partner who can create a constructive and sensible policy in Central Europe. And that is very important today. This is also important from the point of view of the EU Presidency that the Czech Republic will have. ” with Jurečka.

“That we can do politics for the people. that the single mother will see that we are going to help her, that the military father will see that we take defense policy seriously. That the entrepreneur will see that he will be able to pay for the gas and whether the gas will be. That we are going to help him. We take these measurements, even if we don’t take pictures of everything, ”he continued.

Finally, he expressed the hope that the cooperation of the TOTAL coalition will continue successfully at the municipal and senatorial level. “And let there be no accomplices in the activity we will do together. Good luck,” he said goodbye to Jureček’s Congress delegates.

After Jureček, the chairman of the STAN movement and the current interior minister, Vít Rakušan, got space. He bows to the ODS. He bowed to the great deployment of the ODS in the election campaign. “You were able to regain the winning mentality. You are a party that managed to come out of a period where many already sent it somewhere in the 1990s and in history, so you managed to stand up and you won the parliamentary elections again. This can be an inspiration for other parties who are going through or expecting crises,” the Austrian said.

  • 1st Deputy Prime Minister

He then paid direct tribute to Peter Fial. “Peter, I’m sorry, but if we were talking about Petr Fial as a strong leader 5 years ago, maybe many political commentators and many journalists would smile a bit ironically. And is there stronger political leader in the Czech Republic today than Petr Fiala Is there a greater statesman who left for Ukraine what he told us in his cute way and who has scared the security forces of our country a little, but did he succeed? At that time, Petr Fiala returned to Czech politics, and I feel that for the first time since Havel he deserves thanks,” he said.

“We must not spoil Petr Fiala too much, so the last sentence,” continued the Austrian. But it says even more. The ‘last sentence’ was to admit that Petr Fiala was a good boss to manage, which is crucial in these difficult times when you have to look for ways. “Certainly on the international scene and saying that Ukraine is our ally and Russia is the aggressor. “All five parties know that Russia is the aggressor and Ukraine is the victim,” said the Austrian.

Finally, he expressed the hope that the cooperation of the government between the five parties will continue after the autumn elections and that it will remain a bulwark against populism and continue to work for the benefit of the citizens. “But because I am a political competitor, I will wish the ODS reasonable success in the years to come,” concluded the Austrian.

Pirate Party Chairman Ivan Bartoš was the last to stand on the podium. He said that the government must work for all citizens anyway, not only for those who gave him their vote in the elections and therefore won, but also for those who did not vote for the current government.

  • pirate
  • Deputy Prime Minister in charge of digitization
  • Vice Prime Minister

“Communists and part of the pro-Russian strike are outside the Chamber of Deputies and the Andrej Babiš movement is in opposition, and I’m glad that’s the case. But that wasn’t our ultimate goal, but a way to hope for a better future,” Bartoš said, adding that this government really cannot afford to disappoint not only its voters, but generally cannot disappoint all Czech citizens, because the difficult situation today demands it. .

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