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The description: No, be careful, it was not like that at the time! It could have been the other way around, but my brother is a lifelong opponent of all forms of violence, so he punished me with one word. We arranged this photo at the request of the photographer, who was TV director and songwriter Jiří Vondrák.

Maybe someone noticed that at the beginning of these memories, I promised that I would take the order as our family traveled from Spořilov to Nusle, until they reached the old town of Prague , where we lived on the corner of Pařížská and Široká for almost half a century. . Unfortunately, it was around the turn of the 50s and 60s that a period called Puberty dawned on me (which is probably no stranger to most parents – there’s no need to explain what somersaults they are sometimes witnesses).

So – just finished introducing one of my great painters. In fact, I was inspired to describe it by a recent email request from Karel Šíp.

I take the gist of Charles’s letter:
“Hello, Ondra, I come to you with such a question: I like to dig into the past in different ways, I often vaguely try to google it and put it into context. And when you were in the first Crazy Boys When you started, you had drummer Lada Lébr there. When I started playing bass guitar with an amateur band in 1964, someone brought Lada as a drummer. It didn’t last long, we actually just tried and then I went to war. Well, Láďa Lébr was a remarkable man and I would like to know what he is, or what he was. The last time I saw him met on the street many years ago, he told me he makes his living as a photographer So I would like to know more, if you know me It’s nothing else , just the curiosity of old age, which composes a mosaic of memories in my head, and I kind of miss that stone there…”

Ondrej SuchySo it’s part of Miki Volk’s Crazy Boys: Mirek Berka plays the piano with his back turned, Láďa Lébr experiments with a rhythm with percussion, finally, and the last one, engaged in the bass, is me. The year was 1961.

I told Karl what was happening to me at the time (as long as I don’t quote anything irrelevant here): Meteor Theater. The name struck someone, so I was appointed artistic director by the members of this assembly. Why? Well, sure, we played mostly traffic light songs and only a few of our own. We played in many places and also in some Youth Games in Pařížská street, where similar groups took turns, one of which has not yet been named was the one dominated by Miki Volek and Jiří ‘Bíbr’ Simak. They quickly agreed on the name of Crazy boys and “threw the rope” to Lébr and me. Lébr, because he played the drums very well, me, because I had my own double bass, which my brother lent me after he left the Prague Reduta.

Years passed and Czech television started filming the documentary series BIGBIT. Witnesses-members of the first rock and roll groups were sought in one of the first episodes. Apart from a few others, no one knew where to look for Lada Lébr. He was a really interesting man. Even when he was playing in Meteor he sat to his drums and cymbal, and it wasn’t until he came to the Crazy Boys that he decided he didn’t have to sit at his instrument, so he played later. This allowed him to vibrate incredibly to the rhythm of his foot, until in the end he just “twisted” playing. Lébr was not the kind of handsome man, like Berka, Miki or Láďa Štaidl, but his original playing style shook the hearts of crazy listeners so he always had the option to choose which one to wear. I never hit one because I had a bass and often had to take the tram home.

Lada Lébr studied indoor painting. And he had a mother who was a housekeeper at the OÚNZ (for non-witnesses – Regional Institute of National Health) in Revoluční třída. And then Lada suggested to me that it was no problem if I wanted to go to school, go to his mother’s house early in the morning and stamp a pupil’s book in the entrance hall with windows (where the swabs from the department to which one of the patients had just lain down). I welcomed the offer and used it about three times. Lada was always going to see my mother on some pretext, while I was waiting at the end of the room, and at an opportune moment I stamped the student, who apologized for school and I been able to go to the Time cinema, where I have always seen a grotesque with Frig, Lupin, Chaplin. For this selfless help, I was extremely grateful to my dear Lada, who always smiled with satisfaction.

However, something happened that I had not expected: members of the SNB came to the school, and I was invited to come to Bartolomějská Street for interrogation at that time, accompanied by one of my parents. The parents were horrified, so George became their deputy. I walked beside him like a ragged dog, we were taken to a large room where several members were seated at several desks, there was room for us at a table.

“Do you know why you are here?
The member scolded even more, “And you know what stamp you put in your student book?!”
“Yeah, but what, you probably didn’t realize that, did you? So let me tell you: The stamp was on DENTURE SERVICE! On that stamp, anyone could choose prosthetic aids – artificial teeth, artificial limbs! And do you know what damage the state would cause to thousands of people if the fraudsters took over and made money on it?! “I already lowered my head and I wondered are you

Ondrej SuchyI recently discovered this photo in an old magazine which seemed to be a convenient illustration of this reprehensible story.

What’s next for me, I thought? Jiří, as my parents’ deputy, stood up to sign the interrogation transcript when an even more threatening scene occurred to me: a door opened and a high-ranking esenbák walked out. burst into the room, a large group of a couple following him. obediently his subordinates. The group saw George and stopped for a moment; he pointed at him and shouted, “And that? It’s a well-known company too! Then he continued to leave. George was pale and silent, I was flushed and silent and we were released.

When we walked out into the street, Jiří turned to me and said the only correct word to me: “Idiot!” . Overwhelmed with shame, I hurried home, where my mother had already turned on the radio, from which Jiří sang during the shift:

‘I inherited antique glasses
After his great-grandfather’s great-grandfather
Through these glasses for a long time
I watch the world sometimes
But there’s something wrong
When the century of diopters
It’s been rolling my eyes from the start
At my daughter’s feet.’

The song did not win then. I even think that she only placed fourth or fifth. To this day, however, I will defend myself – it really wasn’t my fault and Lebr’s fault!

Jiří SuchyLook at the ! It was also the “famous company”!

PS Questions have been asked about how it happened with Lébr: no way, we haven’t found it to date. If anyone knows anything, contact the editorial office. Thank you.

Ondrej Suchy

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