After the jaw operation, Voženílek returned to the ice in a flash and fired the hockey players from Motor

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České Budějovice – České Budějovice hockey player Daniel Voženílek is enjoying an unprecedented quick and successful comeback after a very nasty injury in the playoffs of the extra league. Two days before the start of the semi-final series with Sparta, his teammate inadvertently broke his jaw, the 26-year-old striker had to undergo surgery, but just a day after the second operation, despite doctor’s recommendations and family resentment, he backtracked. in the game and scored in the home game on Thursday and today. Voženílek was delighted Motor cut the series to 1:3 winning 3:1 and will perform in Prague again on Monday.

“We trained on the power play, (defender) Petr Šenkeřík recorded a cross pass to (striker) Milan Gulaš, he scored the first goal. It hit him a bit and it hit me in full in the upper jaw,” Voženílek told reporters.

Due to his hospital stay and subsequent surgery, he lost the first two games of the series, which Motor lost to Sparta. “I think I started the playoffs well in the quarter-finals with Pardubice, it bothered me all the more. Besides, when it happened two days before the match (with Sparta) at the training. Then I thought I’d try to come back the sweetest thing is that he falls there and we won, that’s the most, “said Voženílek, who scored a goal and an assist in Thursday’s 2:3 home loss after extra time and a goal today.

Doctors did not recommend his return, even though he boarded with protective plexiglass all over his face. “I made my decision in person. The doctor told me he would be crazy if he let me. That the standard time frame is four to six weeks, because I have screws clamping my jaw . My teeth are not going. He said that “Definitely not recommended, but nobody can forbid me anything. It’s up to me,” Voženílek said.

“While I was watching these games from the hospital, it’s worse for me than being on the bench and with the boys in the cabin. So I persuaded the doctors to let me out of the hospital so that I could try. Somehow it was possible. I can play, everything is fine,” added Voženílek.

At home, they weren’t happy with his decision. “My wife certainly didn’t support me, she explicitly forbade me to do so. My mother also told me that they would come and not let me in. But in the end, I settled the matter”, Voženílek said.

During the match, the injury did not limit him so much. “Sometimes I feel the threads in my mouth, but it’s more of a physical aspect. I lost about four or five pounds that week because I can only eat porridge, nutrition drinks and drinks. “I feel safe with the protective cover, and I’m also a bit cautious about it,” he said.

Shortly after the game, he was rushed to hospital again. “I deal with the doctors all the time. I have a titanium plate up there holding it for me. Luckily I don’t have rubber bands to take it off during the game there. It’s as well as we are going to ‘box’ until the end of the season,” Voženílek said.

He praised his team for avoiding the end of the season after losing on Thursday and returning to Sparta on Monday. “Of course it was very difficult, because we were 2-0 down yesterday and there were five minutes left. Today we said we were going to get rid of it and try for a miracle, to turn things around,” Voženílek said. , which briefly seasoned in the base party hosted in Sparta.

No one has managed to improve the situation from 0:3 to 4:3 in the history of Czech extra league playoffs. “I think someone will be the first for sure. Now it happened in Switzerland. It’s a big challenge and against Sparta. We will try to bring him back here and anything can happen,” added Voženílek .

Coach Jaroslav Modrý appreciated his dedicated return to the team. “I started playing hockey because they told us hockey players were guys. But he took it even further. Hitting him on his return and what else he can bring to the game. he team is something amazing. Stories like this should be written, not “What happened to Milan Gulaš (Thursday’s expulsion). It’s the hallmark of the hockey player,” Modrý said.

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